Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011 :)

Last day of 2011, anything that you haven't done in this year? Well, just do it on the next year then hahaha! So, the same thing repeated every year. Attend class, eat, sleep, shopping, holidays, eat and eat and eat. Okay I need food, food is the most important things to make me keep on moving :P No food, no energy. No energy, cannot move. Right! Haha!

So, let's see what had I done....

Louise's birthday celebration @ Fullhouse :D
Oh right, and also Dann's birthday. But too bad, never get to celebrate with her.

Chinese New Year month! Also, a very sweet month to me ;)
Happy chinese new year! Hong bao na lai! :D

Some gathering during Chinese New Year. Because thats the only day all of us could gather together! 
Awww, I cant wait for next year gathering! :D

Sister's convocation.

Thats the month we started to date :) 
♥ ♥ 

Ohh, one of my favourite month! *teehee* :D
Sweety Peakhui's birthday! How princess is she! Awww...

After a few days, my big day! MINE! Nyaahahah! XD
Happy birthday to me! :D

And a very surprise one from bf.

My turn to give him a surprise :) If u read what I blogged before, u would know what kind of surprise.
But... failed '___'
Boyf's birthday! 

♥ ♥ 

Sooooo many birthdays. Pokgai period eh....

Three "same-height" guys' birthdays. Haha! :D

Attended the orchestra concert with boyf. 

Another birthday girl on August.
Amelie's birthday! Wuuuuu...

Last August baby.
Meini's birthday! :D

A very random one. Two of us hanging out :) hehe

Bangkok trip at the end of the month! 

Slumber night with the girls! :D

Christmas month! :D

Celebrated christmas eve with homies! 
Merry Christmas everyone! 

Well, I have lots of fun in 2011! Hope the same goes to 2012 too. The end of the world eh? Don't please, 我还没有玩够! XD

Let's welcome 2012! Be nice to me please :D
Happy new year everyone ♥ ♥ 

Friday, November 18, 2011

The awesome day!

Finally we get some time to relax! (Okay lah actually we're relaxing everyday) Last week was busying for 2 tests and 1 presentation, which the drama part is phailed and very the embarrassing. Hahaha! 

So we planned to have some fun on the coming week. 
Steamboat, sleepover at friend's house, dimsum and attend class together! Suuuuuu-weeet! :D
The very first time to over-night at a friend's house in KL. I mean a real home, with their family. hehehe

Steamboat after class! :D

Some photos after the dinner! 

Ini geksai punya face! Hahaa :3

2nd station - Snowflake @Damansara.

Finish our dinner around 8 and idk why so jam. A 10 minutes route took us 1 hour to reach.
and here, we did a very crazy stuff on the way to Snowflake. It's okay, once in a lifetime, we should have tried something new and exciting. Right? Just once. Haha!

What would you do? If you dont want to jam and stuck on the road? This is what we did.
Our conversation goes like this, 
"Aiyo so jam!"
"Dann, (the friend who drives) we put double signal like very emergency like that sure people will make way for us wan lah!" (My friend is just saying)
"Yalor, once in a lifetime must do something crazy lah! haha"
"Hanoh, just go and try lah!"
"Our time very precious leh!"
(We added) 
And Amelie pressed on the emergency button and then Dann did hesitate awhile and she started to honk and honk. We were like, OMG you serious?! Hahaha. We were in between the lanes.
The cars did make way for us and we went smoothly, this really shorten our precious time to stuck in the jam. But, just once, really. 
That was indeed an exciting experience, nice try teehee.


Rainie yap u look cute in this pitcha! Only in this picture! :P Haha
(Dont let she kno I said this!)

Yuri the Sailormoon?

Ah Dann ni zomo? 

Hey sexy babeh! Hahaha!

double chins! LOL.

Dann's house!


Me likey this! So warm and cozy :3

Goodnight people! :D

Had dimsum the next morning!
Shoooot im hungry now. sibeh hungry............

Attend classes after that!
Have lots of fun with them :) The steamboat, the photo capturing, the exciting driving session, the slumber night, cards playing, hand torturing, the ghost movie and the dimsum! Awwwww!
Purrrrrrrfect! :D 

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Shooo emo :)

Oh holycrap it has been 1 month I didnt update my blog! Omg why am I so the lazy -__-

Well, you know you're not live to impress someone but for yourself. Yes that's how I live :) That's why I look so happy hahaha! No point being emo with the frowning face. Seriously, nobody likes to spend the time with you if you're the emo kind all day long or... all of the sudden. You would definitely ruining someone's day, potong stim ah! That's me, I mean I dont like to get along with the emo emo one. (Straight forward is good sometimes. Better than saying at someone's back, or even worse, twisting the truth.)

It's like, you are enjoying the day very much with the gangs, doing stupid things, laughing around, but then, there's one who always emo suddenly and we don't kno why. We were like, seriously?! Now? Again? We play glances at each other like, "what's going on what's going on" and move forward and asked the emo one, aaahhh u kno what answer u will get, "Nothing :)"
Right. Then everyone keep quiet and discussing about the emo one, or sometime we just don't bother and continue our day. This seriously ruin the day k.

I know what y'all would tell me, "Don't care lah."
Yesss, I don't care much actually, but it's really sien leh if this happen often -.-
I didn't do anything wrong and I'm not here to impress you.
I tried to know what's wrong but you don't tell and I can't do anything,
my life still go on, never stop because of you.

I sound so heartless eh? No, am not actually. I'm just not the super caring type. haha! :P

This is just a random post from my random thought.
Just to update my very dead blog teehee.
Of course I will emo sometimes too. But that's rare. Haha!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bangkok Day3 #2

Hello hello! It's a bit long for ze part2 eh? Paisei paisei *teehee*

So no more temples after that. OHYESS! (Still remember the previous post right? Temple temple temple...
Where next? Ayuthaya Floating Market :)

Okay thats it. 

Waiting to get on the boat :)

Boat selling some foods.

Simply likes the road sign *teehee*

Am starving for so long keep visiting the temples and finally we could have some foooods!

Order foods from the floating boats. 

Mmmm yummyyy... I miss this one! It's so tasty but a bit too little.

Alright done with filling up the tummy and it's time to shop! :D

Spot this!
Seriously, it's hugeeeee!

We have 9 peoples to share this enormous fishball but we can't manage to finish it! Haha!

Hunt for some other nais something :)

Another homaikot what is this shooooo cute! 
Let's have some bite :)

Apple flavour omg so nais so nais so nais! XD

Coconut ice-cream :)

and some otak-otak.

We shop for quite a long time and this is the end of the day.
Some elephant feeding and errrr... an elephant ride?
So excited so excited. The big buddy just snatch it from ur hand!

He wants more! He is trying to get himself some from the table Hahaha!

Yeeeehaaaaa! (Ooops im not riding on a horse ahhh dont care)
The skin is extremely tough. p/s the hairs on it's nose it very the disgusting eewww.. haha!
I dont kno where the hell did I get the courage to let the elephant carried me!

Tiger and me! 
"Are u a tiger or a pig? Keep on sleeping and never wake up one!"

The end of the day and here goes the night!
The night is awesome I can say! :D

Had our dinner at Tawandang Germany Brewery, the best entertainment in Thailand! ;)

It could fit thousands of people in the cavernous beer hall!
The beer is really affordable over here and so are the foods! :D

Tawandang not only served nice beers and foods, they also offers interesting shows for the guests! Hip-hop dancing, ballet, magic shows bla bla bla... Had really lots of entertainment on the night! Enjoy to the max :D
Btw, the waiters are nice and friendly too! :)

Mommy dont drink too much kay.

Mixed grilled sausage.
Damn its awesome! The best one I've had so far! True!

Deep Fried Pork Knuckle
Ohmyy this is awesome too! The favourite of the night! :D 
I wanna grab a bite right now now now! *drooling gougouli* 

Okay. & thats the end of day3! :D