Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Neng's Birthday Celebration xD

Had Neng's birthday celebration @ Happy Seasons Restaurant,
Opposite the Wangsa Walk Mall :)

Our Queen of the day & the Autumn plant! xD
Neng the Merdeka Baby! :D

Ham Sandwiches with Fries @ Rm7.90
Hmm... Sandwiches lor! :P

We ordered Dinner set for the night.
6 dishes @ Rm49.90 :))

Mongolia Chicken.

Onion Egg in case you dont kno what it that :X


Seasons Fried Chicken.
Hmmph! This one should be the Fried Squid, but sold out!
So we replaced it with the fried chickens.
We claimed that today is our Queen's birthday & ordered him to make a BIG one! hahaha xD
Hmm.. the chickens tasted a bit weird :/

And Butter Prawn babehhh! xD
I like this the most!
Very the butter! hahaha xP

All the dishes are delicious indeed :)

Tadaadaaa~ The cake appeared~~!

Make a wish, make a wish!
"Gimme 3 more wishes!" xD
See she laughed until so happy wor! hahaha!

Candles blowing time!
Too bad, we din prepare the magic candles!
It would be perfect with the magic candles! xD hehehe

Photos taking session! :D

Saw & Neng.

Dai lou Hwa.

Weihoong. Thanks for the cake! :D

The cute one & the birthday girl~!
Group photos. *Kaaa-chaaa*

We shifted table after that. hahaha
wanna a nicer background :P

Once again, Happy 18th Birthday!!
Getting older and older d xP

Meini's birthday celebration :D

Had a celebration for Meini's 18th birthday @ Honeymoon ;))
Joevy's brought us to!
Desserts, desserts, still desserts! xD

Purple rice Mango.
Not recommended xP

After added the coconut cream ;)
Still not recommended.
The Purple Rice is hot and the mango is somehow cold, it tastes weird.

Mmmmm~ This one is delicious!
Durian pancakes @ Rm9! It is worth to try ;D
If dont like durian, you probably would like it if u bite this cute little durian pillow! xD

I didn't get to bluetooth it from Meini's cell perhaps :/
*Thumbs UP* for that! ;D hahah
Chocolate in the sweet soup balls. One bite and the chocolate melts in your mouth!

Mellow Fellow Pastry @ Rm16 :D
It's NICE! Jellies, paper thin pastries, fruit cubes and topped with a scoop of ice-cream!

The Birthday girl and the dessertsss :D

Happy Birthdaaayy!! xD

After that, head on to the next station.
Metroview's poolside ;)

Miss Joevy & the birthday girl! :)

Four of us.

Xingyee joined us too! ;)

All the best to you sweety! You're officialy 18th chick!
Do whatever you like! :D

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy birthday to Meini :)

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY Meini ! :D

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm so tired.
Tired of everything...

Good night :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Get the hell out of this earth, SOBerry!

English Paper today, one of the most easier subject among all the papers. (As for now) 3 more to go!

Joevy picked up Amelie & I to college early in the morning :)
So I got up reeeeaaal early this morning. (Much more earlier than the other days :P)
Thaankks a lot :D This made easier for us, no need to squeeze like sardines at the Bus stop.

We purposely made it so early, so Joevy could get a nice parking place and we could do last revision talk before entering the exam hall :) While we're discussing for some stuffs, Peakhui called me.
I thought she would just asking us where are we like usual. But then, she told me that she could not attend the exam. I was shocked... I even more shock when I knew the reason.

She had been robbed by a malay! OMG.
Luckily she was not injured. The robber took all her stuffs including her examination slip!
Thats why she said that she is not able to attend the exam.. We were all so worried about her but we cannot do anything :(

I still could barely heard that she is crying through the phone.

So be very careful wherever you go people :)
Criminals are everywhere.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Update this post especially for my babe. I kno I'm so sweeeeet! xP

Rightttt, we are having Final for semester 1 now! 4 more to go and off we go! ;D
FYI, tmr is English paper thats why I'm slacking around right now to update my blog! :P
I slacked for the whole day actually :X Went to Nice Cafe for ME revision.. But ya kno, talk more than read. Thats what we always do. 死性不改~ :P I prefer to study alone. Facing those girls cannot concentrate one~ haha!

It has been a looooong time I dont have this kind of feeling after the SPM exam.
Stress + agonize D:
And accounting is the most headachy subject! Help meeee!!
SCI SFP blah blah blah!
I cant completely understand what are them! Accounting is killing me!
I seriously need help in accounting!!

Whatever , off to bed now.
Everything will be ALL-right! ;))
(Positive thinking is important)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Expendables :D

I must admit that the movie is nice! :D
It's kind of disgusting, but still, it's nice! hahah xD
Hmmm, 8/10 perhaps.

I thought the story would be something like A-team *e-hem*
But The Expendables is much more interesting than that. ;)

Monday, August 16, 2010

The scums on the earth!

I've just read a news about teen couple dumping their new born baby.
This is sad! omg what the hell is going on?
If you dont want a baby then dont do it in the beginning, or play safe then!
What for carrying a big stomach for 10 months? Suffer for 10 months?
"I dont kno it was a baby inside my stomach, I thought that I'm growing fat!"
I'm just saying.. heee
Well, this dont make any sense right?
You could just abort the baby before she is formed. ( Altho I strongly disagree any of the ladies to do that )
Abortion is dangerous and this is bloody merciless. It is dreadful to the tiny little one in mother's womb who is full of expectation to be brought into the world.

What for bringing her to the world and dumped her? She grows up without knowing who the hell is her parents. This is pathetic! I would never want to kno who are they if I'm the baby!

Think and think and think before you do anything people!
This is not a game! :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A different post ;)

Hmm, suddenly feel to blog in chinese :)
This is my 1st post in chinese, *teehee*

心里突然想说,双面人很恐怖... 他们会随时在背后捅你一刀.
更可怕的是, 你不知道他在捅你... 表面上跟你很要好,可是背后却是一大堆坏话...
我所谓的双面人也是 他们在你这里听听, 再去那里打小报告!
在那里听听, 再来这里打小报告... 很衰格的咯!

事先声明, 打小报告与八卦不一样!xP
我超爱听八卦 女生都是吧... 别说女生, 男生也爱好不好

听听就好, 干嘛还去打小报告?

你有没有想过当你跟他们说这些"小报告" 时, 人家会怎么看你?
你有没有想过当你跟他们说这些"小报告" 时, 你已伤害他人?
不过某些人真的是不该被同情的啦, 因为他本身就坏处多... :)
也对, 如果不想成为大家的话题, 自己应该知道该怎么做吧...
(看情况吧,该说的就说, 不该说的就不因该说 你应该会想吧?)
你就以为人家会因为这样而跟你很要好? 你是这样保持你的友情?
如果那个人真的是因为这样而跟你很要好, 那他也只是要利用你...
利用你打听另一边的消息 干嘛把自己当坏人呢? :) 清醒吧, 别在笨下去了, 世上是有因果报应的.

当然, 最好是什么都不要说! 世界和平~

所以, 寻找一个谈心的朋友不容易~ 一个你信得过的朋友也不容易...
我遇到了, 我也会好好的珍惜她们 :)
一起38的感觉 我很喜欢 xD


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy birthday Zixuan aka Mr. meow.

It's ur big day today Mr. meow meow Zixuan. hahah
Hmm, why I addressed him as Mr. meow? Well, it's simple.
He just likes to meow here and there. You can heard it anytime. haha xP

Happy Birthday!!

Had a small celebration for him at Pizza Hut.

We purposely bought the party hat for the birthday boy!
And its a must for him to put it on! xD

Stephy laugh until so happy! haha..
Obviously, she's laughing at the party hat.

Hehehe! Tadaaaa! Mr. Chia is forced to put it on xP

Stephy, Dann, Amelie & Meini.

Meini, Joevy, Me & the birthday boy!
(He is so lucky can! ) hahah

Birthday Cake! Warmest Chocolate cake.
It tastes nice btw :)

Make a wish, make a wish! :D

"I want this, I want this!"
Everyone wants the tiny pieces of cake which are the decorations of the cake..

And, here it goes~~ Mmmmm, yummy ;D
(Of course yummy lah! We choose one ah! xP)

Group photos.

"子轩, 你很幸福咯! " xP
( your chinese name should be like this huh? if im not mistaken. heh )

Of course, took some photos before we left ;)