Saturday, January 31, 2009

I found something really weird on the way to my relative's house at KL.
Take a look at the picture below, It's a jet on the house. As a roof i think. LOL~ Weird!

Ms Chua CY.

LOL. Aunt playing tetrix!

My dad playing the "Shoot the rice thingy into the garfield's plate" Haha!

Act chio!

At Kuantan. Ashton, Me & the sexy Alesis! :D
Lucas! Gimme my bag! Look at his face reaction. So funny!

Xing Yee. Ashton! Cute cute cute

The big sister- Alesis .

Push push. haha

Aww, cutie dogie! :P

Motor-Biking. Woo-woo~
Wheee! Syiok ah.. Just back from Bear's sipe big plus beautiful house! :P
Alright, today's schedule. I went to Billion to wait for Piyi as she asked to. I saw no one at first at the entrance, but then my mom said "Tuh, shen yeow walked in ady." Then I get down the car and meet him. So, we just waited for Piyi's car then head on to Kammeng's House :D

It's really fun at Mr. Wong km house. He's unlike at school so serious so harsh. He's cute leh! XD shaking shaking his leg. hahaha! When we stepped into his house, we shocked! Cuhs it's so.... clear. haha! Only 3 sofas and a tea-table. So cleeeeeean! & He gave us a lot of food to eat! Also, 2003 red wine. He said his house no sky juice but only wine! lol

Mr. Wong Living Room. Yea, so kosong.

Yay us!

Dining room. He got many rooms. Say wan privacy :) Right, right ?


Alright, after that went to Jiaming's house for lunch again. Piyi & I almost finish all the chicken wings :P Nice u know~~ Then gamble awhile before Piyi's mom come and get us to the next location. (That's the problem without car liscence!)

We went to Neng's house 1st. Start gambling again! Went to lj's house after that, followed by shen yeow's. Then our last location, Bear's house :D Damn big leh! We sing karaoke till very syiok.. Especially Chang Hui Mei's "San Tian San Ye". Like crazy =.=' Eat a lot of Pizzas too! XD wuahahah! It will be much better if Yaapin is there too :D

Monday, January 26, 2009

Yesterday went to Cineleisure to watch "The Wedding Game". Hmm, well, it's not that nice than I expected. But it's still a good show . haha! I like LeeMingShun~ :P

After movie head on to my relative's house for TuanYuanFan lur~ hehe. So ugh, nothing special, eat eat only lur :)

Wheee.. later gonna take many many ang pows ler xD hahaa!
Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally, arrived KL ler :D haha. Sit till my ass also pain jor! 6 hours plus plus. Now using my sis lappy blogging. Just now play the Pet Society from FaceBook. Sipe lag eh! My Pet titi lose.... =.='
tl liao. Stop playing. hahah~~ xP

0k lah, going out lu~ XD Byebye :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Going to KL tomorrow! :) Abit sien cuhs going by car.. Ugh!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yay! Holiday! Wheeeee :P
I've been expected these days for so long. It's Chinese New Year! xD Primary skool can wear New Year clothes to skool today. All red red one.. Early in the morning played the "Qing Zhu" . Really got New Year atmosphere lur xP But not for Secondary School 0kay ? Meh..~

Today English period is quite fun also. haha. We kept on Thank-you'ing teacher no matter what she says (When her class it over)
"Happy New Year to you all, class!"
"Thank You, Teacher!"
"Get your angpows and buy new dictionary!"
"Thank You, Teacher!"
"Done your homework during this holiday!"
"Thank You, Teacher!" She laughs. LOL

Then, saw a gang of Prefects opposite from our builiding with Teacher Liew. Spot-checking! OMG.. I was so damn worried leh. Thought will checked on our hair some more. Ho chai no leh! :D hahah ~Phew

I'm looking forward for Visiting my friend's / teacher's houses for this year CNY :) hahaa! xD Hope everything goes well :) I'm going to KL this Saturday.
Btw, Happy Chinese New Year everyone :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sian lur, I've not yet done my homework! But I feel to blog.
My sis told me that Teacher Liew told her that tmr gonna spot check our hair! Please dont lahh, CNY soon eh! =.=' Ugh! Ah, CNY, I'm going to KL again. Every year also the same. I've never passed my CNY at KB before. So the sian... I'm not really close with my relatives over there. So not much things to talk. But for relatives here, everyday gossip gossip with them. Especially with yong. hahaa.. It's fun you know~~ :D

0kay, this morning, we're informed to get the free PPS uniform. But, no stock for me har teng! Dang lor.. say free one ma. All of them (who got informed) get at least some accessories . But...
"Zhiyee? Xiating?"
"Sorry nah, Pengakap Darat de mei you liao... Sorry nah~" FYI, i'm not land scouts. But she said Seascout's get landscout uniform becuhs no one sponsored.
"Har? Okay lo." =.='

Then, after they get the uniform, they "play" them at class. Especially Choo, he wears everything on him. The belt on his neck, another belt hanging on the belt, bla bla bla... And eh, why the belt for Landscout so small? I barely wear it on my waist.. What for the others =.=' LOL!

0k well, Our dikir lyrics 7788 liao. At least it's better than last year! :P haha!
Alright , it's really late now. (for school days) So cya.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Mason :D

ADORABLE! XD Why is he so kawaiii? Oh my god... Super duper kawaii baby girl boy!!
I want his humongous eyes! @.@ Why so big?! His father is Canadian and his mother is Korean so he's mixed ! Awwww..

How cute is he? :D

Hello, Masonnn~ XD
gimme ur eyes!!

kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii!! XD

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Wednesday's class.

It's Saturday! & we have class. I'm so bo gam guan to wake up this morning! Biology 1st period some more. A biology period without experiment is really boring! Boo..

I've passed for my aural test today :) PHEW~ It's over! Today's Chemistry period is quite funny. haha!
Teacher, " What's the substance for insoluble salt?" (If not mistaken)
Kelvin, "Potassium ...." (He's not yet finished i know :P)
Teacher, "What Potassium? Lead Nitrate where got potassium ?"
If I'm not mistaken again, Kelvin is going to say Potassium Sulphate right? :P hahaha!
What next? Kelvin kena canned lor~ haha..

Then Mary's turn. Teacher asked her what I kinda forgot. & Mary ah, why you keep looking at floor? haha. Neng tried to help her cuhs she forgot one more answer, with her mouth shaping the answer. (Duno how to say lah!) Then teacher saw it & asked Neng another questions again. haha! xD

Well, for the BM period. It's fun also..
Mr. Gan, an example, "My english is not good. I have very limited re-pe-tor" (paiseh, dont kno how to spell) Then he goes, "nate nih, my english is not good guno perkataan yang saye tok tau."
LOL xP He kept on nate'ing. hahah..

AND, Congratulate to ECX from Astro's Battleground! XD Yeah, you won! It's predictable :P
In fact, Twister Genies not bad also :) You girls rock! Cheers to Ultimax too :)
Both of you are really great for the Final. Go go go, ECX! lalala...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Piyi is absent today. & she asked her sister to give us the lamb's heart, for the Biology experiment. We cut the heart in the sink slinkingly, as the teacher does not let us to do the experiment at first. She will do and show it for us. Buay song ler~ But at last she also let us do lah! :D
Woosh, so excited! This weeks got many experiments leh! xD
0h ya, today is a gooooood weather!

Just finished playing Viwawa's Big 2.5 with Neng, Panyen & Shenyeow. Looked for Yaapin but dont kno where she go! I win a lot matches leh~~ Amkong one la actually. If get bad cards sure cant win. If I won, then that's real skill luh! xD

Alright, go watch movie 1st. Which ah Bear introduced to me. Nice ehhhh xD wuahaha!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dam suay de. My socks never get caught before lei! Today Ah Sir caught 6 of us i think. (I've no idea why school also care about this tiny little things) Then, been punished for what lui? Singing luh! So embarassing.. Chinese New Year song some more...!

Yay, Miss Chia did not forgot about the experiment today. Hohoho! But I also what experiment are we doing. Mr. Gan's period is always so funny. He's a funny man. Whole class laugh out loud!
& Panyen today kept on saying our dad's name. Tomorrow I'll find out what's ur daddy's name! :P

It had been raining for the whole morning! Many people get sick.. & It's sooooooo cold! Kolian piyi.. Take care ah! Want Cny liao ~~~ I dont want flooded cny! & hope everyone get well soon :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tzyy shan! :) (I always spell wrong her name x.x)

Haha! Mr. Wong lets us re-do our experiment! Many of us tried to do the brown ring one (Nitrate). I failed at 1st, then i bo gam guan so do it again! Yay! Brown ring occured! xP LOL. Chemistry experiment is fun :) hehe. (But always kena scold stupid one)
-Nothing special in school then- 0h ya, I wanna complaint about the fried chicken sold in school canteen! Ewww, not enough cooked? Not the 1st time already leh!!

At night, went to Mall before tuition with Yp & Jw. Have KFC for dinner. Long time never eat also! haha xP & wat the hell, the malay girl gave me super duper small drumstick! =.=' & ah, why the bugger become so small le ? Aiihs.. But the drink still the same :P I cant finish it.. it's too gas, plus I not really like "gas water" ( I dont know call what dy :X) haha..
We always late for tuition & the 1st to left :P

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Went to school. Our tables had been shifted by someone. Eww! Shifted then nvm wor, never put back also! When I wanted to loaded my school bag I found that I have no table and chair! Nvm, go have my breakfast with my friends first. Later just done all this things. I have Lo Mai Kai this morning, Hmmm.. so nice! xD haha! I never eat it for a loooooooooooooong time!

Biology is the 1st period. We're so happy becuhs today got experiment to do. & I also SMS-ed my friends asked them bring "Han Chu" (potatoes) as I dont have one at my house~ BUT, Miss Chia forgot about it! She kept on saying about the hearts thing until very syiok. Duh ~
Miss Chia, "I forgot about it~~~~!" So, the experiment changed to Tuesday.

Sian ahhh~~!

Oh ya, I'm currently addicted to 90210! :D

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I've watch IP Man just now! It's a really really great show! :D & There's some funny part also. I wished I know some gest too, protect ourselves from the bad guys ma! :P

Thanks Miss Oh for movies again :) hahah! Finally, GG Season2 episode 14 is released! I've waited for so long! :) Alright la, gonna restart PC 1st for some program's installation.
Happy Birthday to Bear bear Catherine!~ XD You can get ur car license liao! LOL.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Yay! My hair passed! haha! Lucky not Ong poh poh comes check on herself :D She sent prefects come :) I never go cut my hair also, hehe! Then, for today's Chemistry experiment. How stupid am I! I dont know what the hell am I doing! Teacher gave everyone 2 different salts to test for cation and anion.
I was so blur, "2 salts ? Then how we kno which one Anion and which one Cation?"
Ok, the experiments go on. Get the salt and test for the cation & anion. Bear, Morlly, Kelvin and me get the same type of salts. We kept asking each other, "Dissolve or not? Soluble or not? "All of us also dont know how =.="
But only after the experiment, passed up the "cincai write report",
As piyi told us, I just realise that.. "OH! One salt must test for what's the cation and anion!"
AHHH, how stupid is it?! Can re-do the experiments ?:D Hell no.

After teacher's meetings. It's time for students sport house meeting. & without sake, I've become Wakil Ting. 5! Thanks to Miss Choo PG! LOL. I'm the lazy ass for attending the activity! How ahhhh! =.='

Alright, gtg to bed now! ^^

Monday, January 05, 2009

Extra 1 hour Biology class! Nothing also de, 1st day ma.. All teachers are the same. Talking about the principles and the rules. It lasts for (around 20 minutes i think) hehe! After that, ready for the class. Yeah, APD room, 3 class (i think) gathered in a room. Students from Chung hwa might know that the APD room's screen problem. It's hard to start it. So, teacher waste alot of time fixing that thing and another 20 minutes flew away!

So, "Mei you yi yi de yi jie" passed like this~
bla bla bla. & it's kinda late now. I must go to bed now!
Gonna wake up earlier, the Primary Skool is hella jam! Because of Parent's Love~ Aiyo..
& this forced me walked from the Traffic light(beside the malay skool) to the Primary School, for breakfast! Or else, I wont be in time! It's too jam! UghhhH!

I'm happy I've finnaly finished my SJ Holiday's Work!! XD

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The first day of skool.

Wow. Today is the earliest day ever I arrived skool. Cuhs wanna book place and go for breakfast some more :D I missed the breakfast! haha! It's the 1st day and we are so hardworking for copying the undone Holiday's work! xD But, it's not a good day at all. I've cut my hair just last week! & today the wavy hair Ong Poh Poh said, "Ni Bu Guai..." *shaking her head* I was like, "W-H-A-T?!" So short dy wei.. Ugh!

Oh ya, not only Ong Poh Poh waved her hair, and also the TanBA.
She saw three of us (Piyi, Neng, & me) at canteen, and touched our arm (we not very 'shou' ler) like... ah, dont know how to say, and said, "Happy New Year~~~"
Cause there's only 3 of us as Yaapin went to throw rubbish, and she asked, "Where the other sister?"
Then, yaapin came. She then said, "Waaa..teacher, your hair so nice ah?" hahah! TBA sure very suang lor.. lol xP

And, why must we study 1 more hour (for Bio)! I must complain this. We must stay until 3! T.T I will be goddam hungry! Plus, no mood to listen what teacher's teaching. Ugh! Would this fixed for whole year? (No pleaseee!)

Alright, go copy hw 1st! :P

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I've never offended you OKAY?
You're the one who made everything started! Well, everything is over. I'm glad it's over :)
I've no idea why I've clicked it! =.=''

School reopen tomorrow! :) Kinda happy because can meet my friends again! It's boring staying at home. But, it's cruel for me to wake up so early. As, during this 7 weeks holidays I always woke up late. Today gonna sleep early! Hmm.. make it 9.30pm :) Early hor ? ;D

Get this pictures from Googles. & just simply edited it.

My sister told me a scene about her friends met the robbers. It's so weird leh, I 1st time heard robber robs with.. like this.
"When both of them, [oh, there were 2 of them] were walking to Oriental Kopitiam, then they met 3 robbers. The robbers then pulled them into the car. " My sister told me that, the robbers brought them to PCB! What?! I was like, LOL-ed. Okay, then.. her friends gave them all what they wanted. But, he asked back for his SIM Card. haha xD Like our skool prefects confiscated our cell-phone and we asked back for the SIM Card! Not bad~ He still could get it back! XD "I wonder how were them in the car on the way to PCB?" and why PCB ? hahaha XD

If I was one of them, I really dont know what to do. Sitting in a stranger robber's car, "Cham, i tiok kidnap liao! Will they killed me like the TV dramas do ? OMG!" Walau, think too much! Well, i think it must be real scary in the situation like that! Sigh, nowadays really dangerous! Please, please be really careful when at outside. Dont ever walk alone! See, 2 person together also been robbed to PCB =.=!

& someone force me to write him in my blog! haha! The one who always say I fuyan him... =.=' Some more, say i reply very short, very hard to chat! haha.. Also, I reply very slow. Got mer? :P If only when I'm busy mar :) & I like haha cannot de mer? hahaha!
0Kay, I did mentioned you in my blog! :P

Friday, January 02, 2009

Home alone =) I love to be alone at home! Wuahaha.. But except when blackout at night! She's out to date at KB mall again, I'm still sick and stay at home =.=' -The TV and the computer are MINE! LOL xP I seldom online at noon that's because my sister is using it, from 10am until 7pm. That's her time for PC'ing. =.='' Only when after 7 I could touch the computer :P

Ah, whatever. Face computer too long not good, it's a silent killer :) But i still like to facing it. Bah =.=' School gooooonna reopen leh! Oh god. No more audition, no more viwawa'ing everyday, no more watching downloaded movies so often, no more what must be no more. Just listen 1st lah.. =.=' & I wished to get my car liscence leh. Hohoho, it's weird leh if you see I'm driving! I'm so small to drive.. Well, if i get my car liscence, no need my parents fetch me ler. I'm filial and I dont want them to be so hardy fetching me go to this and that tuitions xP lalalas~~ Driving a real car should be fun huh? Not like driving the fake one on PlayStation2. It's fun tough :P haha! I used to play it years ago =.='

SO, it's new year & CNY sooooon! LOL xD Got many angpows liao! How ah, I dont have enough new year shirts yet ! Dont want buy them in KB, later go everywhere also can see they wearing "my" shirt! xP Lan si abit.. It's so embarrasing when you see someone is wearing the same shirt like yours when both of you are shopping at KB Mall! In fact, I met this situation before. Haha~ Some of my friends too :D hehe. Same lah, If you not bought them from KB also will met this kind of situation one. Nvm la, If we met hor, means we got "yuan fen" ler, right? :D

Say so many, too sian ler!
Later gonna continue "The Gem Of Life"! xD
AND, I've cut my hair! T.T Grow faster grow faster, CNY soon ler!