Friday, December 31, 2010

Cousin's Wedding :D

Went to Kuantan to attend my cousin's wedding :)
Here are some photos to share!

The bride(my cousin) and the mom. (err is my mom!)

Evelyn, CUTE! XD
I love to play with them(evelyn, her brother and a sister) they're just too cute!
Especially the way they talk. Like a little adult~

The newly wed :)
Congratulations yooo!

Wah so red!

Yesss my mom was very busy during the day and night.
She make up for everyone besides the bride lah.
The bride punya cosmetician prooo-fesyenal one. She need to be the most outstanding one mah!
But I still think that my mom's skill is much better than the prooo-fesyenal one :P

Me, mama and the newly wed! :)

My mom and the China girl(My 老 cousin's friend) . HAHA.
okay my mom looks very fat in this photo. Ignore her, I was going to introduce the china moi XP
She is a makeup artist too! Guess what?
She makes up for those movie star one ahhhh! Thousand bucks per makeup.

And this is Evelyn's brother, Ashton :D
jin wan ni hen shuai o! haha!

Fruit Ninja'ing D: 
Play with me la yorrrr, play what fruit ninjaaaa!

Lengluis of the night! XD

Cousin, cousin, cousin's husband, me :D 

Alesis, the sister!
Simply like this picture she looks so pretty.
But in fact, she's nakal nakal one. Very funny when u talk to her.

My mama siao one D: HAHA!
*shake shake* 

"掌声响起来~ 我心更明白~ 你的爱将与我同在..."

 The wedding ended at 11 something.
Again, Congratulations! :D

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve with Lotsaa Love! :D

Merry Christmas everyone! :D
These is all what I've been busying for this 2 days. ahaa! Christmas Eve and the day before Christmas Eve!

Present exchange time before Christmas :)
This is because some of my friends could not make it on that day so we make it easier, change in college ;D
Tadaaaaa! All the presents with loves.

Every present has it own's number. Randomly take a number and get ur presents!
What if take back ur own present? hahaa everyone re-pick! This is our one and only rule ;)
Luckily, NO ONE get back their own, probability of 1/8. AHA! sigh, add maths. 

Everyone get their presents. Wheeee! I got Joevy's! How lucky am I XD LOL.

Yep! This is mine :D
Mine for NOW! Muaahahahaa!

Cute donuts from Peakhui :D
Mmmm Yummyy! 

Wow very class wrapping uh? haha!
It's the present from the one and only guy in our group. Mr. meow meow.

Tadaaaa it's chocolates! Taste nice me likey!
I've always fond of chocolates! :)

Unwrapped! These are all the presents with love love love!
I can feel your love don't you? AHA!
Focus on the four cute little cups with different smilies?! THATS MINE! XD

Nah have a closer look la.
hahaha! Cute right? That's Joevy's love for me. Awwww~ 
Four loves some more! Hahaha! XD

This girl beside me even luckier!
She got my omg so fluffy can die cute's cow! OMG HOW CUTE IS THAT!
Please treat him nicely wokay? :) 
err yes it's Mr. meow's chocolate in my hand.

The last picture of me and my omg so fluffy can die cute's cow! 
Good-bye cow cow :')

Christmas Dinner at night at UCSI.
Peakhui invited us along.
Thanks for the invite! :)

Love the shows, the comedies :)
Great dinner with great shows and great fooooods xD haha!

After the dinner, we headed to mamak nearby yumchaa :)
Oh it was Peakhui's daddy's birthday as well. Happy Birthday Uncle! :D


It's Christmas Eve! :D
Well I can say that this is the best Christmas Eve for me ever!

Planned to countdown at The Curve :)
Drove there around 4 something.

Errr yes, photos in toilet again :O hehe.

okay this one not in the toilet. HAHA! 
The most crowded place when counting down. 

But I guess we've missed the countdown session. AHA! Blame the movie is too long!
We watched TRON before that. *teehee*

Whatever, we just continue to play like crazies :D

aaaaand this is how we become
Semua hair sudah tak ada.
But we had lots of fun that's true! xD

Merry Christmas readers! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Co-cu day :)

Its the day! 
Actually it's not the big day for me but perhaps for our teammates :)
Glad to have them as my teammates! :D
You guys did a very very good job! *claps clapsss*

The competition started from 8 and end at 5. What a day! LOL.
The longest time ever.
We took some pictures while the others are competing.

Peakhui & me :)

Classrep and two cuties. Muahahaha *slaps*

Ok la Amelie u are the tallest in this photo.

The same course, the same group and the same co-cu's group!

Terrence, lenglui baoxin, Fuiyan, Me & Peakhui :)

My team! Viccccccctory!  ^__^ v

Runner up & the Champion! :)
*eheeem* Yeaaah, We are the champion! Yess Victory's victory! :D
FYI, I tumpang sajaaa. hahaha!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Merri Krismatsu

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the wayy~ 
Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh hey~!
Jingle bells, jin... gle...... " Ooopps hey readers! xD 
*ehem ehem*

Well, Christmas is sooooo near right now! I can smell snow. 
*wtf as if Malaysia is snowing, 2012 is near*
Any plans? :)
I bet this Christmas is going to be fun for me! I'm quite looking forward to it.
Celebration for Christmas Eve, present exchanging with the girls. Hmm... right, what should I get for the present huh? :/ 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

First Impression.

What is ur first impression of me?
I've been asking some of my friends, what's their first impression of me.
and they gave me the same answer, I look gentle, the quiet and study typed girl. This is their answer when they 1st met me, 1st knew me.
well, I would not deny it anyway, they just telling the truth! :X hahaha!
Naaah, their first impression of me is totally blindfolded by my face, perhaps you, too?

I can be gentle, for a certain time.
I can be quiet, for a certain time.
Errr I can be the "study-typed" when the exam is around the corner :S

But when u get to kno me more, u'll definitely take away the gentle and quiet to describe me.
Ooops, just when I'm with my girls. haha!
And now, they keep complaining that they had been fooled by my appearance. LOL
No worries, the complaining is not the real complain. haha

Because, the same thing happened to me! xP

Well, it's awkward when you enter into the hall without anyone u know! (1st Semester)
Find a seat and sit down! Okay when I'm going to sit beside the girl, I gave her a big grin. Is that weird?
I'm just showing my friendliness. Hahaha! Like that people just won't scare of you mah.
You kno, there are those who looked fierce and the others will think that u are hard to get along with and stay apart from u :X oh of course not me. I'm very easy to get along but I'm quite passive. *teehee*

Well, If I don't smile, she'll thinks that I'm unfriendly, hard to get along with me.
If I just smile, she'll thinks that I'm friendly ONLY.
So I gave her a big grin, then she'll thinks that I'm super friendly. So much more easier to get along with me. HAHAHA! Gaah, I just simply twisted.

One might look kind but in there he's guailan.
One might look nice but in there he's an evil.
One might look lansi but in there he's a good one.
One might look quiet but in there he's noisy like omgwtf.
First impression would never tell u all about a person.

Never judge a book by it's cover :)
How things look on the outside of us never is how things are on the inside of us.
Sometimes, appearance is deceiving.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong @ Malaysia XD

Wheeee! Kim Hyun Joong! XD
Finally he's here in Malaysia as the Spokesman of The Face Shop
It's a Fans Gathering Event at Pavilion :)
Well I'm really really fond of him but I'm not like those crazy Top Fans who would probably buy the products until broke just to be the lucky shopper! '___'
You can take a picture with Kim Hyun Joong if u are the lucky star! (Only 6 lucky one -.-)
 (Perhaps if I have lots of monehh :/)
Insufficient fund nao I cannot do that.. '___'

We were slacking around before that. 
Never know that it would be sooo damn many people already! (I've never been to some event like this beeefo.
FYI, Kelantan dont held this kind of event! D:

Lai, see what we did today.
Christmas season is here and you can see Christmas decoration everywhere now :)
I always like the deco at Pavilion!

wtf I look so short standing beside Meini.
Take off ur heels please! :P

Wooo~! Brilliant deco :D *blink blink*

Eh? I looked like going to fall.
Nah... this is call pose! Know?! hahaha!


Okay, we are done taking photos! 
It's time to see see where is the stage for today's event.

 *walk out from Pavilion*

"Eh where is the stage ah?"
"Why no one?"
"Eh not should be at here one mehhhh?"

*Still searching for the stage and keep walking*

"Nuhh!! It's over there lah! Got The Face Shop thing there!"

*speed there*

WTF damn many people already lor!
SEE! :O Please show ur startled expression!
Uncle, Aunty~ 贤重也ngam啊? :)

This proves KimHyunJoong's charm! xD

Hot until can die!
Aiyoh, spot the girl behind us :X

Wehhh we very hot lah! Dont stand there take the photos of those fansy laaa!

Amelie kena squeeze till there ady.

Ohmo ohmo, he's arrived!

Scream like hell! Included me of course *shy*




I know I'm acting like haofo but he is just too irresistible! XD

Think too much! *SLAPS*
Stupid girl pushed me and caused I took a picture like this wtf!

Awwww cute face! XD

Right, it's damn hot right there squeezing with those crazy peoples.
We moved out to get some air.
& we left before he left. Cuhs its really just too HOT! Beh tahan!

And know what?
I'm effing sleepy now! Night! *Yawnnss*