Sunday, August 21, 2011

Surprise!! :D

Update first before head to my lovely bed, it's always so tempting :P

So... it's a lil surprise for our friend aka lil nana.
Okay, why we addressed her as nana? It's easy, she's banana ( you kno what it means. Oklah it's a chinese who dont kno chinese in case some of you dont kno .__. )  Well, it's not nice to call someone as banana, banana... so we just addressed her as Nana, nana... (Not the KimNaNa from CityHunter. "Ni jiu xiang..." )

Back to the topic. We planned this the day before her birthday (When we were reading like crazy then suddenly came out with this heart-warming idea :O ) 
Eh u kno, two pretty girls walk to her house in the midnight very dangerous one okay :P HAHA! (Oh ya, she stays near our place. Sama sama condo saja)

From my previous update, we've had already celebrate for her. So she wouldnt expect us to celebrate for her the 2nd time. 
But we are just toooooooo nice! ( Love us more please Amelie ) 12am sharp, reached her place and when she opened the door, there goes the birthday song! :D

Setting up the candle lights. Damn ganjeong one that time! HAHA

Surpriseeeee! :D

Okaayy, two surprises at once! Naiiiis!

Amelie likes cake! There you go, two cakes to you! :P

Very nice pose Amelie :) Hahaa!

Mmmmm~ Just looking at it mood also become good! HAHA!

Actually she knew all this earlier when I text her and asked her where she was and I wanted to get the complete answers for some exercises from her. (To make sure she is home mah) Because it is rare that I would ask her where is she and moreover get the answers from her :P 
Whatever, as long as she is happy right? XD hehe
Stayed up until 2 something at her place despite that we are having exam on the following days. 

Alright, time to sleep. Gonna get up earlier for revisions tmr! 
Last but not least, Happy 19th Birthday (ohhh consider it's 17th Aug on this post) and all the best for your exam! :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Earlier celebration for Amelie :D

Another August baby and I'm soooo gonna pokgai this month!
Earlier celebration for Amelie as her real one is on 17th August and we're having final on 18th.
You know, we last minute gang must study the day before exam. It's a MUST! 
Why ah? Why this bad habit never change? Why why whyyyy?

So she decided to have her little celebration @ Pavilion, Ben's.
But then, the environment of Ben's is like too quiet like not suitable for us -.- So walk walk walk to seek for another restaurant. And we walked to Tokyo Street.
And somehow a cafe caught our attention and that's her choice, cafe Takahashi.

camwhore is a must :P

Well the dishes are mediocre and a bit pricey (for me lah) 
If u're okay with a plate of Chicken Teriyaki Spaghetti with RM20++ :)





see her expression like *eeeeee-yaaahhh* ahhh i dont kno.

Me and the birthday one :)

The only group photo. 
AHHH 我的脸很圆我的脸很圆.....
I dont want to upload this one but it's the only group photo so yeah (.__.)

walked to Uniqlo after that cuhs a friend wanted to buy some top and while waiting we camwhore again :D

We very hiao lo got lrt dont want take, take bus go and back.
But in fact it's really cheap lah haha! See if u are willing to pay a bit expensive fare and reached home earlier or pay less and stuck in the jam like for hours. -.- Okay lah time problem lah. 
We back at around 4 and reached home at almost 7. I plan to take my nap earlier but then screwed up.
Dinner then back home. Didnt manage to take my nap so my brain cannot function properly and thats why I cant do my revision XP

Okay thats all.

Me have to study right now baiiiiii :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

That night.

I've always wanted to go to an orchestra concert. The last time I went is with my mom, and that was few years ago I guess. 
And jengjengggg here we go again. Like finally :D

Asian Youth Orchestra concert @ Dewan Filharmonik Petronas KLCC
Went there with bf, my sis and Edmund (Sis's friend).

Bf and me :) He keeps complaining why must wear formal bla bla bla :P
and he said that I'm not formal enough. and he wants to be a girl. HAHA!
No choice, the ticket claimed that they have very strict dress code. See so lengzai mah wear smart casual! Awwwww.... 

Wowwww bf says the design looks like Avatar's face. Lololol

There are 100 of them, chosen by audition from among the best music students.
They are all from different countries included Malaysia ;) 
Awww they played very soft and nice music. Okay lah I admit that I can fall asleep at the back of the performance cuhs the song is really long and I was like, wow they are so geng can play sooooooo the long.
And bf said, "They practice more than you sleep" (他们练习多过你睡觉) .___.
okay I know.

My sis ;)

And thanks for the ride Edmund :)
Alright, that's all peeps. Stay tune for the next update!
(Yeah exam on Thursday and I still dont have the urge to study T___T)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy birthday KZW :D

A triple birthday celebration!
Happy birthday to Ken, Zixuan and Wesley (KZW) yoooo! ;D
Had a small celebration with classmates @Fullhouse :)

So they are the August boys ;)
Kent, Wesley & Zixuan ;)

Classrep and the girls.

Hello I am me! 
DO I LOOK LIKE A WORM?! They say I look like a worm with this spec on! 

worm worm worm wormmmm?

Zixuan, errr and a menu.

Both of them are born in the same day! Happy birthday! :D

Kentvy and Wesley. (The new guys in our group) :D

Wish wish wish wishes wish wish wish wishessss....

Group photo!

The lucky birthday boy with 3 lengmois XD

Owh I mau this pinky car! Sooooo cute!
It should have a driver and that should be me *ehem*
Of course yang boleh gerak one lah XD haha!

Aite readers, it's late and im gonna hit the bed. Adios! 

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sweet sweet moment ah! :3

I love to be home! :)
wokay this is also another late post teehee.

 Had breakfast with my family and bf. My sis's bf treats! Aha :D

Mmmm... DimSum @ Renaissance Hotel.

dengdeng... :3

What so funny? Forgotten what were we talking about. hehe

Happy family! :D

My sis & I ;)

Awww simply like this photo. Got feel right! Hahaa xD

Plan to go to 双龙庙 and Pantai Irama in the evening with the sisters. But then there are hell many people at Pantai Irama and the reason idk why. So, plan canceled and went home.

Balloons and us. Sister requested us to buy the heart shaped balloon and some bubbles. Blow some balloons in the car and some of the 3 burst! and idk why too. 

We thought we could take nice photos with the balloon and the bubbles at Pantai Irama but end up... yeah...
Plan screwed up. 

The sisters.

Okaayy she just like to appear in our photo. SEE! 
There're more actually.... haha

And so, balik rumah blow bubbles loh! 

WOW! Nicey me likey! :D

 Ooops! There's A BUBBLE, at least? haha

It's looks like snowing aye? haha
Okay lah obviously they are bubbles. 

Before dinner, some photos of 3couples :D A decent one! 

Say Cheeeeeese! :D

Actually we snapped quite a lot until this perfect one.
My sis sets her camera to 10seconds and she mentioned, dont move for 2seconds after we heard a "click" sound.
The failed one is because he or she move and he or she is blurred. So, it's not easy aye. Haha

Had a very very nice day, and yeah, sweet sweet moment yo aha! XD

It's late now and I better go to bed NOW!
Night :)