Thursday, January 28, 2010

well, I enjoyed myself in the computer animation class so far. (at least i nvr thought of ponteng the class) haha!
It's fun most of the times. Cuhs I can use iMAC to play facebook! xD
Knew alot of new friends of course! haha.. They were funny de lor.. especially those Malays.
(Altho sometimes idk what the hell are they talking about, they laughed I laughed! LOL)
0h ya, the teachers were very cute too! :D

The lesson going to end soon i think. A week or 2 like that i think..
Today we talked a lot about ''ah piao''. Effing scary can! :O
Ugh... *forget'em all forget'em all!*
One of my friend really did played the things to talk with ''ah piao''.
Ya, he himself & his friends. Very bo kia si leh.. hahah

& much much more interesting real stories!
& now I'm alone at home! T.T

Sunday, January 24, 2010

HAPPY day :)

My mom's friend introduced me this job.
I must admit that this is tiring. But it's fun after all :) HAPPY wad :P haha
Well, once I get the Tee, I'm quite happy lor xD haha! Cuhs its so cute! & Pink! lalala~


Tadaaa... Fast fast took photo after I've changed it .
Nice right? :P

This is where I stand for whole day long!!

He's so busy with following the competitors here and there.
Until we rested...
*Enjoying the videos of the competitors*

& meee! :D hahah.

Guo siang, ready for the rock climbing! woohoo~

There he is. He is fast de lor!

I climbed too. haha..
I'm not dare to do that at 1st, but one of the happy staff kept on asking me to climb.
Then I also try try lor.
& Tadaaaaaa! Zhiyee is on the wall!

Took photos again when we're free.
Actually we're always so dam FREE! HAPPY :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Luo zhi xiang -愛的主場秀

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weiliang's Birthday!

Went to Weiliang's early birthday (19th Jan is the day) party yesterday night at Ban Kok Restaurant :D
It's great party! Nice friends gathering two!! :D

Photos with Yaapin. Would upload them when she sent me :)

I miss you guys lots!
No doubts ;) I mean it!
Miss the moments we laughed together, kenak teachers together (this is bad! but not that bad :P the teachers were not angry so it's not bad.), dont handed in the homeworks together, saying each other, doing stupid things together, get crazy together, get punished together, skipped
skool together and much much more! :D I really miss those time! :)

Ah, I remember the most stupid things we've did in form1! hahaha.
It's so dam funny! Hmm... friends who were in the same class with me should know! bwahaha....
Not available to post it up here, it's god dam stupid & funny! But that time was the best childhood memories ever!! hahah!

Monday, January 11, 2010

This is the 2nd days I attended the computer animation class.
The 1st day is dam boring. All the introductions about the multimedia thingy and the background of the skool. who the hell want to kno the background :P
But, the style he introduces is quite funny. So, it can be accepted.. xP & it makes the lesson more interesting. Or else I would be fishing.

Well, the 2nd days is quite okay lor. Not yet started to touch the computer.
I'm waiting i'm waiting.... blah. Nothing to blog about this actually. hurhur..

So, after the class went to mall to find Yaapin the perfume promoter~~
haha.. Go find her to buy perfume! DKNY there :D hahaha.
Oh right, today is her last day selling perfume.
Nevermind! She's going to be at SHESEIDO tomorrow i think :) heheh.
& Lancome the next day? Hmm... maybe :)

Friday, January 08, 2010

the night.

Went to dinner at ''zhong hua zhong shang hui'' My mom gets the free tickets and ask us to go.
This kind of dinner is boring de lor.. hehe.

well, dont say much. Just uploaded the photos taken just now :)

My sis & I :)

Beeeeeeer~ CHEERS*! :D

Drink two at once! ;P
*Gina dont learn, 姐姐是有练过的哦!* hahaha.

Take a break. Go to toilet!
Saw a big mirror & tadaaaa... started to take pictures!
*Hmm.. janitor should clean the mirror dy..*

Ah right! The puzzle :D Yay! We finished the puzzle! xD
haha! I've mention japanese lesson in my previous post right?
Yep, but canceled. hurhur... So take the time to finish the puzzle.
& see! The puzzle is done! xD Nice right?
*Yeah it is!!*
Ah, guess who is the base in the poster ?
I treat you if you get it right!

Okie, Night readers! :D

Kinda miss the skool life. I just said WHAT?! Gah, weird..
Wanted to have a super long holidays when we were skooling, more holidays more happy! :D "YAY! Holidays!"
& now, no more skool, staying up late everyday and sleeping like a log. Seriously, this kind of life sucks. Skool life is much more better than nothing to do at home all day long! Yeah, I mean it!
I wouldn't said that if I were still skooling :P

My mom beh tahan see me like an idiot. (Nothing to do at home and sitting infront of the laptop watching movies from PPS! :D )
So she asked me to learn accounting. I'm so dam free so why not ?
Okay, I just went for the class for 3 days & it's god dam boring can!
Sorry, accounting not my 'taste'. hurhur... Paid 400 for the fee and 20 for the registration fee!
So the total is rm420! yay, my math is good! :D (Ah, ignore me. I'm just way too boring! Blah~)

Days before, my mom saw the ''Free Computer Animation Course'' in the newspaper,
& she very excited liddat asked me wan or not. hahah.
Yeah, of course I want to! Computer lesson would be more fun than accounting! :P
It's free wad, go and try try also not bad mar xD So I'm going to the computer lesson and Byebye accounting! wheeee~

You guys should be asking how's the accounting class? You've already paid the god dam Rm42o!
Hmm.. no idea. haha~ My mom said that she would ask about that with the accounting teacher..
Maybe return us the moneh delay my lesson! It's like teaching one by one. So not a big deal to delay my lesson :)

Alright readers, I not yet shower since I woke up! hahah :P
Gonna go shower & then Japanese lesson! :D

Great night :)

Spent the night with my sis, yeongfeng(who always addressed me as Keroro =.=''), shangqian and kaykay! wooo~!
They would definitely find my sister whenever she was back in KB :)

They came to house at 1st, around 5pm.
We were playing ps2, with the dancing pad. Jump jump jump! Damn hot lor!
& now my legs started getting pain =.='' Like last time when kay and I played.
Sorry lor, me seldom do exercise de, a lazy asssss!

My mom does not cook, so I followed them to have dinner at Kulim restaurant :)
& yeongfeng very funny lor =.='' When wan make a U-turn, he never noticed the motorcyclist..
when U-turning, the motor came towards us..
YF, "Wah.. motor hen kuai motor hen kuai!" with the not-so-kin-chiong tone.
at this kind of situation should be quite nervous right ? haha.. For me, it is!

Ah, forget it. Later on, we headed to PCB!
haha! We went there to enjoy the big big and cold cold wind. hahaha
Sit on the stone for sometimes before we have our supper.
& took alot of pictures with shangqian's phone with the dazzling bright camera light...
its the only phone that could take a clear picture in the dark among us :)
took alot of photos cuhs we yeongfeng cant snap a good picture!
There is always a missing person/ half face . LOL

After starring the stars in the sky sitting on the stone, we went to the stall to have our supper.
Home sweet home after the supper :D

Friday, January 01, 2010

HOLA! Just arrived home :D
we had a small countdown party at McD just now ^^ with some friends.
At first, Piyi, neng & weiliang went to the wrong place. haha!
It should be at the new McD at Wakaf Che Yeh, 24 hours mah, Parkson there also got!
but at last they changed to the McD at parkson there. haha!

Why I'm not there yet?
waiting the boss lor... so slow. I'm hungry dao....
what make him take so long, and neng said that, he wanna make up ah? haha!
When he is coming to fetch me, my parents already home lor. End up with my dad fetch me.
Yeah, I already have driving licence, but parents bo pang sim to let me drive alone lor.. hehe :P

so here are some photos of the day :)
Yang, Kelvin & Liang.
The boys!
Group picture :D I simply love this picture!
Thanks to the McD's staff ^^
(the last picture of 2009!)

The night was fun! :D Especially with them ^^ have lots of fun there! haha.. We were so excited when just a few minutes left to 2010 :D

& nervous also. hahaha! (dont kno nervous what)
We kept on saying that our OWN time is the most accurate de..
So, to avoid the arguement for the accuracy of time, Neng took out her phone and switch on the radio!
Clever hor~~ LOL xD Sooo... 1 minute left...

60...59... blah blah . Until the last 10 seconds, we just started to count! hahah!
Only our table were counting =.='' 10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2....1 ~! HAPPY NEW YEAR! WOOHOOO~!
hahaha xD yeah, we did said it out loud! & the others just looking at us like we were crazy =.=''
KB people, u kno lah! hehe...

After that, we called everybody in our contact list. Heeh! Not everybody lah :P
We 3G them but all failed =.= line too busy i think. Just managed to call some :D haha!
yoyoyo.. altho it's a small gathering, but I like it~!

Lastly, Byebye to 2009 and HELLO 2010! :D
Happy new year!