Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just got back from Kb mall. It's quite long I never stepped into the mall. haha.. After the accident fall from 'sky'.
My aunt asked us to accompany the Japan's exchanged student, Yoshika :D
It suppose to be Yong, Kay, My sis & me who should accompanied her. But then it ends with kay & me =.=''
So only 3 of us shopping walking in the mall.

Its quite awkward at 1st. Start with the basic conversation..
"Hi!" *shake hands* haha
"what's ur name.... blah blah blah"
& we walked the whole kb mall =.='' I kno she is boring, and so am I!
I kept on telling her that this mall is boring. & told her about the stupid accident that just happened in the mall. lalala~

Met some friends there and introduce her to them :)
& she said Jingwen is pretty nuh. wuahaha~~
Yoshika is quite friendly ^^ & pretty too! haha xD
I like her dimple :D

KayKay & Yoshika :D
Yoshika & me!
Ignore my cute face :P haha!
(Just too cute to show my face! bwahaha xP)

later they have countdown party at X uncle's house. haha
But I dont join them cuhs I'm going to meet my long-time-no-see de friends! WoohoO! xD

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ahhhhh.. finally done upload all these photos!
This took hours man! =.='' Lucky the connection is not slow :)
This is quite a fun yet tiring trip. haha.. I enjoy myself overall.
& bought many shirts & eat alot of delicious foods xD

Cupcakes! haha! Bought this at Cupcake Chic if I'm not mistaken.
It's nice! Especially the choc flavour.. my favourite! *Mmmm...*

My bed! haha xD

She is poo-ing with the very ''smelly'' face,

Wash hands no water; drink water no water.

Dont kacau me watch movie lah!

Have dinner at T.G.I friday.
Photos are with my sister. I only got this one from her.. hehe!
bla bla.. forgot what the name liao :P
Anyway, this taste nice! Cheese cheese cheese.... *yummay*
I love cheese! :D

Forgot when already. We sent Danny, my sister friend, to airport.
My sis told us that the chocolates were nice. & of course we gonna try'em.
Haha! Chocolate cheese cake :D
This is the best among the 3 we bought.
Tiraaaaamisu ? Not bad lor..

Ahha~ Chocolate again! ;D
thumbs up!

& this is me.
yeah, obviously is me.

Me & muah sister :D
So sorry to Danny. He missed flight :(
We eat until dont-kno-what-time. At the last 5 minutes they just rushed to the entrance.
Feel so sorry! & pity him also... He is a really good guy & that's the 1st time I meet him. haha..
We have been chatting in msn for a few times..
Nice to know you Danny :)
Went to Sunway the next day. My sis & I wanna buy shoes!
Finding the MOD store.. search for high and low.. NO MOD =.='
Felt hungry dy, stopped at Ajisen Ramen to have our lunch.
My sister's pecking duck ramen :)
& MINE! Chasiu ramen :D
After lunch, continue to search for MOD.
Taraaaa! Finally we found it~ hehe
Both of us bought 1 pair. Satisfied already..

Shop whole day. Tired jor.. met up xin and her bf.
& they bought weird thingy. (which my sis is playing)
''Ah! Bloooood!!'' =.=''
28th of dec. Went to Pavillion to meet kaykay.
haha.. we pakat to wear the little miss shirt together :) (which my sis bought it for us)
Okay, we were damn hungry okay. So while waited kaykay arrive pavillion, we faster go eat 1st.
My sis's ramen. Ramen again~ haha
My spaghetti~ Cheese cheese again! *Yummmm*
Tadaaaa! Kay & me in Little Miss Tee :D haha!

Paul Frank :)
Only could try it on. We cannot afford it lah!

In TANGS fitting room! Weh, I would like to stay in the fitting room lor...
hahah! So comfortable inside :P
The aircond is cooler than the store outside..
yeah, we did stay in the fitting room for quite long. wuahaha xP

Went for dessert after some shopping.
& saw the ''beeping UFO''
haha.. sorry lei, I'm suaku dont kno what's that.
& now I know what's that :D lol
It's something that called you when ur dessert is done!
It will light up and vibrate and that's mean ur dessert is done! Go and get ur dessert NOW!
& we get our dessert :)
Nice de lor... hehehe

Christmas Night..
went to Look Out Point aka small genting =.='
they addressed it like that.
went there to have dinner.. haha.
So we ordered this! Grilled chicken chop at Haven.
We ordered add cheese de.. but it came like this.
So we asked him to change....
A piece of cheese on top of the chicken chop. =.=''
Okay lor.. cheese added.
Not enough. Order another food:D
Me & the christmas tree. Afraid nobody knows it is a christmas tree.

In cinema :)
watched Bodyguard & the assassins. Hmmm.. not bad lah.
hehe.. We never know the movie was so long =.=''
we hardly get the ticket and the perfect seat. the movie show at 10.30pm
and we get the ticket at 10.oopm :P
We took the reserved seat. The reserver not yet come to get their ticket, and byebye!
we got the seat xD wuahaha..
Many ppl wanna watch the movie. and left only the 1st 2 rows. =.=''
So we dont wanna buy the ticket and waited until 10pm. Lucky got 5 seat for us..
Gang gang hao ah! xD hahah..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

at kl right now.
watch Avatar yesterday. sipe nice! xD woooo~
2hours and 40 something minutes.. lol
I wan to pee but cannot leave the theater cuhs dont wanna missed any scene of the show :P
hahah! & I loved the song! ^^

Now waiting my sis's bf to bring us go kia kia..
wanna meet my friends! I hope we could meet up :)
seriously, I miss you guys! haha xD

Yay! Big jor, can get driving license dy.. hehe

Leona lewis - I see you

I see you
I see you
Walking through a dream
I see you
My light in darkness breathing hope of new life
Now I live through you and you through me
I pray in my heart that this dream never ends
I see me through your eyes
Living through life flying high
Your life shines the way into paradise
So I offer my life as a sacrifice
I live through your love
You teach me how to see
All that’s beautiful
My senses touch your word I never pictured
Now I give my hope to you
I surrender
I pray in my heart that this world never ends
I see me through your eyes
Living through life flying high
Your love shines the way into paradise
So I offer my life
I offer my love, for you
When my heart was never open
(and my spirit never free)
To the world that you have shown me
But my eyes could not division
All the colours of love and of life ever more
(I see me through your eyes)
I see me through your eyes
(Living through life flying high)
Flying high
Your love shines the way into paradise
So I offer my life as a sacrifice
And live through your love
And live through your life
I see you
I see you

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ahhh.. what to do now..
Exam is over like nothing to do already.
I'm staying up late everyday playing Dragonica with my sister...
At least now still got online game to play. Before that I used to play Naruto with Kaykay all day long.
Raaaaaasengan beliao beliao lor...

Kay also everyday came to my house. & we watched the sipe cute Anime together! (Shugo Chara)
In Crunchyroll- The Official Source for Anime & Dramaaa~! Ah, you guys should know about this :P
damn good one.. No need wait . haha.. I tried to search the anime in PPS but dont have lor.
But my connection nowadays dont kno why connect awhile then cannot connect awhile =.='' sot sot one.
So watched only a few episodes a day. Bo syok leh..
Then, today Kay come my house again. She bought the Shugo Chara's DVD! :D
wuahaha! So we watched all day long until Astro Battleground started. lalala~
Finished the Season 2! yaaay~! :D

sipe cute hor :D haha!

When Amu-chan character changed with those cute little shugo charas :)

The Shugo Charas :D

Ikuto-kun and Amu ^^

well, this anime quite kiddo lar. But I like it :D haha
Cuhs the character is tooooo cute!

The battleground.. Hmmm
I'm not really happy with the result leh!
Should be ECX won ! :P They are so damn good kay :P haha!
Anyway.. still grats to Katoon Network crew :)
I not really like your crew altho they are always very entertaining..
ECX still the best for me. lalala~

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WoooO! Just got home from Bear's house. We have a greeaaat party xD
haha. We watched Silent Hills at 1st when we arrived her house.
But too bad, we did not finished it cuhs we already hungry and went out to eat 1st. lalala =P
So paused it 1st. (after eating continue!)

But after eating, we direct run into the Karaoke room. haha!
Byebye ''Silent Hills'' !
We sing until very syok ah :P haha!
Pick those old old de song to sing, but dont kno how to sing. lol
& saw some Old Song's Name very funny, ''Wo Xi Huan Dai Wo Zi Ji Si Ben" hahaha!
Hmm, Bear's dog -ah boy really like to stay in the room to hear us sing nuh..

I enjoyed the party very much :)
Dont kno when we could meet again! :'(

Group pictures :D
Why they seem so happy? haha..

Without Neng (Hui Ci Bin) haha!
Neng sudah balik.

Yang, Choo & Kelvin :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chuck Bass is loved :)

I'm totally addicted to Chuck Bass on GG season3! haha xD
He's undeniably sexy and masculine! Aww.. His brooding stares & nonchalant arrogance swooned legions of girls. & I just realized that in season 3 :P
I was addicted to Nate & Dan on the 1st two season. lalala~~

Coooooool~ He looks good in every outfits ^^

Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuuuuck!

Chuck, Nate & Dan :)
I prefer Dan with this hairstyle. I dont like his new hairstyle in GG season3 :P