Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mom asked me to join her to one of my very far relative's wedding dinner cuhs one of my cousin cant make it so there is a empty seat.
Mom : Yee, you wan go wedding dinner tonight? Koko Heng is not going.
Me : Who's wedding?
Mom : Tuh.. xxx's.
Me : I dont kno lah. Dont want go lah!
Mom : Go lah... no go wasted eh!
Me : Dont waaaaaaaann....
Mom : ... (then asked my sis, but she rejected also. Wuahaha :P )

One of the reason is I'm lazy plus I not really know them.
The other reason is, I wanna watch movie! :P You know, the Miss Astro, it's Final today.
For me, it's better to stay at home enjoy the live rather than attending the wedding dinner with the aunties & uncles. lalalala.... :P

Know what, if you guys who watched it you should know.
I really beh tahan with the backup dancers, those guys in mermaid suit!! Err, you dont want to kno how they ''dance''. LOL wuahahaha.. Also, when Chen Shi An is singing, the backup dancers really so funny lah. Seriously, I never listen to what he was singing. I was focusing on the very very funny backup dancers :P Their move, their steps... bla bla.. Their dance choreograph is so damn weird! I laughed out loud until the end of the song. (I dont kno how could he endure)

Err.. not really happy with the result :P
but anyway, still congratulate Belle who won the Crown.


& there's a contestant's name 陈爱华 (Jane? if not mistaken) and the English name for her should be ''Tan Ai Hwa'' for me.. same name as one of my teacher in school! wuahahah.. It's funny :P
btw, she won the 3rd :)

Well, when I was enjoying with the live. Yaapin called and showing off to me that Ethan shake her hand!! & told me how handsome he is.. Suang liao lor, finally she gets to see Ethan in real. She's a super fan of Ethan. Some more, she still asked me to buy the CD.
Yaapin : Nice nuh the movie, you want buy the CD or not?! Then I can help you get Ethan's signature nuhh!
Me : No need lor. I not that crazy over Ethan yet.... haha.
Yaapin : Wan leh wan leh! Very nice ehhh... you dont want meh??
Me : No lahh.. :P

For her, sure she would buy it. Maybe 5 or 10... (okay, I exaggerated :P)

Yay, finally I watched 'Laughing Gor'. hoho~
Not bad not bad :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cheehwa's birthday party. 121009 :)

The birthday boy & me :)

Chee hwa's 17th birthday dinner at 'Ri Man' Restaurant.
I skipped my tuition class to attend his birthday party. hahaa
"Chee hwa, seeeee.. I so good" :P
It was a sumptuous dinner & we were all bloated :) But I heard cheehwa said there is still someone not enough --hoo pan yen. Giant betul. hahah
The boys finished the dishes we girls left. but still not enough for them.

"Kelvin got so hungry mehh.."

(After the dinner)
My plate.

Piyi's . the one who dont eat lala :P
& her plate is always so clean after finished the meal.
I never saw she left tiny little things on the plate before :P
Only 3 of us. Yaapin missed out the party.
She must go to tuition class as her mom dont allow her to skip it.
"Bear, coca-cola very nice noh"

The birthday boy unwrap his present.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here is the post about last Friday. We had a great time that day :)
3 of us went to mall for our lunch.

Kaykay. Busy playing with her phone.
Went home after our lunch. When kay is stepping into her house, she scream-out-loud.
I shocked and asked her what happened. She pointed at the dead fish! Omg..
The fish jumped out from the pond! We still could see some fish blood on the floor. I've no idea why the fish could jump so far away..

My sis trying to put the fish back into the pond because we saw the fish is still breathing!

Kay told her parents what had happened when they were back.
Her father then throw the fish into the dustbin cuhs he said that it would be dead anyway.
Pity little fishy..

Koko heng, kay's dad.
Still acting like a child huh..
He squirted us after he cleaned the blood on the floor.

Went back to our house.
Kay skipped Tennis lesson. She was so happy.. haha

Me, Kay & Tiffannnnny!

My sis & kay + Tiffy.

Dexter :D

Tiffanyy~ :D

Dexter & me :P

---------THE END.

Friday, October 09, 2009

I suppose to update my blog at last Friday. Cuhs there were something to blog about. But I'm lazy..
will write bout it when I'm free. Photos are not in the laptop so not now to blog about that day :P

Just came back from weihoong's small party at Pizza hut.
I mention it as a small party becuhs there were not many people. Girls are the only 4 of us from 5sc5.
After the party , 4 of us went to photo booth to take photos again xP
haha, it was fun.
[will update photos soon]

ah yes, first two days raining heavily right? Thunder here, thunder there, thunder everywhere. =.=''
and the thunder burnt my modem! [yes, burnt. I dont kno how to describe it in details :P]
Modem burnt and made us cant online! Sian-ness. Lucky my dad bought a new modem and taaa-daaa!
We can online again~ ! xD i really cant live without internet! :( Ugh..

Thanks weiliang's "Aliens in the attic". Watched it yesterday.
Nice movie ;D hahaha.
I want to have the controller too :P
We have steamboat party yesterday at my house. My sister friends suggested to cuhs she is going back to KL tomorrow :( I will miss the laughters we had together.. almost everyday.. haha!