Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spot checked today :(
& i got caught by Ong popo =.='
Actually i can escape from her that time =) cuhs she didn't noticed me.
Mana tau.. That malay teacher shouted:" Eh, yang tu lari!" I do run..Cuhs nervous mah!
I tot i can escape ma happy luh :) But then.. =.=!
Then Ong popo called me. :"So long still run!" Ahhh!
We went in the stadium for Sanitary pad cathedra. ~.~ Duh !
After the cathedra, "study" at class as usual =D

& I stay back for Leo club activity today.
We play straw and the rubber band passing game today.
hahah! Our group win leh.. expert 1 =P
Our group's privity very good lah! x]

Saturday, April 05, 2008

At Fu long shan~ for the Tomb-Sweeping day (:
Our parents saw the mango tree and
ask yong to pluck the mango! Haha
becuhs he is the tallest among us~
Yong:" How to pluck ah?" Then, we go to Sit Buddha. Tat's Xin wif her sexy pose :D

Mr. Chua is trying to throw Kaykay into the spring~ Kaykay then trying to Push Mr.chua into the spring as her revenge! Haha!
Hot hot hot ah!
After doing all of those pray pray things, we go to have our lunch luh~ then i saw this stall sign. Cold cold de coconut water. Haha! Wahh..really makes me feel more better leh~ Heeh! Peacock! He opens his "ass"! How nice is it :D BBQ party at night luh (: My uncle 42th & her daughter 10th birthday! :D Happy Birthday to another Mr.Chua & Miss Chua x]She dont want to blow the candles. She shy shy lah :')
My dad playing piano when the bbq party is soon over :)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

This video we took it when we practising for our chinese dikir.

Hah! We play with the ball at Lena studio.

Bowling using the exercise ball and the peoples. lol XD

It only 5 seconds. haha! (:

They always do those stupid things :D Hah! That's why i love them^^

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Nothing special today..
just feeling to blog :D
like usual, go to skool, study, sleep and rushing for homeworks!
but today our class were punished to stand at the skool field.
cuhs we are noisy =.='
i still laughing, cuhs of discover of neng! Haha! XD
canot tahan lahh! lol

Back from skool.
Eat and sleep for 2 hours. Just like usual.. (:
Wake up, bath and watch movie!
Then just go for tuition luh (:
0kay.. going to rush my add-maths homework 1st!

Tag me please ? :) Thanks!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

back from genting highlands.
Bad weather there :( Rain & rain.
We arrived there already 1pm luhh.
stop for breakfast and lunch :D
I love the food we have at Gohtong jaya.
they are just so delicious! Heheh
Wait for my friend, then.
Rain rain rain =.='
We went indoor.. buy the movie tickets.
Rain stop! so went out agn :D
We go for the .. something la. duno what it called.
kahlin, my friend's bro.
He been force to play it. haha!
wei and him dont want to play it at 1st.. till piyi and me persuaded them :D
The thing not yet started to move, we already start to scream.
lol~ "like that ma..just got ambience!" ahahaha!

oh dang! it's raining agn!
raining non-stop lah ~! Aiyo..
went indoor then, we have our dinner~
Bak Kut teh! hahah..
Then, we play games. Photo hunt! photo hunts ! Hahah

Me , at starbucks after the movie :)
My sister, she get scold of this picture. Hah!
My parents tot she really smoke! lol

Bumper car! :D

All of us :D


Pirate ship (: