Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

I'm drooling after I saw the DiGi Plans! Especially the iDiGi 88 :D


It's only cost RM58 per month!! What you waiting for? (It's your birthday, so tell me what you want it too, It's my birthday, I'm really wanna get with you. get an iPhone)

You have FREE usage for ALL local networks! WOW! *drool again*
Especially the 1GB internet access! OMG, I can tweet tweet and tweet! xP
(I can tweet when I need toilet papers when there is out of toilet papers! D: So people who saw my tweet could send me some! Perhaps? haha! ) Ah, just an stupid example :P

Somemore, you dont have to pay much after the monthly FREE usage. We get the lowest rate which is really low can! 

*Drool again* no extra charge after exceeding monthly quota! "Gam houuuu?"
(OMG I drooled all the way and my table is getting wet now!)

So what for waiting?! Move your ass on and sign up for this "drooling" DiGi package! :D

Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Application for fun and games is my favorite application! :)  I used to play my friend's iPhone whenever we hanged out. I played it while we were waiting for our food to be served. 

Especially this game, "Can Shooter" . All you need to do is to make a very good timing and throw the cans into the trash box. I play hard on that game! It's fun and show that how skillful am I! & until now, it's still my name on the top placing! :P 
I'm so proud of myself! Haha! (Let me be cocky for awhile)

I like spamming games! :D spam spam spam!
They are challenging, I just can't stop to break someone's record. I'm not convinced if I could not make a new records! ;D

Well, I played this game, "iDragPaper" on my friend's iPhone again. All you have to do is clear the toilet paper roll at once in the best possible time.( I've always wanted to do this on the real toilet papers! Drag drag drag and drag until no more! This would probably feel good! xD But I'm lazy to roll them back! xP Leave it? It's too waste! )

Okay, Guess what? The best record is 00:02.14 seconds! Why I remember it so clearly? It's because it's quite impossible! I was like, how the heck he made it so fast? I had never broke that record, it's way too fast, and this is my regret can! D; To let myself feel more comfortable, I just console myself that "perhaps it's bug!" xP 

Well I played my friend's iPhone most of the time and it's not mine!
If I had an iPhone for myself I would probably make a new record! xD By the way, it's not nice always ask it from my friend. He's a nice person to lend me but it's much more better if I owned one! :D

Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

OMG DiGi is giving away an iPhone 4 to the most creative nuffnanger!
I was like, "OMG serious shit?" I've always wanted an iPhone!
Why not take this chance to win an iPhone 4?! :D

My dad and my sister is an iPhone user too! My dad bought iPhone 3G at first, but then when iPhone 3Gs was released, he bought the iPhone 3Gs and gave the iPhone 3G to my younger sister, but not me! D:
Okay, this is how. My dad don't wanna let me know about that "he's going to give his iPhone 3G to my sister" thingy. As he knows that this would make me jealous. Yes, indeed! Jealous can die! (Why her but not me? Yet I'm the one who've always wanted for soooo long! ) My mom told me all this *teehee* And then my mom said that this is because I'm leaving from them for my further studies, I wouldn't be here and would not know that my dad gave his iPhone to my sister, so I wont be jealous.  (Oh hello? I could see through her Facebook status if she updated her status " how many minutes/hours ago via Facebook for iPhone" )
Nah... using friend's iPhone? Hmm... perhaps I would believe that for a while. What if I saw that she's using iPhone when I was back? So my mom just told me those "secrets", no point to conceal it. You can not conceal a truth forever. Haha!

Thanks to my mom, my sister could use it aboveboard before I left my hometown. What to do? Yeah, I just accept the reality reluctantly :/
I waaaaaaaant an iPhone too! iPhone 4 is so cool can die! :D
So I hope this time DiGi iPhone 4 me!

Thursday, September 23, 2010



我今年的中秋节与一班中学朋友一起过 :)

月亮很圆! :D 

附近小朋友的灯笼都比你的大! xP 

准备出发! 走了Taman一圈~ 
接下来就到附近的篮球场点蜡烛! :)

"eh, 心里有裂缝 eh"  
某某人听见了很介意, 又要弄过另外一个。 哈哈! 
"你没有讲我都没有发现到! 我要弄过nuh! "

Haha! Retard! xD 

这个就是他的作品, 这次他自己弄的, 我们都懒了 :P

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Suppose to go to Tok Bali instead of PCB.
That's our 1st choice(Tok Bali). I've not yet been to Tok Bali before! Hmmph!
But then plan failed :X So change out destination to PCB :)
Whatever, still the same, both also beach!

Guess what? I ride on a horse!! Wheeeee! There were many horses, far away from us lah.
We walked towards the sea. Saw a malay guy on the horse. I kept staring at them, *teehee*
Then he asked, if us want to have a ride? Something like that.
I nodded my head :P haha!
& he asked where we came from (means that he dont think that we are kelantanese :P)
He said Kuala Lumpur, I just nodded my head again.
I get a free horse riding! YAY! ;P

Honestly, I'm afraid to ride on the horse. When he asked me to.
 I was suppose to ride on the pony, but the pony is just too stubborn, that make me even afraid to ride on it. The kid who is riding on it also cannot control it.
So the guy asked me to ride on his horse! :D

Hmmm... I'm trying my very best to get on horsie!

Taddaaa.... Mission accomplished!

Fuuuuu~ Riding horse is FUN! :D Although it scents.
It's a nice experience though. Thanks the malay guy! For the free horse ride! :D

Errr, okay I dont kno what am I doing. 

 Neng keeps on calling the crabby. She even uses a stick to kacau their hole just to see them!
But none of a crabby appear! LOL.

This photo I simply likey!
Looks so natural :) 

HAHA! Who is this?! It's belut!
Okay, he is Keepin aka belut lah! :P

 Veeeeery nice pose of taking ''what-the-hell-is-that" photo!

 Mr. SAW! I bet he would set this photo as his FB profile picture! xP

Shenyeow aka Hippo! :D
Too excited perhaps.

 Take a group photo before we left! 


 Good night! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010











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Get this article from a blogger,they are meaningful :)

New blogskin.

It has been some time I never change my blogskin.
I've been so free today and dont know what to do besides than Facebook.
Kept on refreshing the page for new updates. Boring to the max!
So I make up my mind to change my blogskin :D haha!
Seriously, I like my previous blogskin a lot :P The new one not bad too huh.
Simple makes perfect right?

So readers, do you prefer this one or the previous one? :)

The Vampire Diaries.

OMG I'm so in loved on this series!
Gorgeous's Elena, Charming's Stefan & Sexy's Damon.

I'm gonna get the books of TVD!
I cant wait for the following episodes/seasons. I'm curios what will happen next, the story is getting more and more provocative and blood-and-thunder ;D

Thanks MissJoevy for the recommendation :) haha!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm Home :)

Yeeesss! I'm Home, readerrs! xD
This feel so gooooood :))
My own bed, my table, my dogs Tiffany, Bonnie & Dexter, tv blah blah blah.

I miss the food the most.
Home cooked dishes and all those delicious Kelantan's food! :D

I'm gonna sleep like a log tonight!
Good night readers! :)