Thursday, September 14, 2006

G0SH! x))

xDD . From now on ,, i feel tat this wOrld is still so colourful. Brighten ups my lyf. xP bcuz of HiM .hehes..

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sk00l aniversaryy.

heh ! yesterday went to our school annivesary partydinner x).
the table we sit is the most noisy 1. table number 21st. l0ls. x))
When it's time for CHOiR perform,, my friend nd i keep on gossip'ing at dem..
about their act. xPP.
we laugh till the aunties same table with us oso wanna join us.. LOLs.
Really funny. nd one off my friends perform too ! ballet =). extremelyy extremely brilliant !wo0ho0.. tat day extremelyy FUN lorhs ! muahahs. HappyHours ! (: