Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drinking Problem.

Receive this from a friend..


Make clear one thing first before you make any judgement :)


Another long awaited nice movie! :) starring by Leonardo DiCarprio from Titanic!

When I watched the trailer, I thought that it is a movie about the end of the world since the trailer is much showing the building collapse, avalanche... something like that.
Well, it's nothing about the end of the world. The movie is about Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCarprio), he and his team have the power to enter into the dreams of others. He is a thief actually. He enters into the person dreams to get something.

This is what I get from the movie, if they get hurt in the dream, they will experienced pain in real, but if they die in the dream, they will wake up from the dream. Yeah, they get into the dream very often, to make sure that they are whether awake or dreaming, the dreamers use something called "totems", he make it spins and if it is not falling, that means that he is in dream. Well , the movie is nice! Only the front part is quite... boring. It starts getting interesting in the middle part :)

Yeh, this one you can watch it in cinema! haha!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

出水芙蓉 The Fantastic Water Babes

We had 3 hours break this morning until the next lecture. So bunch of us decided to watch movie to kill the time. We've awaited " 出水芙蓉 The Fantastic Water Babes " for quite a long time since we saw the very interesting trailer. And so, this is the day!

We were afraid that the cinema would be full because its a new movie, but then it's empty and there were only 8 of us with around another 5 (maybe) people. Maybe it's because today is not weekend and it's still early ba ;)

Okay, the movie starts! The intro of the movie like some kind of ghost movie ==''
Hmm, the movie is very funny and I laughed most of the time. It's stupid and not logic!
Especially the ending part..
seriously, the ending of the movie sucks, I dont like it!
I do not encourage you to watch this in cinema, please.
If you really wan to watch, Buy a DVD will do :) Dont watch it in cinema, really, it does not worth it.
But, if you like the actors/actress (Alex Fong/ Gillian) until you gonna die, perhaps? Hmm.. you can go and enjoy the big screen and see the actor/actress face much more bigger :)

Well, overall the movie is not really interesting.
It's not logic at all! But it's funny, most of us LOL in the cinema.
My rating for the movie is 5/10 :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What happened?

Nowadays, I kept saw some of my facebook friends shared those sexy or naked photo thru Facebook.
Sexy photo which indicate the girl wears bra and snap snap snap.
(Bra is different compare to Bikinis okay?)
What happened? This had become some kind of trend perhaps?
Oh please the ladies out there, stop taking those photos! I really dont kno what their mind are thinking.
IF you really took this kind of photo, please keep it privately :)
A kind of art too yeh?
Most probably those naked photos are not posted by the party, she's the victim.
Who the hell so stupid would show their naked body to public?
But really, girls are real daring to do this kind of thing eh? I've never saw a guy did this =.=''

And for those who posted their photos, that's people's privacy, they could sue you anytime! Where's your principle btw? And for those who kept sharing the photos in Facebook, stop releasing it. Respect the victim and it's kind of good deed, too. If the girl take that matter too hard, and then commit suicide, you're one of the murderer. In fact, it dirty your walls, too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Despicable Me :)

Watched Despicable Me last Saturday.
I rate 8 stars our of 10! ;D

The minions,little yellow pill-shaped creatures.
They are cute and very very funny! hahaha!

Agnes from the movie! I like her MAX! She's tooooo cute! hahah xD

OMG I like this part!

"It's so fluffy I'm gonna daaaiiiiii!" XD

So they played the game to get the ''its so fluffy she's gonna die's " unicorn!

Tadaaa! she got it!!

"ITS SO FLUFFY!!" bwahahahaah!

"Klink! Klink!" So cute! haha

Read us bedtime stories before we go to bed? :)

At last Gru did read them the bedtime story.
Haha! Three little kittens :)
Seriously, the so call bedtime story is really boring.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain won the World Cup 2010! :D

WoohooO! Spain won the World Cup 2010!
Waka waka eh eh! xD

Went to Barakath Restaurant again with bunch of friends, the place we watched Football!
The closing ceremony was really amazing! Shakira was there singing Waka Waka full with spirit to end the World Cup :)

The Final match of Holland vs Spain is quite boring.
Many goals missed and many yellow cards ==''
0 - 0 within the 90 minutes.
I expect Villa would goal in this game.
Luckily Spain scored at the very laaaast few minutes in the extra-time!

Iniesta the Spain hero! xD
Spain 1 - 0! Hooraaay!

Fabregas! :D He looks much much more better after he shaved his beard! hahah!

World Cup end, and I no need to stay up late anymore! haha xP

Friday, July 09, 2010

Hang out @1 Utama :)

Joevy, Amelie, MeiNi and I suddenly feel to shop and we plan to go 1U at Wednesday :D
Thanks Joevy for fetching us! Her driving skill is very geng one! You're very safe in her car :P haha!

We had our lunch @ Sushi Zanmai ;)

Joevy & me :)

Meini & Amelie :)

Softshell crabs :D
Yum yum!

Sushi! xD

Chicken Gyoza
. This is nice too!

Our main point to shop is to buy formal wear for our presentation.
Amelie tried on almost every formal wear at Kylie Lang. hahha
I'm exaggerating :P

Me looking at Amelie on the formal wear.

Took some photos while waiting for Amelie. teehee!
Meini & me

Joevy & me.

She tried so many but cant get the right one... so Byebye. Move on to another shop lot.

On the elevator.

Photos in the toilet again ;P

Yay finally I bought Sticky! :) hehe..
I'm craving for it for a long time ady!

It's almost 9 and we still not yet have our dinner.
At the time like this almost every Restaurants are closing. TGI Friday is the one that still not closing. (We're lazy to walk to search for other Restaurant d) So, we end up have our dinner @ Fridays.

Chicken Fingers.
When I ordered this they claimed that it's chicken's leg. hahaha.
It's not, okeh... It's nice anyway ;)

Joevy and her pasta!

Amelie & her pasta also.

Me & my Chicken Fingers ;)

Meini and her pasta too! yeah, pasta again. hehe

Had a nice day with u girls! :D
Tiring but fun! Im looking forward for the next time!