Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yay! yesterday was the greatest day ever! lalala :P
spent the whole day long with friends. (happy happy 1st before the result release!)

Had belut for our breakfast + lunch! Yes! Belut again! Aha~
after that, they suddenly come out an idea to go to Pantai Sri Tujoh!
Afternoon weh, pantai dam hot de lor! As majority of us never went there before, we agreed. haha!

Headed on to Shenyeow's house later on.
played with the ps2 dance mat :) exercise again.
Ya right, today I worked out alot! After the dancing part at shenyeow's house,
then Wii at Cheehwa's house! Lol. Altho this two stuff is tiring but I had fun! :D

Chinese New year mah, played cards at Lornjhinn's house. haha
As keepin said in fb, "jhinn's house bring good luck for me... perhaps everybody.... except yong jian~"

The guys again, played something weird. They added different drinks together.. If who get the smallest cards, he's the suay one need to finish that ''rojak drink''.
after that, even worse! Drinks + biscuits! O M G.
they stir & stir & stir. Aihs, weiliang really suay de lor! haha
they play 2 rounds, 2 rounds he sapu all. uek! But he claims that they were nice tho.
But I still eww. haha.. It's okay weiliang, if u want another one :D

The last place is my house.
They came after the dinner.. thanks god cheehwa bring along his wii! hahaha
& yaapin's rabbids game :D Shiok ah!

& thanks cheehwa, he left his wii at my house to let me play! wheeeee~ :D
hahahaha! :P

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yesterday my friends suddenly visited my house...
& so I followed them to have Chicken chop behind Pantai. (aiya, kno where la hor?) woohoo! haha
thought would be alot of them but end up with 5 of us :P
one table already enough actually, but we combined two tables. (thought got others still coming maaa. haha)

So after done eating, cheehwa dropped me at Hayaki for YLC meeting :)
Thanks wor cheehwaaaa.. haha
I thought that I could join the committee to collect the form today at CC, and quite exited u know! lololol
but too bad, suddenly got stuff to do.

AND, welcome weiliang to blogspot! see i help u promote! haha
more friends blogged, more fun! ^^
I loveeee reading friend's blog! xD
don't you?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ban suan yesterday. Jiaming treats nuh~! haha xD
nice, me likey!
si weiliang, snatched my mini tikua.

At golden bean.
weiliang busying with his G900.
saw him & make me think of the belut opposite his house! hahaha.
i wanna go again! D:
dont kno who's bread...

Friday, February 19, 2010

visited friends' houses yesterday :)
1st went to Yaapin's house.
we played Wii quite long in her house. haha.. It's fun! xD
& i hate the burger part. you guys kno why.. haha.
i wanna play again i wanna play again! xD

After that, head on to Yang's house.
I'm eager to see his Husky's babies. Awww... so cute!
& husky is so beautiful. haha..
Catherine's house next! played wii again..
ti kong, bear dont kno how to switch on wii and asked her sis to. haha
Thanks ur kakak for the homemade pizza nah! :)

Next station, Miss Chia's house. hahah.. altho we cant get ang pau from her :P
go visit her lor. I kno she misses us alot! wuahaha.. She looks happy when we were there.. hmmm.. i guess so! haha.
we not yet pressed the door bell she already open the gate for us. see! haha

after that shenyeow & panyen's house. gamble beh liao beh liao.

well, lazy to blog many many. u guys dont read also. haha xP
so let the photos to tell the story. haha

oh, & these pictures is not this day. ( u kno what i'm talking right?) -good!

went to Mr.Wong's house again :)
see, goyang kaki.

Yaapin & me. drinking the coffee wine (we dont want to. But mr. wong kept on asking us to)
his house only have wines. So if u wanna drink free wine, go and visit Mr. wong! :D

Taken by yaapin.
See the flare on my head anot? haha
When she is snaping this photo,
"wait wait, must got abit effect leh!" LOL
And taaadaaa.. the result came out like this loh! No need photoshop! hahah.

Ah, these photos is the days we're in kuantan :)

Cute cute Avelyn :)

-in KL.

Mayling & me.
woo! I love this picture :P cuhs it looks like I dyed my hair!! hahaha
see my sister's hair beside my face anot? Look like I've dye half of my hair! yay!

okay, more photos in fb :P

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY :)

well, my family spent the cny in KL every year.
I asked for my dad permission to stay at Kelantan as many of my friends are in kb.
Hmm.. my new year in KL was boring keh.. almost stay in home everyday D:
& play with my uncle's dslr. haha.. I think thats the most happy time! :P

would upload photos if i got time. you kno, the files is big and i need time to convert em'all.

went to Kuantan the 3rd day :D
wuahaha.. had lotsa fun there! My cousins bring us to Karaokeh and we gamble at midnight..
(no gambling in KL. cuhs no one can play with us. All aunty-aunty aber then gina-gina.)
My cousins taught us many other games. haha..
I miss the happy moments! Miss you guys too!
Especially Ashton! He is so dam cute lor..

baby Lucas : *knock* baby avelyn's head.
Avelyn's mom: why u knock her head? cannot like this one ah...
Ashton : 这样 kor kor 打你的头可不可以? (with a very serious emotion)
& he is only 5 years old. haha! how cute is he! ^^

the sister and brother is really cute & funny.
Like to be with them sometime. They were really really noisy.. Noisy but cute! haha xD
hope to meet them again :)

Monday, February 08, 2010

have my hair cur just now :) My head now feeling so light! LOL.
you kno, my hair is sooo thick! D:

This few days are quite busy.
Was busying with the YLC meetings :) fyi, it's Youth leadership conference! haha.
for more information, just check out the website
Hurry hurry! :D

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Rush rush rush & rush! Finally done my ED project yesterday night.
well, this project he started to ask us to do on Sunday. But the next day, we dont have 3D class.
& the film class and 2D class were not using the computer lab. So I dont have the time to do the project.
Until yesterday, after the class, back home , on lappy, watch movie 1st :D , then started to do the project! teehee.

I'm afraid that the project I've done cant be used in the class.
Cant be used mean, the program I used at home and the program used in the class is not the same version.
That's why...
Lucky it can opened! lalala...

Oh, I've never saw a magic trick so cloooooooooooose before! haha.
Our 3D teacher do some trick in the class (when class breaks)
He did it in just front of meh! xD Interestinggg!

Its totally different compare to the magic show when watching from TV.
From the tv cannot get the feeling! Dont have that kind of.. "Wuahhhh... Ooohhh.. WHAT?!" LOL.
& he taught us some little magic tricks too! xD

Yay! gonna get my purse tonight!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Yesterday went to pizza with DD fellows xD
took some pictures, but I dont have any of them :P haha.
After that, we still have some time left, so we went Snooker. Get bullied by the pros! Hmph!
I also cincai cincai play nia :P

Today, malay friends learned chinese from us. haha
they pronounced sho.. funneh! :P
& they told us the meaning of their names, connnected to the Sejarah peoples.
Of course idk who the hell they are.. to be exact, I never passed my SJ in exam! :D (okay, i kno this is not the glory thing to said out loud here :P)

I havent done my exterior design project! Ah crap!
Gonna do it later D:
Going to watch 下一站幸福 1st! :D haha.