Monday, May 31, 2010

Outings day 2 :) Pavilion.

Plan to go Pavilion this day :)
I always enjoy the hang outs with them.

On the way to take Monorail.
But I like this photo. haha! Looks natural :) wuahaha..

Pavilion~ here we comeee :D

Mickey mouses!! :)
so cute!

This also cute! Altho it looks abit weird :P

Stop to have BIG ice cream! :D
"Wah so big."
7 of us ate 12 diffrents scoops of ice creams :)

Assh*le & the icecream.

Finish! :)

wuahaha! :P

Fooling with Ah Saw.

Hmm, my face is too big ==

Nice one, but It will looks perfect if I move it rightward a bit bit :P

On the escalator.

HAHAHA! Ip man and the assh*le.

This really make me LOL!
Hmm, it's really huge!

Ip man is mine!! :P
But not Donnie Yen. hahaha!
Ah saw & neng is trying to act like Dastan & Tamina.
err... the threes beside ah saw are ''keh leh feh''
Prince of Persia (The Sand of Time)
I give you 8/10 :)

After the movie, its time to go back!! :)
Had lots of fun again.

Outings :) Mid Valley.

Lun & Cheehwa came down to our place, Wangsa Maju all the way from Subang.
It's their turn to visit out place as we visited them last week :P haha!
Had lots of fun in these two days :)

We went to Midvalley the 1st day.
Planned to watch a movie at 1st. But sipe many people lor! Then ended up strolling & widow-shopping at mall.

Chee hwa in my hat! & me. haha

omg this is cute!!

Had no place to go ady. Then we stopped at
"Toys R Us" as Ah saw suggested to.
Me & the patung! :D

Hahaha! Sponge sponge square pants!
Mr Chia Kah Bird punya sponge sponge.. hahaha
It Sponge bob square pants, assh*le!

Look clearly hor, He is porposing to a little cow I'm carrying in my hand :P

Reflection and here we go! :D haha!

Take a break at someplace. Forgot what name ady.. hehe
We had ice creams there. 7 of us shared 12 scoops of ice-creams!

Opps, where's the ice-cream photo ==
Missed it. Cincai lah.. lazy to upload d. haha

Tadaa... finished it!
Yep, It's that big!
On the way back home.
In the lrt :)

Dinner 1st :) We were so dam hungry d.
Where we had our dinner? Same place, the stalls just outside our condo!
Omg, I love the Pattaya fried rice!! :D haha!

Had supper after awhile...

---Will update day 2 soon :)