Friday, June 17, 2011

The very surprise 19th! ♥

♥ The second one from boyf. 

The very surprise one from my boyf after the celebration. Ice-cream cake from Haagen-Dazs! ♥   :D 
Ice-cream oh yay! I've wanted to eat Haagen-Dasz's ice-cream so much when outing with my boyf last few weeks. But dont kno why never ate it at the end. He did replaced it with NewZealand ice-cream last two weeks and I'm ♥ :)

 I've never expect him to be here, appear in front of me and celebrate with me!  (cuhs he is studying for the exam

My babes are good actress I can say. *claps claps* 
They followed me home, they claimed that they want to transfer the pictures from my camera (as usual...) So I did not suspect anything. Transfer the picture into my laptop and send to their pendrives. 
Of course, view all the 300+ photos we've taken and non-stop commenting on certain photo. And everyone keep praising themselves how nice they looked in the photo! This is sooo them. Hahaha.

Okay. So, while we are still viewing the photos, Meini received a phone call that I tot is someone *ehem ehem* So I dont bother much :) (She looked nervous when she received that call btw)
Everything goes normal.

I went to toilet for my business and she thought I was going to change. To stop me,
"不要换衣先, Ah Dann要跟你拍照!"
I was like, "zomo 这个ah Dann 会突然间要跟我拍照?" (¬_¬)
Very lame excuse la actually HAHA! XP 
Then I asked Dann, "zomo 要跟我拍照? 来来来" Very excited like that some more...

After a while, Meini get the keys and open the door and then closed it. But still, I never suspect anything.
Then I saw shadow from the crack of the door and asked, 
"哪里有人回来? 没有啊"
"zomo 有影子的? " 
"有人回来咩? 不知道哦...."
"Then 你开门做么?"

 and then the door open and I saw him and I stunned (¬_¬)
Yesss stunned for few seconds. Hahaha
A very great surprise from him! Awww... 

You can see HOW happy am I! haha XD
Errr ignore the two candles. Just to let me blow some candles instead of nothing. hahaha
It's hard to make a candle stand moreover on an ice-cream cake.

Thanks for everything baby! I  u 
I must admit that I smiled like a nerd the whole day! LOL

The 3rd cake from the housemates! ♥ 
I'm bloated with cakes that day... I feel loved! 

I'm 19th! :D

Happy 19th Birthday to me! :D

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me
happy birthday to zhiyee, happy happy happy! :D hahaha
Well, today is the happiest day so far, indeed.
Let's see how I had spent my big day yay! :)

Decided to have my 19th celebration @Poco which is a very home-feel cafe :)
Yupp, I chose the place myself.
Outfit of the day.

The interior. It looks comfortable and it feels comfortable :)
The place is quite small but it's harmony. Like u were at your own place, because I feel like this! hahaha.

They selling some accessories too.

Poco Choco.  

The gang. I love them! :D

And of course! GROUP PHOTO!
Hello pretties and handsome! ;D

Okay, so this is the first birthday cake from my beloved classmates! :)
Also, I picked it myself, a Marble Cheesecake birthday cake! Mmmm hmmm yum yumm.

My initial-Y.

awwww... so sweet huh. hahaha
Someone looks kinda jealous over there! XP

The boys of the day! HAHA! :P

Another group photo! Me likey this one A LOT!
Got the feel ah! ;) Thanks to the photographer. (If u read this (¬_¬) I dont even know who is she.)

" What do you want? "
Hmm, dont get fooled by our face expression kay. We're still sooooo friendly :D

Seeee, we're different we're sweet we're cute! HAHA!

Awwww kisses from my babes 

I feel like I'm an angel already. 我看见了一道光~~ 
(sounds like.... choi choi)

Cake feeding time! haha.. Stephy is torturing me!
We have to do this when we cant finish the cake. Semua feed it to me. Of course not I finish it alone kay. After feeding the birthday one then we shared to finish it.

Attendance of the day. 
I love you all! 
Thanks for attending, Thanks for everything guys! :) 
We dont know the route to Poco where I've wanted to celebrate my 19th. But too sweet of my friend, they try the best to get the map and we did arrived there without getting lost. Thanks to Stephy, she purposely asked her dad the route and her dad draw us the map! Hehe! 

By the way, we're having exam  the next day but still they are there celebrating with me!   
So touch alright! :') hahaha!
(As if we will study very very hard the day before (¬_¬) )

My babes ♥ ♥ 
Thanks for the very good acting skills. Hahaa. (Will write about this on the next post :))

Work hard for everything in this year! OH YEAH! XD
Night peoples! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

我 病 了

(¬_¬) 就是这个脸. 

伤风感冒 喉咙痛 头也痛 腰酸背痛 整个老人酱~~
生病了 什么都不能吃 不过我还是照吃啦 (¬_¬) 
生病了 什么都不能做 比如?
不能去看戏 (没mood看啊)
不能去逛街 (没力走街啊)

你看 你看 什么都不能做
好啦 死不了 去不了戏院 还可以上网 看戏啦... (¬_¬) 
我多想只躺在床上 不用去上课
平时是不会去上8点早上的lecture的 可是我是个乖小孩 (说实话 不知道是发了什么神经) (¬_¬)
生病了竟然会去 :O 乖到... 吓到...

人家难得去上lecture, 那个hall还要跟我没有aircond!
还好我生病 怕冷 冷气坏了 刚刚好 :)
可是 我还是讨厌生病 (废话! 谁喜欢了?) (¬_¬) 

祝我 早日康复! 酱才有energy读书...
(虽然我正在康复中... Recovering就是还不是完全的康复 所以还不够energy 要多多休息)
休息 是为了走更长远的路. (关系咩?) (¬_¬) 

关系咯... 不休息 病就不会好 病好不起来 就不能读书了咯
可以读书了 才有energy走更长远的路 (哇! 好厉害!) *鼓掌鼓掌*

我看 我还是去休息了 晚安...

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Happy birthday babyHui ! :D

The birthday girl Peakhui :D 
Happy 19th birthday!

Had a small celebration with the gang @Delicious. Venue decided by the birthday girl :)

Me likes this photo! :D 

Me & the pretty birthday princess :D

Okay solo picture of course! *teehee*

*I wish zhiyee become prettier and prettier....*
Awwww thanks! :D HAHAHA!

It's hard to ask her to bite the candle. (¬_¬) 
But she MUST, as we insisted. Haha!

Family photo! Happy family XD

The only guy.

Had a great celebration with the gang, small and simple but had lots of fun! :)

*ehem ehem* My day is near! :D