Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chuck Bass is loved :)

I'm totally addicted to Chuck Bass on GG season3! haha xD
He's undeniably sexy and masculine! Aww.. His brooding stares & nonchalant arrogance swooned legions of girls. & I just realized that in season 3 :P
I was addicted to Nate & Dan on the 1st two season. lalala~~

Coooooool~ He looks good in every outfits ^^

Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuuuuck!

Chuck, Nate & Dan :)
I prefer Dan with this hairstyle. I dont like his new hairstyle in GG season3 :P

Monday, November 23, 2009

Exam in flood

Our skool was flooded! haha.. It's quite fun actuaaally to walk in water :P
The water is really cold man. & dirty of course, I know. haha..
Every year we would purposely went to ''walk in water'' around the skool area cuhs my cousin live there..
Yeah,we just walk in water but not like the malays' kids, swimming =.=''

The water rise really fast, duh~
So we gonna move to another skool for our examinations.. & I still dont kno where the hell is that.

After the Mathematics paper 2, go home lah.
Uncle Ricky & my mom fetched me after the paper. They come with Pajero (Uncle Ricky's car)
Neng & Piyi followed. Then when the car is moving, the water splashed on a aunty. hahah
The aunty get mad and scold of course. But we never knew that until Piyi told us...
I turn back and saw the aunty pointing at us with the umbrella with the very fierce expression.

Err... sorry I laughed :X hahah.
It's funny when I saw her reaction. Sorry again for not understanding ur situation ah... Dont use the umbrella point at us har.. *pffft*

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cupcakes :DD

Sooo... I googled some cupcakes' pictures.
Mmmm... I want all of them! :P

Chocolate chocolate :3

Hot chocolate cupcakes. *drooling*

How cute is this! :D


Robots! haha xD

Taste chocolate right?
Yes.. it must be :) Mmm..mmm

Lamp's designed cupcake. haha


My sis is going to KL with her friend at end of the month! 27th of Nov I guess... My mom allowed yet there is no adult to bring them along. She allowed! hahah. I used to asked her permission for allowing me to go to KL with my friends.. But she said no adult bring so cannot go. But now... wuahaha~ No adult's accompanied also can go dy :P
Yeah, I get the permission but NOT YET confirm if we are still going or not =.='' That's the problem.
So I'm not that happy when I've got the answer. Gah, just let it be.. I'll just accept whatever the answer is.

& I'm soooo envy lah! She's going to watch movies! Yaaaa... movies!
2012, NEW MOON, The Chirstmas Carol..... blah blah
I cant go cuhs of the SPM exams =.='''''
Or else I'm not letting go this chance and fly to KL selalu.. ugh..

Suddenly feels like eating cup cakes :) yummy yummy~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yer.. I wanna watch 2012!
Dang so many people said that it's very very very nice.
Even my sis in KL, she watched two times! =.=''

"An cua KB bo cinema laaaaaaa.... sien"

3 days left friends :) hohoho~

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I'm Graduate! :D

I'm graduate I'm graduate! The day has come :))
I've so excited for this days soooo long! Bye bye Chung Hwa! :D
So crazy with taking photos the whole day, not really paying attention to what teacher was teaching also. haha
But, the whole morning is raining. We cannot take picture at skool's green green padang !

Too bad, I have sore throat and cannot scream out loud to show my excitement!
Or else, I would be high to the max! There were students crying of course. Err.. not me okay. This ceremony is my relieve! No more hair-cutting to be exact :P

After the ceremony, it's picture taking time! woohoo~ walk here walk there, find friends to take picture :P
Pictures are all in my fb, lazy to upload 5 by 5 here =.=''
Overall, it's fun it's fun! xD Well, I'm gonna miss my friendsss for sure! :'(

Okay, after the skool. IT IS STILL RAINING =.='' Ughh..

After Physic tuition, we went to Oriental for our dinner.
Followed Panyen's car & thanks him for sending us back home :P
''He says I must thank him!"

Oh, suay de lor... when I was walking into my house, my mom press the remote to open the door. (I dont bring keys) Then the dogs run towards me (to welcome me :P) & my mom thought that they are going to rush out the house, as you know, once they run out from the house, it's hard to call them back! So, my mom press the remote again and I'm not yet completely step into and I'm stuck at there!! Pain you kno.... ish..

Okay la. Sick already still dont want to sleep earlier =.='' better go to bed now. Bye peoples..
Good night! :)