Wednesday, July 29, 2009

welcome Dexter :)

Dexter, the Golden Retriever :) My cousin bring him back yet he told my mom the day before.
Her wife dont like dogs so we keep it. He is so BIG can...

I asked my mom after my tuition.
"Golden come already not?"
"No, I say I dont want . "
"Then ko heng got bring back la?"

but then when i reached home, I look through the door, I saw Tiffany standing there. As usual.
Once I stepped in the house, I shocked! Dexter was there, wagging~ some more, open his mouth big big. hahaa
My mom then said, "You shocked? Too bad, I cant see your expression." as she was closing/pulling the gate cuhs something wrong with the Auto-gate again.

Well, my mom said that she not gonna keep him :(
Cuhs 'bo-eng' ahh... But Dexter is really alert. Sit, hand, lay down. He do it well :P
Not like my Tiffany. Wan eat only.. hahah
But he's very busy chasing Tiffany =.='
Ah, smelly some more. haha. The owner said he not yet bath. LOL

Yay, tmr double free period ;)
Alright, gotta go now! xoxo

Dexter~~ my mom keep call him duster duster. lol

Wan go toilet ah?

My Tiffany! Still so cute! haha xD

Dexter look here!!
*Tiffany looks shocked* wuahaha.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just got back form Lion's dinner.
okay, the MJ performance really make me LOL.
Not even me, but my mom, and my mom's friends who are same table with us also lol.
Overall, the dinner is still boring!

The Chemistry experiment which we've waited for years, we did it today! haha :D
the explosive experiment. Wuuu~ so nice :) Our group made three boxes, 2 mixture in each boxes.
Also, our group is the 1st group to show the experiment. Teacher ask us not to do the sound which human does not do. (Woo~~ ...) Asked us only to clap. hahaa
But our reaction are, clap plus 'woo-ing'.

Well, nothing else special in skool.
Four of us sing whatever we want in class when teacher is not around, as usual.
Sorry for disturbing you guys. But it's your pleasure that you all have the chance to hear we sing :P wuahahah!

Just now my sis show me something from her e-mail.
and the tilte wrote "怕就不要看!!"
This title scare me alright...
The first picture she shows me,
Getting more scare when saw this =.=''
Dont you?
Messy messy hair somemore, what you think that is ?
The 2nd one. I ran away and my sis pulled me and dont let me go.
"See laaaaa, very cute one!!"
"DONT WANT!!!" (How can you called this kind of thing CUTE?)

She fast fast scroll down to the next picture....
Errrrr... okay.
This was cute =.=''
Scare me dao....
I wonder who is your owner doggy.
SO FREE doing this stuff to you. I bet she was a girl? :) hahaa
The 3rd picture really scared me! =.='''
So that's all for today :)
Night, peoples!

Monday, July 13, 2009

AddMath teacher is absent again today. Another free period. wakaka
Btw, hope she get well soon.
So we have experiment today for our Chemistry lesson, it's still fun anyway :)

Oh ya, get punish by puan Faridah for not paying attention to what she was trying to explain for us. Wanna know why 3 of us get punished? (ya, not paying attention =,=)
Right, we get punish because of this guessing words game "_AT__OO_" this is what i let them guess. haha.
Tell me if you know what is the word. *clue:a place, everyone have it in their house.* English lesson is dam boring can.. I bet not many people paying attention too :P hehe.

We study play "True or Dare" during AM lesson. Yes, not wrong, we were studying for the next day's Moral test. But then we heard the skool announced that tomorrow no skool! Oh god, I was like "What?! Really?!" Whole school's students shout for joy! lalala~ So after the annoucement, we are not studying anymore =.=' How realistic we are huh. Some of them play "10-15-20" , then four of us play "True or Dare"~ :D

Neng is the first victim and she choose dare.
Haha, we asked her to bang the wall infront of the classroom. hahah
& when it's my turn, they asked me to take the curtain as the blanket and act as i'm really cold, for the 1st time.
For the 2nd time, I was asked to hello-ed to the form 6 students next to our class until someone see me. How stupid. LOL. No choice, I do what they said :) It's still fun anyway.

Well, Piyi was asked to go infront of the class and shout that "我是咸蛋超人!" with the pose of Ultraman somemore. wuahahah..
Yaapin leh, we asked her to go to the boy's group (a group of boys were playing "10-15-20") and asked them "Am I sexyyyy~~" hahha xP Lucky the boys give some respond. You know, some might just ignore you.

Yay yay yay~ tomorrow no skool~~ xD
Dam happy lor :P

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Watch this! :D I found this from my sis.
Enjoy ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

"I never think about that would ever happen again lor, please~ It's hard for me too!"

Yeah~ I've passed my Chemistry :) lalala~
So, Chinese test paper today. Lucky it out Form 5 punya ming ju ~ haha..
Because I only read them this morning :P

This few days, teachers were discussing the teaching of Science and Maths reverts to BM start from year 2012. But the changes do not involve Form Six? Duh~~ So the Form4 & 5 students study BM for 2 years, if they are going to form 6, study in English again? Weird =.= dont kno what they are thinking. Anyway, we are really lucky that we are not facing these problems. Want me to study Science in BM, hell. Carbon dioxide become karbon dioksida? Ahh, carbonate, my friends & I pronounce it as kar-bo-na-te in BM. Just for fun okay~ lalala~ :P

After my maths tuition, we went to Kebun Sultan to have our dinner at "Dong Lai Shun"
We sit and dont wanna get up until one man obviously stand beside our table! No choice but to offer our seat to him. Thanks for Yaapin & piyi's treat ;) After that, we have no place to go and decide to stop at Billy cafe~ We ordered only drinks and talked for hours. Then I saw someone who really look like one of my friend's sister. I gossiped to Yaapin and she told me that he is his bro~ LOL-ed.

Ok la, stop here.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Never go practice drive this week because of skool monthly test.
and I asked my mom bring me to practice yesterday. kaka~ And obviously I did improve. I did better then last time at least :P

Ugh, I'm really worried for my Chemistry result :( duh~

Well, I have my nap for 1 hour this afternoon. After that we went to the new kopitiam.
Kemaman kopitiam. It has been really many people/ full the days before. Especially at night.
So we decide to go there this afternoon. Should be less people ba~~
Less people so what? =.=' I cant eat my food also!
Me and my friends ordered the drumsticks, waited for half an hours still not yet served! (got tuition cannot wait dy)
Wey, if full people I still can accept la.. Service charge Rm1.38 some more! BLAH!
I'm starving some more! What take you so long for only 3 drumsticks? ish..
Better service please :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy birthday friends.

Happy Birthday to cutest Bernai & Xiating :D
Happy 17th! :)

About 5 pm like that I went out with my friends to Up to you cafe before we went to tuition.
And I ordered the Popcorn Chicken ;) The waiter gave me Chili sauce, then I said,
"Got tomato sauce or not?" the waiter walked away and never heard what I said. As she walked away, I "Oi-ed"
hahah. I never know that there standing another waiter behind me.
Then she asked me, "You want tomato ah?"
I said shyly, "yeaaaa"
Oh, dam paisei ler. haha~ Oi the waiter somemore =P lalala~

Alright, gonna rush for my Biology homework!