Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to PhaikGhee and Kaykay :D All the best for both of u this year! :D

I'm happy becuhs tmr is a holiday, but what makes me not is, tmr gonna wake up early also! =.=
Going for tomb-sweeping. Should be fun i think? lols (like picnic'ing over there)

Finally, i finished all my homework yesterday. Copy until my hand is not my own hand. Ahhh... i still left add-math! Dang, idk how to do =.=' So, just left it :)

Just wanna update my 'very-long-time' not updated blog~ So just write anything what I can write :D hehe~ Thinking of catching a movie later on. Bye!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

So, I've spent my 1 week holidays at Hong Kong =D
It's cold right there that time. So there are many smokers, everywhere~ The weather over there are cold so they smoke to warm themself. Malaysia's weather hot like hell why do they smoke? Ish.. Not cool at all okay =P

So here are the randoms pictures!

Waiting for dimsum ;D


After dinner, went to "Lui Yan Gai"
saw this real weird panties. haha! It's for boys. Kinda cute~ lol xD

Madagascar 2!
waiting for the dolphin show!
I wanna kiss the dolphin too!! :D

Modeling meh ?

Night market.

Ah, forgot what this place called.
So many ang mo, yet there are all alcoholic drinks. Pubs i think ?

She said sorry to the camera man.


Us with leng lui

Cheong Fun at Shen Zhen! It's really nice ;P

Shen Zhen. Our's World! xD

LOL. I dont play this cuhs it's so damn hot. Only my sister and my cousin play it.
It's really funny . Walking on the water.. Nah, not for me.
Like, lacking of air inside the ball? Will faint anytime!

see so hot! lol xP

The fishes really scary =.='

Another sumptuous dinner! xD

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yay! Sports Day tomorrow! xD haha.. Tomorrow's sports day is quite special. Catch the eel! Yes, the eel. LOL. I was like, "What?! What stupid game is that?" haha! I think it's like relay race something like that? haha. It's really funny when I imagined they catch the eel and run and run and run. Muahaha! I'm excited to see how they gonna play it!

& My chinese teacher said that, they already booked for the eel for their lunch! LOL! "Teacher ah teacher...thinking of eat only."

Also, Yaapin is super duper happy today in school. Guess what? Miss Oh bought the book she wants for "years" for her. "阮经天正在夏威夷" haha! Finally she get it!

Excited for tmr Sports Day eventa and more excited for my Hong Kong trip! *big grin*

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Wheeee, no school tomoro! xD lalala. Some more, once i see the time table for wednesday, lol cuhs we have 2 periods of Sejarah early in the morning. But we having Sukan Tahunan that day ;D Cheeeeeraas! Ah, but only for this week lur. Still got soooooooo many weeks! (Why suddenly SJ 2periods?! Sien ahh!)

Yuuhuu! Going to Hong Kong this thursday! :D Gonna skip Mr.Wong class =.=' Dont kno how to explain . Suddenly changed the time table, his class not suppose to be in Thursday! Ugh.. Must pay Rm10 if we ever absent from his class. Sigh sigh . But, Hong Kong! I'm cominggggg~ XD So excited! lalala~~ Seriously, this is the 1st time I'm going overseas ;D haha!
Will take a lot a lot of pictures! hehe..

And, all the best to the students who getting the result of spm and stpm! Time really do pass sooooo fast! & I will be the one who going to take the result next year! ;(

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

So yeah, dikir competition is over, dikir practice is over. I will miss those time. No need to stay back at school anymore :D haha. Well, I'm impressed on 5Sc1 and Sc2 performances. haha. But our class performance not bad also! :P Better than last year I think. hehe.

Why this few days keep on raining ? It's hard for us to have our lunch! Yesterday, after the extra Biology class, we borrowed the primary school kid's umbrealla. Cuhs it's raining heavily. Got 1 kid hor, like dont want lend it to us like that. We walk towards her, she walks to her friend. & asked "Want lend them ?"
Her friend, "Up to you lah."
Tzesie, "We will return you de. Very fast niah!"
At last, she borrowed us also. haha.. Like we are pai-kia aneh! (Maybe she saw tzesie's face like pai-kia) JK :P

But, different situation for the other kid. She direct lend it to us. :D haha! Thanks ah kid!
sipe hiao lo us, when it stop raining we still sit at restaurant keng-kai. When it started to rain just "gam guan" RUN back =.=''

It's competition today! Quite nervous also. haha.. Yes, we tried our best :)

"O yo yi yo yo e yo yi yo yi yeh, we love the earth like we love 5sc5!
O yo yi yo yo e yo yi yo yi yeh, so listen to out advice~~~~!" I like this part :P hohoho.

"So it's the end for our dikir barat, it's time for us to say goodbye to all of you,
goodbye judges oh goodbye to my fellow friends......."

So it's the end! :D
next year no more dikir :(