Monday, February 28, 2011

Sister's Convocation

Attended my sister's Graduation Ceremony @ One World Hotel.

Photos before the ceremony starts.

Family photo :D

My sis & I.

Mommy and Daddy :)

My sis's bf and 3 sisters :)

Hmmm... Only my dad and mom allowed to go into the hall, cuhs we dont have ticket.
So while waiting for the ceremony, we walk walk around the Hotel.
and took lots of pitcha! :)


What's wrong with her -____-"

I like the atmosphere here :D 
It's really comfortable.

Real flowers k! Got smell one!

Simply like this picture captured by ME! XD

OMG this one looked just like we're on vacation~! Yea? Got itu feel mah!
and this makes me recall about my Phuket trip :D

 Had our lunch + dinner @ Italiannies. (The ceremony not yet ended)
*ehem* I would not go back there again -____-"
This is nice :D
But I will not go back there again '___'

This is nice too!
But still, I will never go back again! '____'

The price is killing me and they CANT fulled my stomach.

Yeah my face is showing "the foods are nice" expression.
The foods are nice but my heart is pain!

Sister Cindy.

The couples.
Where's mine? :P

Balloon and me :)
Me likes balloon! 

Well, perhaps this post should be "One day trip at One World Hotel".
Okay good-bye readers!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The days before Piyi left :)

Perhaps, my post title sounds weird, okay it should be the day before Piyi left KB :) Heeh~
I kno u're asking urself, "Why dont she just titled it "The day before Piyi left KB" ? Sot de."
Who's blog u're reading? Yeah it's mine so bu yao chao. 
Whatever I'm just trying to write some crap to make my post look longer wahaha! XP

Planned it the day before. 

Brunch @ Ulang Corner.
Inilah Kow-jam! :)

It's to meet up with some of my ex-classmates who were in Form6, so pick a Restaurant near to our skool.

Then, head on to Balai. YES, again.
This time with the other gang mah XD

Group photos!
Thanks to a uncle :)

Where next? Muahahaha. 
AH-HAH! Pantai Irama. 
ZOMO you shi Pantai Irama? 
Becuhs it's around there and we planned to fly kite! ;)
It's a nice place to fly kite btw.

The guys.

Sie, "Ohmygod."

Kite & Panyen. Focus on the kite tenkiu.

Fly ar fly ar!!
In chinese, fei ar fei ar~~~ -____-"
Panyen, u look like going to fly up to the sky with the kite. Hehehe.

Paparazzi. "A mysterious couple is flying a kite on the beach and the kite end up stuck on a tree!"

Group photo again! *Teehee*

Dinner time!
Had dinner at Lao Di Fang with the zombies.

Supper time!
First Station again D:
Everytime First Station sien dou bao! LOL.

Yang & Kelvin :D
Yang u look so cute in this picture eh! Haha! XD

AGAIN, group photo! LOL

I just realize that we took a LOT of group photos on that day! Haha! 
Miss u guys lots :')
Wait for the next gathering then! 

Monday, February 07, 2011

We meet again!

Yay finally four of us met again! ;D Hmm... when is the last time huh?
Well, what I kno is it has been a long time.
And I've been waited this day for so long right!

Went out the whole day with the girls.
Breakfast @ 303 then head on to Yaapin's house sit sit.

Always wanted to come back but dont kno where to go :/
Went to mall while waiting for Neng to meet up with us.

Finally came up with a decision, decided to go to 双龙庙! :D

A very nice temple :)

Wishing Tree.
Simple like this capture took by Piyi :D

Make a wish make a wish :)

3 siaopo and the tree.

Next stop, Pantai Irama :)

Errr u can see that my lips is slightly orange huh?
It's not because I put orange lipstick on okay it's the ice-cream I've just ate.

Took lots of photos and it's so us :)
More photos on my Facebook.

AHAA! Changes in 3 years XD
Ini 2008 punya!

Ini 2011 XD

Aww I miss those days so badly! 
Time fliessss :/

Gather with old classmates at night @ First Station.
Yaapin & me :)

Piyi, Neng & ME! :D 

Friends, classmates of 2008/2009 :D