Sunday, May 31, 2009

You guys are sooooo wanna watch this!!
Diversity - Final - Britains Got Talent 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

How long I've never hang out with my friends? haha!
So today is pretty fun :P They went to check their eyes cuhs they going to buy contact lens.
Yaapin bought it and wear it directly. hahah, the salesgirl helps her to wear it. Weird~
It's better if she wears it herself! And yeah, the salesgirl fed up and let yaapin wears it herself. (take quite a long time. cuhs it's the first time) haha. but it's faster than the salesgirl's help.

So it's shenyeow's 17th birthday party~!
here are the randoms :)

Birthday boys & me :)
Creamed face..

Nice cake hor..!

the cutest one & me

oh-so-nice ! hahaha xP

We were shoo-ed by the pizza hut's waiter.
Should ask us to go politely mar.. dang.
After that, we stopped at hot summer (the dam expensive stall) , I ordered Summer romance, I've always do.
Yaapin & I followed Liwen back after we finish our drink.
Suddenly rained like cats and dogs. They were planning to eat roti canai at 1st,
so we decide to go to yellow house. It's too big rain, so we change destination.
Last decision, Golden Bean. hahah
Yeah, we run. And we were all wet! everybody are looking and staring at us like we're crazy.

We went back at 11 something.
Yeah, nice day yet tired. haha xD

Monday, May 25, 2009

We have a small party at my house yesterday. With my sister's they.
They were the one who suggested to have a bbq party. It's a nice party anyway altho it's just 10 of us. haha..

After bbq'ing, we play cards. The snapping game, if u get the same cards then it's SNAP!
So you've got the chance to 'snap' our hands by piling up one another.
Yeah, your reaction must be fast please. Or else, kena hit lor.. haha. Also, we might hit the floor/ ourselves if their reaction is tooooo fast :P

We play the game until twelve.
Went to bed after I've showered.
& that's why I'm freaking tired in school this morning. Plus, the weather wan hot no hot like that, make my body so "nian". Ish...

Gonna sleep earlier tonight! Bye ^^

-Before that, I receive this from my friend. haha








Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to JingWen! :D
Happy 17th!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally, it's a big ending for Prison Break! xD wuaahaha
But, I dont really like the ending although majority it's a good end.
BUT, It's not good for me cuhs Scofield dead! :( So sad..
I want Scofield alive... lalala~

Duh, it's over. Forget about it.

"What happen today? Why our teachers seem like so bad mood today..
kena scold all the times. Ish.."

I found this from one of the blogger, if you guys watched twilight, you guys must watch this! LOL!
It's lame, but really funny.. hahah! Enjoy ;)

Friday, May 15, 2009

"I want nobody nobody but you~" hahaa. Just kno how to sing this part :P

Two days before, Wednesday . Aha, the weather is dam hot! Like usual la...
Some more school black out twice! When add-math period, Yaapin and me sing and "dance" with the paper-made fan. hahah Ya i know, it's already hot enough..

After school, happy happy like that walk to my car lor.
Because of too many people tumpang my car, so we loaded our bags at car bonet,
and know what? After we loaded our bags, I forgot to close the bonet :X
OMG~! My mom even cant see it thru the.. front mirror? cuhs too many heads..
Drive from the bus-stop to the selling pepsi there. Lucky got one kind kind de aunty knock knock at our car and closed the bonet directly. hahaha!
at first, I dont kno what happen when we heard the 'boom'.
All of us like, "Ha mik kia eh?"
Mom, "Ohhhh, li lang bo kam bonet!!"
We were like, LOL! HOw stupid is it! Forgot to close the bonet and walk so long. Duh~~
I will remember to close it next time! xP

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I've been playing the Rubix cube for awhile ;)
Yeah, everyone is playing it. It's quite complicated but it's fun :)
I learn to do the same colour for one side. and it takes quite a long time for me to finish it! Duh~ But it's much easier when you know how *grin*

After practice for 2 or 3 days i think, finally I can finish the cube!! lalala~~~~ Thanks to their friend liao leh. hahah! :P also thanks yaapin for teaching me the steps of matching the 2nd row lah xD Weh, it's really syiok when you finish it with your own hand! I've been really jealous when I see they could finish it, now I also can finish it already. lalala~~ (LC dy)
But hor, they can finish it in few minutes or seconds, I need 5 minutes more to finish it :(

My dad challenge me this morning, he asked me to finish it in 5 minutes.
He will give me Rm100. He turns away the cube which I've already completed it.
Dad :" Okay, now finish it in 5 minutes.."
Fast fast grab the cube from his hand and started.
ISH, 5 minutes passed when I finish it. So my dad gave me just half of it.
Better than nothing. haha..

Alright, gotta get in bed now. Tata!

Friday, May 01, 2009

BoA eat you up :)

Okay, i'm really bored at home today.
Watch movie series from PPS just now. Then, search few videos from YouTube. Found it quite nice and wanna share them in my blog :D

BoA BoA BoA~~ xD
Just like to watch she dance. She rocks! x)

Kim Hyun Joong solo :D

Ahh..He's so dam coooool!

He's singing for me.. lalala~~ :P

*HyunJoong fans dont boycott me*