Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Go to Kay's house :D
Sms'ing- "Kay, Where are you now? At home ?"
"No, i just finish from tuition. Later going to perm my hair"
"Icic, ok then. We go your house tmr!"

We already got out from home, malah wan turn back.
Then, phone for yong.
"Yong, 你有在家吗?"
"Kay nih?"
"管他去死!" - lol

Yes! They at home and we no need to turn back.
Why kay suddenly cancel perming her hair, because her dad dont let her do so!
She is still youngg :))
Go to kay's room, we saw many mask at her bed!
After that, she took out a big plastic bag which fulled of mask!
There's soooo many of it.
Then, we start to fooling around with the mask her mom bought from China, for the coming halloween party~ ;)

Lotsa mask!

I love this mask la wei~~! XD haha

You are not scaring me! :X
Niceee :D
WITCHED. [It's just the witch hat, so i call myself a witch :P]

Marry me! :D

WOOO! Actually it's raining. But we still non-stop taking pitcha. But then it's stop!
"Maybe we affected the rain god ?" Raining still want to take picture. Hahaa

Kay give me her chips! hahah xD want some too ? :P

We & Marie the cat! :D
Kay asked me to take such this picture. That's her hand.
It goes "Oh my God!"

Cool huh?:D Took it at somewhere sell glasses =.='
Forgot where liao.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Never say, never know ? "
Okay, i will pretend that i dont know :)

Oh ya, Happy Birthday Po~
It's already late 2 hours :P
I wished her this morning, when having breakfast.
Old saying, "May all your dreams come true"

Just finish watching Batman the dark knight.
It's a really nice show =D
& it tooks 2 and a half hours!
Watch with my dad. My youngest sisters said that it was boring,
cannot tahan then go sleep. Haha..

bla bla bla, what else to write..
yaa.. Bakat Chung hwa 2008~ Heard they said that this is the last year for bakat.
Awwww.. It's interesting at the beginning, we still have the semangat to cheer..
Then, no more energy, just so tired & hot! It's freaking hot man. ish!
Well, the first time he sing is better.
I love the first time i heard he sing, it's really nice :P
Wuahaha :D

[I'm not happy with what you've done!]

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Darn. My hair kena cut by Liew! >:(
4 of us become Mushroooms! iiiishh..
hai.. suan le lo~

This morning at skool.. so suay.
That "Girlish" teacher knew that we had answer sheet with us.
Then asked us go out and write our answer at the black board
shyt de.. I wrote the other answer (not same with the answer that i copied from the answer sheet :P) then she checked our workbook!
sei fo lo..
Teacher : " Why dont you write your answer at the blackboard? Write what you write on the blackboard!"
Zhiyee : " .......! "

We back to our seat. She come and check our workbook again.. 4 of us, tzesie.. we got the same answers. :P Then asked those who suppose to stand , sit down. But, asked we, who copied the answer sheet stand on the chair! =.='

Some fast reaction, they rubbed off the answer then no need to stand.

Teacher:" Where do you copy from?"
Tzesie :" My friend.."
Teacher:" What class? Who ?"
Tzesie :" Sc1, (her friend's name)"
--Then , my turn.
Teacher:"How bout you?"
Me :" Copy."
Teacher:"Where do you copy from?!"
Me :" Same la.."

Then she asked tzesie go and take the book from her friends.
Then, she go to sc4 and asked Miss Yong whether they already done it or not..
Wat the... Then she come back and told us that ask us dont lie.
Sc1 not yet done, Miss yong not yet tought!

Bo bian, she asked one by one.
At last, we give her the answer sheeeet!
Suay de lo.. issh! =P

Friday, September 12, 2008

Just finish watching Disney Cartooon, WALL-E.
My sis told me that it was a nice show so, i tried to watch it :)
Yep, Not bad tough. Less conversation.. " Walle.." "Eve.." "Eva"!
& my mom said that Her english name can be Eva Chua. As, her chinese name sounds like e-hua~ Lol

Took this at Vincci.

Black-out night, in my room.
Nothing to do so used kay's phone to take picture.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Finally, all of us took part for the making of latern attended at Yaapin's house!
It's really hard for all of them attend . lol
Cheehwa, choo, wh, kelvin, yang & liang.
resting. Watching movie...

tzesie & yang. Playing with coco & happy~Then, yaapin teach Panyen & neng to bake shit cookies! :P
& It's done! They ready to served that. Nice coooookies ;) haha.
I can bake it myself, too! :D
"Cheehwa, Coco is sooooo comfortable sleeping at your lap.
She's already fall in sleeeeeep!"

Yang. Writing "Mao-bi zi" It sounds like cat nose..

Liang& panyen. Trying to hammered the "ubi-kayu"
which she said that it looks like ubi-kayu ~

Happy wanna join us too :D hahah

Neng is so RED! She wearing yaapin's crocodile slipper. haha

We then walk from Sri cemerlang to Tan sticker, to buy plastic for our lantern. Then, No plastic that we want.. Walk to Pustaka seri intan. CLOSED! Time for puaaasaaa.. Ishhh!
Then, we try to walk to Mydin, close again! The next station, Pantai Timur.. it was opened.
Manatau, when we want to get upstairs, the workers told us it is closed! Ahhhh...

Then, we buy some KFC to treat ourself... walk so far away. Piyi asked us try 7-eleven.

We go there and we got what we want ! & that's a problem for us to walkback to Sri cemerlang . Lols.. Luckily Neng's bf said that he fetch us back :D Haha!

Continue with our work agn.. Then meetoto at yaapin house.. Hahaa :D It's better if her Microphone can use :)