Monday, July 28, 2008

I just came back from KL. & that's the reason i went to KL.
My sister Convocation =) Congratulate.
It's really really hot there! UGH..
& i tot i can watch Batman the Dark Knight this time,
but.. Shopping seng~ lol . My sis told us that this is a 3 hours movie!
ohgod. Soooo... I missed the show :(

Richard. He follows us to Sunway. He stayed at KL but his parents never take them to Sunway Pyramid before. lol

She is sooooooo cute! I cant carry her yet she is really heavyy!

On the way back to KB. *sigh* Another long journey in car.
I hate sitting for sooo long in car lah! So pening..
just keep on sleep and sleep and sleep until arrive our destination.
My dad's GPS system is so dam noisy.. If the car speed over 65 "Please slow down, Please slow down" . Yaya.. Safety first..

And about this picture, My sis forced me to take it. =.="

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday Panyen! :D Old liao lorr =)
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Panyen~~
Happy Birthday to you... :D

At school in the morning, Yaapin and me still confusing going to Panyen's birthday party or not.
Because we have tuition at the same time :(
Then, Biology class, our teacher's daughter come and told us that "Tonight tuition is canceled! Teacher went to KL for something." Oh yes oh yes! Muahahah..
This is exactly what we want! :D LOL!

Well, panyen's birthday party start at 8pm, we go to mall at 6pm to choose present.
We choose for a very long time lo~ this and that. Hah!
After choosing, we got nothing yet. Hehe then go to take five! :D haha
Finally got token liao~ Hohoo..
Continue to search for Panyen's present after that :)
Lastly, we decide to buy him a basketball~ Hope u will used that! ^^

A bear and the birthday card :D
[the ribbon colour not we choose de] Hahaa.

Neng Koya'ing &
Stupid Yaapin tought this face is cute !

Me &
Piyi showing her phone~
Chubby face! Haha XD

The Girls :D

Panyen [ the birthday boy] & me :D
They are all playing with the creeeeeam! LOL. I didnt get it at first.
Then Weihoong did it on my face! Ewww.. "oil oil one"~~
Hahah. you can see alot on Panyen's face.

Me with the monster! XD
[their present for Panyen]
IT IS HUGE! Yeah, you can see that! Hahaa

John performing. Hahaha!
Nice song u played there, uncle john ;)
Really nice :D
John play, Carmen sing =D Hoho..

We we we ! Ignore us :D

Yaapin, Neng, Me
Yang, Cheehwa, Piyi :D
Cheehwa the papa & Piyi the mama xD

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Went to Miss Oh's house =D With Ah Keh ;P
Miss Oh then show me the video clip of Chriss Angel- The Insane Magician from YouTube!
A man with amazing skills, btw.! He has the ability to make those illusions look extremely real.
Wow.. and wow! I just wonder how he do all that!
Levitate from this building to the next building, walks in water, walk through the glass!
And what more, he changed a 8 years old girl into 20! Oh My God!
It's insane, brat!

Here's the video of Chriss Angel walks on water.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recycle Day! lol
Our class did not prepared yet our monitor asked everyone of us bring along 1kg newspaper. But
what.. Only two or three fellows brought it! lmao
Yep, my friends and i want to skip classes , so we went to look at our newspaper.
Nice to hear is to look at our class newspaper, so what happened to my class last year wont
happen today for my class :) Heh.
Then Miss Ong Popo came =.=' "What the.."
Well then, 4 of us separated to other class cause she said that only 2 person for a class.
luckily she dont kno luh~ =P Hoho.
Wow, i think the champion will be form6 students. Not sure wat class.
178kg. And my sister's class, how good their form teacher. She sponsor them the file-file, folio-folio that we students did it. So so so many.. 113 kg there got there. If not wrong ;)
My sis insisted that they will get the prize. duh~
We'll see who are the champion :)
For my class, get outta here ~ lol

Today my class' teachers all look like in a good humor.
Not like those days. =.=' So irritating..
last day of our temporarily Add math Sir. [Botak]
He told us alot of ghost stories that happened at our skool.
Really bloodcurdling! Eww.. =X
When the bell ring, all of us,we gathered together and talk about our ghost stories. Eww agn.
How i hope TBA absent! But.. yeah yeah, she did come! =.=' After 1st period over.

RAINBOW :D I took this after tuition. Heeh :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well, nothing special today at skool.
just rushing for our homeworks. Urgh..

Yep, went to the logos tuition.
we met a blind girl [Sarah] there. She is sooo hyperactive. lol
and also very facetious :D hahaa.
0h yea, She just be at Kelantan only for this week. She comes from HongKong.
And her english speaks extremely well ;D Hoho..
Sir told us that she is going to Chinese skool tomoro, yet she went to Zainab skool today.
And Sarah said that those guys were cute. Haha!

Alright, stop here.
*stomach growling*
I'll go get some food ;)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Neng absent for skool today. Eeeeh!
Yaapin bites my skinny hand again today =.='
i bite her back! =P Hohoho
and Piyi.. non-stop laughing about the "Wong Ying Gu" in the morning. lol xD
After skool, my mom give me my piano result! omg omg.. i'm so nervous when i'm going to open it. Then my mom said:" You passed your exam la."
Wuahahah! XD What more.. i just keep on laughing. Hehe

Yep.. yaapin got her new phone w850i yesterday.
seem she had waiting for soooooo long. hahah =D
We went to KB mall for our dinner again. KFC~~ It's much cheaper than McDonald leh!
Then we saw many Ang Mo Lang leh. They are so leng chai ~~~ XD wuahahah.
We just "pay attention" at the boys. xP hehehe
Then i saw my sis EX then yaapin said that he is handsome. lalalala~:)

Yong sui YaaPin and the burger xD

The pepsi float. Eeeewwwww~~

Yaapin new phone ~ I took it when tuition'ing.
In my Bag. Hohoho xP
Nice capture lehhh =P wuahahah.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I just woke up. It's really too tired =X
I had no idea why i am so tired. ishh..

Connie Talbot! She's so cute, little gorgeous! XD
There's nothing more to say about her sound. No more doubts ;D
I just finished her videos at YouTube. Aww.. so sweet. She got the sweetest voice! I watch for time! I love you, Connie :D And now she have her incisor! The first time i saw her from Britain's Got Talent's show~ Wow.. i get shocked with her voice. Seriously, her voice make me cry ;P Especially "I will Always Love You"~ Just so impressed.
What i've just watch =D

Monday, July 07, 2008

Phew, i tot today got add math exam. Cuhs i not yet do well preparation.
Like always lahh =P hehe.
Delayed to Tuesday.

Went to yaapin house for add maths exercises.
She taught me "alot" =D hahaha.
But at least i do learn something from her la. hoho!

Coco :D hahah & Yaapin ;P

Happy! hohoho

Coco&Happy :D Their heads senget at the same time leh.Wonder what they thinking. hahah

They're so cute nohhh! XD hehehe.

Alright, after we brush up on our add math, Time for us to have our dinner and go to tuition! First we went to Noodle Station for our dinner. Well, look look at those prices.. "OMG, one plate Mee Goreng Six dollar! Better go eat Hamburger lui~" Wuahahah! We already took the seat, served by the waiter.. Then, we got up and walked away from there! Oh no.. how embarassing. hahahah!

0kay, we decide to go to McDonald ;) Then go to Popular for my Pen ink refill~~~ Yaapin buy alot of things. And she took 2 Rockies at 1st. But she afraid that not enough money to pay then put them back agn. haha Hochai she din buy lorr, cuhs really not enough. haha

Then, She nge nge wan buy those Rockiessss. Go guardian, Watson.. No sell ~~ wuahahah. Still dowan give up... Then went in Pacific.. Finally! Wehh. If still dont have dont kno I follow her walk till when. lol xP

Ready to go to tuition. Opposite the mall.. "oh god!It's raining~~~~" We wait for minutes. Waiting for Jingwen come and fetch us with umbrella~~ hahah. But at last both of us oso Run to reach there. hohoho! What ? Wet wet lo.. Ewwww~~~ XD