Sunday, July 15, 2007

ohhh..i'm dang tired today.
Skool ~ our math teacher, told Dicipline teacher tat our class was dirty.
yeah indeed. lol
and we been punished and stand at skool field for 1 period. 45 minutes.
then..Mr Choo came. ask us to pick up all the rubbish thrown at the field. =.="
we did wat he said. Urghh..

after that, he ask us to come back to stand at the same place after recess.
tat was hot man.
but tat was cool. lol we never been punish this year. ;DD
He ask us to pick all the thrash whole skool. So we walked whole skool wif nothing. lols
1st time so many people ponteng togther but never get caught. lol

one of my boy classmate. he caught a die? bat. Dang him... all of the girls are scared.
we scream and run. lol
but luckily i get off.. and left some of the girls still bullying by that naughty boy.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

*Finally ! skool' exam over !
dang happy man. :D but still have 2 more important exam
August nd October. i'm lazy ~

*yupp. yesterday, i just wet to popular book store bought Geo reference books.
to prepare for today's Geo exam. L0Ls XDD
and studied for 6 hours yesterday. my Cousin teaches me till her throat "sick"
if i dint score A for Geo, i felt so sorry for her.

*i cant top thinking 1117 . 1117 ...1117 ~
it was very meaningfull for 5 of us. erm.. 4 ~
HEEs.. i cant wait . LoLs.

*my friend. Eemun ~ she came back from Las Vegas.
currently at KL . SHe's coming KB next week.
cant wait to meet her lol. :DD
She's dang pretty , changed alot. and she said we change alot too. L0Ls XD

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WEDNESDAYY ! Singing competition !
we practice in class this morning. Teacher said we sing it nice. ;D
yeah.. we full-filled with self-trust. XD

yup ! We do sing it really well !
BUT, when we competing, i duno what on earth are going on.
it's different what we had done on class.

WOW. j0hn.. u're cool XD
playing wif the guitar ! R0CKs :DD
he sing well, played well. hahs
but.. we sing better ! HAHAs XPP

this was a memorable day for me. <33

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Aihs. Soon.. tomoro..our class , singing competition. actually it's not singing competition , Change lyrics competition ?
and..we just prepared it this Sunday. hee...
but, we sing well XDD especially LEEMIN. ;DD
This 3 days, we stayed back for practice. quite tired.
After back from skool, tuition again. AIIHS !
i'm happy cuhs tmr gonna be the last day XDD
i have alot of fun wif my classmate tough. they're just sooo sweet XD

xiulin bring her guitar . hahs
szeyee borrowed keyboard from her friend.
cuhs we plan on going to play keyboard while compete.
but..6 of the key no sound. so we give up the keyboard and just playing wif it.
HEEs ~

la la la la la la la la la la la ~~

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Prize Giving day ! i'm one of the prize winners.
we do have many times of rehearsal the day before. swt"
and 3 2ara's students, tat's me,szepeng nd shenyao.
Paiseh twice at School hall. @.@ We are soooo embarassing.
No face le. L0Ls~
when rehearsal, with no others students.. teachers never ask us not to come out,
becuhs of save on time.
But.. 3 of us. with 1 row prize winners, stand up and walked to Middle of the hall.
=.=" den teacher asked us to go back. Damn de lahs.

my face become as red as an apple. LOLs
and i remember, shen yao ~ u screamed. Like a Chicken which learning a dog bark.
wuahahahs. LMAO ! and today he absent. went to hospital for his teeth.
and a Tall and thin Prefect delegated him.
i am 3rd at class. wat the... only get Rm10 .
i'm so jealous with those elitist. they get soooo many prizes, and sure lot's of moneyy.
i will be one of them 1 day ! LOLs

After the prize giving. skool over at 10am. We walked to Cyber Cafe.
OMG ! damn hot de. i could be a fire boar ~
den walked there, no place for us to play le.
walked back to skool agn. TT ~ went to buy Iced- Blended as fast as we could !
hahahs :DD

Played Gunz just now.
54gurl45 said i am a noob. =.=" she lvl36 but i only lvl10 and my other friend oso lvl10.
We killed her. She is so disaffected. den she keep on scolding at us.
and so did us Quarrel in a game.
LoLs ~ tat's only a game Gurl. =.=" dont take it soooo serious.
and stop showing off. We dont be envious of with ur idiotic moves.

I do really addicted with Gunz now. LoLs :DD

Saturday, April 21, 2007

ahahs. Friday ! :DD it was weekend at Kelantan. ^^
i lovedd. we do have a great day.
We went to Hayaki Cafe, for our lunch.
and then, went back to Wensan house. Watch Blackie Teenage DVD.
Quite boring de. XP
After that. wuahahas ~ we went to swim.
wensan bring us to Billion condo's Swimming pool. But it's soooo small.
so we decide to go to Hotel's Swimming pool. hahas.
hmms. how long i never swimm. i think got 1 or 2 years ady luhhs. :)

just swim for an hours, 3 of us already flaccidity. HAHs
we went to have our dinner after that.
ME :" erm. i want Nasi Goreng pataya without Chillies."
Waiter:" 0k ! tak nak chili .*laugh* "

but when the food servedd.
wat the.. i told her dont want chillies.
Just as well the chilli not so hot. L0Ls
i still can eat that. =P

Night, play Audi with piyi. XD
i trainedd her. hahs
after that went for Gunz agn.
i LOSED ! L0Ls
Piyii ~ not bad worhhs. (:

Thursday, April 19, 2007

oh yeahs. yesterdayyy, we went to GH Hospital to visit our teacher in charge of our class.
if not becuhs of our exercise books [[which we ask her help us to keep them]]
mayb we wont gooo. =P But , tat was an interesting visitations too.
we never went hospital and visit any teachers b4.
She must b sooo lucky sehhs. :DD
Cikgu Rozita said :" becuhs of 3Ara, tat's y Cikgu Khairiah masuk Hospital. [[Asthma]]"
we never know she has asthma. We tot that's true.
but when we ask Cikgu Khairiah, she say Demam. =.="

We wrote a card with 5 big letters "SORRY" to her.
but b4 our class do stimulated her.
XiiuLinn mom, she search data of our teacher. we just knew tat she was becuhs of Denggi.
Yeahs, our teacher do really surprised and inspiredd.
we can saw her eyes with tears. HAHs :DD

Anyways, hoped you get well soooooon. =P

Friday, April 13, 2007

yeapps . exam weeks >.<" and tomoro is the last day :DD
i'm extremely happy. This few days went to Tzu Chi to study. L0Ls
not bad yeahs :P But we talk more den study. XD

Next is find something to eat. Especially weii. She is soooo hungry everyday.
Pizza. Mugmug Cafe. The Ships. and Pizza agn~*
BL0ATedd. :D
We walked to restaurant n those UNCLEs always
Xiaojie xiaojie. =.=" Den, piyi boom back them L0Ls.

back to Tzu Chi. Continued to studyy.
i hate my EX piano teacher! Urrgh !
always tuk tuk tuk my hand when i was small.
But now i changed teacher. :P

She say we go there to EAT AIRCOND. =.="
tmd. what u mean ? we got paid 1 dollars !
0nly u come late and never saw we paid !
PLS LA ! ask b4 wanna say us.

"and for those who flatter oneself . I know u are from good class.
But we common class d students hor..u dont have competency to say us ehhs.
u have a clever brain, but we are a ring-a-ding person" :P
i hate yoo. Flatter Oneself ! i just hope u chocked and die. x.x
and that will be my happiness of my entire life. LOLLLs

i did this? NAH ~
1 word for yoo, flatter oneself's COCKINESS !

Friday, March 09, 2007

Xiulin's sister b'day partyy

This morning, shan.hwa,lin&me went to KB mall. actually we went there for our Skool History Project.
But, we make wrong appointment with Sweet Memory.
we need Malay's Custom but not Chinese. Ineffectual. So, we spend our time at shopping mall.
walking round nd round .
We went to Lin's house after that.

Xiulin's room. Lot's of American singer's poster.Full with her bedroom. Her favourites XD ; hwa like to sing a lot =.='' Especially Fish Leong's song. ahahas ~ Shan and her bicker ceaselessly.Aihyoos...yeaps. shan&&me[[zhiyee]]. with my Idioticc face xP ;Hwa busy SMS'ing. look at her face. LOLs really serious nehs. =P *wuahahas*

Uncle take this picture while four of us busy with our f00d. From left, hwa,ME,shan&&Lin.Tat time i really need food. *yumyum* now i still can taste the jelly made from her grandma. Tastetyy.

her family are so great !All of them are just so friendlyy. Fetch us go her house and back our's home. and talk alot too ~* XD i'm so glad that can have a friend lyk yoo. ^^I am just so tiredd now....

Sunday, March 04, 2007

i going miss yoo..

Luckily school's over earlier today.
so i can acompanyy my sister to airport. =P
i can still remember wat she wear.
Puma shirt; LV's belt; Levi's Jean; Nike watch; Converse Shoes; and Espirt Bag~*
All branded. But all are her gift from her friends.
Our family cant afford that.
Holidays soon. OMG ! extremely happy. XDXD !
no others reason.but just can sleep more :)
wuahaha ~*

Thursday, January 11, 2007


hi. how's going on ? a new year n back to skool.
i hope for more holidays as my new year wish.
*L0L*. PMR this year,, this topic bugs me a l0t.
must be serious ! no more mischievous me. hahaha..
can i do that ? anyway,, good luck f0r me !