Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day out with babe.

Alright, last post before I head back to KL. My new house at KL does not have Internet access yet. But soon... perhaps? I dont kno how could I survive over there without Internet 囧 Well when we first moved there, it's our exam week so we at least can study for our exam. Yesss study whole day like that. But what can I do now? New sem not yet started and nothing to study also. Ok lah I'm bullshitting, altho new sem started and have lots of homeworks/assignments I wouldnt give a damn about them too Ugh 囧

EH? Out of the topic.
Come back come back, 回来回来

So, I kno u guys were like "UGH, beach AGAIN?!"
Ya! Beach again cannot ah? I tell u, 我跟你讲, Kelantan no place to go one. 
BEACH is the only place we could have fun fun fun FUN. (FYI, its Rebecca Black's Friday which is sooooo "famous" nowadays.Everyone who hears it hates it. Haha!) No cinemas, No karaoke... sad :(
That's why I mostly go to beaches when I'm in Kelantan & that's why I get darker Ugh 囧

The weather is so hot can dai! It's reaaaaaaaal HOT! Okay I kno, 自己找来的~ 

Shadows. In case you dont kno! (you can ignore me Ugh 囧)

Tadaaaa awww so nais! 

Tadaaaa errrr okay lor. Others are nais but not the "e" HAHA :P
有心就好啦nahh ♥ 

Self-timer :)
This one too far... Not satisfied. 

Closer. Better :) 

U can see I'm sweating Ugh 

♥ ♥ ♥ 

Yang belakang tu act cute ... Haha hmm.. I'm sweating, still.

Alright, end of the post :)
No more internet access don't know until when don't know how to survive Ugh 囧囧

Thursday, April 28, 2011

KimSooHyun, 我的新欢 :)

KimSooHyun from Dream High!
Dream High is a nice drama indeed :D and watching drama is the best way to kill time.
Or else I would be rotted.
And I'm falling in love with SongSamDong (KimSooHyun) in the drama! HAHA

SEE how cute is he!

Hmmm the first look of him in the beginning.
Well he still looks cute with the curly hair k! :D

And become like this! Awww.. Cuter!

AND when he become yue lai yue famous (in the drama)//
帅Ah! 很cool 下!

And I wanna show u all this one!
From one of the Dream High's episode. When they are required to dance with the topic they've chosen. And the coach asked them to imagine.
The bird part make me LOL max. Especially SongSamDong's imitation of bird. HAHAHA!
Enjoy :D

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tok Bali, Villa Daniella.

Tok Bali here we come! :D
I've always wanted to go to Tok Bali and yes finally! I'm there ;)
I've seen many people went there and took many nice photos. Hmmm we took photos too but not really nice k. Bu yao jin... I've been there, thats enough :)

The guys :)

Ohhh Yeaaaah~

Jeon likes this pose hmm...

kan somo? 

Jump jump jump! :D

♥ ♥ 

Wahh hen cute lahhhh...

His sand art. ERRR speechless .__.

So much better than his k XD

Crabby! The sand balls are so cute! 
(actually got a bit look like shit la okay)

Crabby also will paisei one okeh!

I run I run I run run run....

We were too bored and got nothing else better to do.
The guys caught more crabby and build up an arena for them aka Crab's Arena. Haha!

It looks like this at first.

 and then

Perhaps they like it! Hmmm... :)


Okay another one.
♥ ♥ 

Still going on with those crabbies.

Coconut Football Team! 
Oh yeah~ Haha!

Errr... kungfu session.

The Wind vs the Fire! D:
So who will win u decide. Haha...

thats all tata! ♥ xoxo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Melacca Day 2 & 3 :)

I'll make this 2 days post in one. 
Make it short alright.

What to do in Melacca? Of course we have to eat the
Melacca's 鸡饭粒 ! :D
Altho I not really like the rice balls. I prefer normal rice. It would be nicer perhaps XD

The Dann is hungry oledi while others are still taking photo.

Got melacca feel mah? Haha

She looks great with the pink bag huh?
So suit her yeay? XD HAHA

Durian cendol mwaahaha!
I likey! :D

Okay she likes to take weird photos.
The photo of eyes, mouths, legs etc etc.

Guys from dem4 and dem5 girls :B

Wuaaahh so cool can dai! *slaps*
Yeay, "Wahh nice lehhhh... without showing ur face!"
this is what they would say or said.

Group photos yay! ;)

And this is one of the things I wanted to eat the most in Melacca! XD
Japanese Layer Cake! 

I prefer Original one :D 
Taste so nais can dai! *eats* then *die*
Okay im talking crap u can ignore me.

The 3rd day, we're heading back to KL
But before that, went to HongWu to take pictures sinnnnn~

Load everything into car car first andddd take photos at the same time :)


I told u she is weird. 
Dustbin & the weirdo :P

"Goodbye, have a safe journey back to KL"

Well, the trip is still ok.
I would like to go there sometime with different people :)
okeh end of Melacca post.