Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My 18th birthday :D

Had a small celebration of my birthday after the class :)
My coursemates bring me to Four Happy Season Cafe. FYI the Four Season here is not like the Four Season Restaurant at KB hor! The Four Season Restaurant over here is really Four Season. haha! You can choose which season to have ur meal, Summer, Spring, Winter, and Autumn!

Tadaaaa~ It looks like this :D haha!

& we had the celebration at Winter! :D It's really really cold fyi.

She's Peakhui, the chubby coursemate! :)
& a very sour drink which belong to Amelie. haha..

Joevy the leng lui :) haha
Okay, it's a must to take photo of a special and beautiful drink! :D

Another one! hahah.. Stephy, trying to catch a nice angle.

Meini the Minnie mouse! haha :D

Joevy & Dann the blur one.
She always get a nickname for people onee....
Almost everyone get one from her adyy!

My Latte layerd with Chocolate Syrup topped with Coffee Jelly :)
Cost RM6.80
Its taste sooooo nice! I likey!

Opera cake.
It costs RM9, but it's worth! Delicious mmmm~

Me & the cake :)
Thanks Zixuan the photographer!

Groupmates :D

Thanks beloved groupmates! :D Had a great small celebration! Appreciate lots! :D

Birthday Cake from my housemates :) haha!

Spent the last few hours with them.
They switched off the light suddenly and brought in the cake.
And they used the torch light as the candle cuhs they dont have lighter, all non-smoker :)
Singing along the birthday song. hahaha! I was surprised and dont kno what to do.
Just to listen to the birthday song they sang to me :)

DonaShi!! :D So kawaiii~~
& they taste really nice too!
This is an earlier celebration, the day before my birthday :)
I never noticed that until the time we were having our dinner.
They suddenly took out a Big Apple plastic bag and I was like, "waaahhh..." haha!
Just what I want to eat, Donashii :D

Wanted to buy them when Piyi, Neng and me were at Jusco that time.
Then they said that, "Aiya.. we buy it for you when your birthday lah!"
"Okay!" hahaha xD
But too bad, Piyi and Yaapin was not here with us.

I miss both of u girls lots! Especially you laa yaapin! Never meet you for so dam long ady!

Thanks for all the wishes!
Thanks dad & mom! Thanks my sisters!
Thanks all my friends, coursemates! I love u guys so much! :D
Thanks for the DonaShi! Thanks for the cake! Thanks for the birthday treat!
Thanks for the surprises! Thanks for the presents!
Thanks for everything people! :D Cheeeerrss!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Karate Kid :)

After we done having our dinner, 心血来潮 wanna watch movie.
& this "The Karate Kid" is our choice! :)
went to KLCC after dinner...
Luckily we still can get really nice seat! :P

You guys should really go and watch it now! :D
It's really worth the ticket price.
Well, the story line is interesting and funny! I cant find any yawning part :)
I laughed all the way in the cinema.
A lot of breathe taking part also! Ini adalah saspens, hati berdebar-debar. (This is what I had learned from secondary's Novel Bahasa Malaysia! ) *proud* hahah.

Jackie Chan is training his one and only apprentice.

Look into his eyes, he's crying.
One of the competitor broke his leg as his bad Sifu asked him to.
He either had to give up or to continue the competition. He chooses to endure the darn pain and continue the fight! See also pain! Omg this is so touching! ;)

The one thing I couldn't comprehend was the film name wasn't Kung Fu Kid, since its Kung Fu wad.

Trust me, it's worth to watch!
Enjoy! :D