Friday, September 23, 2011

Bangkok Day3 #2

Hello hello! It's a bit long for ze part2 eh? Paisei paisei *teehee*

So no more temples after that. OHYESS! (Still remember the previous post right? Temple temple temple...
Where next? Ayuthaya Floating Market :)

Okay thats it. 

Waiting to get on the boat :)

Boat selling some foods.

Simply likes the road sign *teehee*

Am starving for so long keep visiting the temples and finally we could have some foooods!

Order foods from the floating boats. 

Mmmm yummyyy... I miss this one! It's so tasty but a bit too little.

Alright done with filling up the tummy and it's time to shop! :D

Spot this!
Seriously, it's hugeeeee!

We have 9 peoples to share this enormous fishball but we can't manage to finish it! Haha!

Hunt for some other nais something :)

Another homaikot what is this shooooo cute! 
Let's have some bite :)

Apple flavour omg so nais so nais so nais! XD

Coconut ice-cream :)

and some otak-otak.

We shop for quite a long time and this is the end of the day.
Some elephant feeding and errrr... an elephant ride?
So excited so excited. The big buddy just snatch it from ur hand!

He wants more! He is trying to get himself some from the table Hahaha!

Yeeeehaaaaa! (Ooops im not riding on a horse ahhh dont care)
The skin is extremely tough. p/s the hairs on it's nose it very the disgusting eewww.. haha!
I dont kno where the hell did I get the courage to let the elephant carried me!

Tiger and me! 
"Are u a tiger or a pig? Keep on sleeping and never wake up one!"

The end of the day and here goes the night!
The night is awesome I can say! :D

Had our dinner at Tawandang Germany Brewery, the best entertainment in Thailand! ;)

It could fit thousands of people in the cavernous beer hall!
The beer is really affordable over here and so are the foods! :D

Tawandang not only served nice beers and foods, they also offers interesting shows for the guests! Hip-hop dancing, ballet, magic shows bla bla bla... Had really lots of entertainment on the night! Enjoy to the max :D
Btw, the waiters are nice and friendly too! :)

Mommy dont drink too much kay.

Mixed grilled sausage.
Damn its awesome! The best one I've had so far! True!

Deep Fried Pork Knuckle
Ohmyy this is awesome too! The favourite of the night! :D 
I wanna grab a bite right now now now! *drooling gougouli* 

Okay. & thats the end of day3! :D

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bangkok Day3 #1

Heh, gonna split my day3 post into two updates okay. Am so lazy (.__.)

Another palace.
As you can see~ Bang Pa In Palace. Oh right, very strict dress code also. But we never knew about it earlier and we're in shorts. 

Outfit of the day wahahaha!
Imagine I'm wearing like this and walk around in Bangkok. As I mentioned, we're in shorts and that's why I look like this. They provide us(who wear shorts/ sleeveless shirts) this very fashion Thailand long skirt to cover the legs as a respect.

gilo elmo.

Very nice pose kan? Spot the aunties beside? Thats their rented gold cart and we still dont kno until we get down from the cart. hahaha sorry aunties~ 

Hello little one~ say cheeeeeeese! :D
(Oh if it said I would run for my life)

 Hello! CHEESE! :D

My mom took this photo. SPOT US?! HELLO??!

Okay lah closer bit. Pheww....

The palace is really big indeed. We did not manage to visit the whole palace cause we're visiting the next station soon. 

Okay day 3 is boring it's all about temple temple (.__.) 
If you're a history freak then probably u would like to travel around all the temples in Bangkok, just temples in a day. (But for sure you will not finish visit all the temples in a day or two. There are too many temples in Bangkok.

I LOL every time when I look at this photo! HAHAHA!

Very cute girl feeding the fishes.
OMG she is so close with the fishy... Can see that they were there often to feed the fishes. Very enjoying some more...

Hahaha! Look at the dog's eyebrows! LMAO.

After visiting 3 temples, if I'm not mistaken. OHMY it's really so hot can die, chao da directly. You can feel the heat like burning ur skin and sweating non-stop. and when we reached the 4th station, semua cannot tahan and bought ourselves an ice-cream. Btw, this is the local famous ice-cream :) Quite nice de :)


Wat Mahathat 
Spot the Buddha face on the tree?
It's non-artificial! Awesome... cooooool~ 

No head, no arm. Where's the heads and arms?
My uncle told me that the people stole it and sold it as antique. Very precious antique.
Bad guys humph!

See! I eyes could barely open! The sun is so bright and strong! (AHHH I wanna go back into the van! I need wind! WIND!) 
Okay lah I'm the not point, my background is nice right! :D

Okay, it's only some part of day3. Stay tune for the next update! Will update until my lappy is back! :)