Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011 :)

Last day of 2011, anything that you haven't done in this year? Well, just do it on the next year then hahaha! So, the same thing repeated every year. Attend class, eat, sleep, shopping, holidays, eat and eat and eat. Okay I need food, food is the most important things to make me keep on moving :P No food, no energy. No energy, cannot move. Right! Haha!

So, let's see what had I done....

Louise's birthday celebration @ Fullhouse :D
Oh right, and also Dann's birthday. But too bad, never get to celebrate with her.

Chinese New Year month! Also, a very sweet month to me ;)
Happy chinese new year! Hong bao na lai! :D

Some gathering during Chinese New Year. Because thats the only day all of us could gather together! 
Awww, I cant wait for next year gathering! :D

Sister's convocation.

Thats the month we started to date :) 
♥ ♥ 

Ohh, one of my favourite month! *teehee* :D
Sweety Peakhui's birthday! How princess is she! Awww...

After a few days, my big day! MINE! Nyaahahah! XD
Happy birthday to me! :D

And a very surprise one from bf.

My turn to give him a surprise :) If u read what I blogged before, u would know what kind of surprise.
But... failed '___'
Boyf's birthday! 

♥ ♥ 

Sooooo many birthdays. Pokgai period eh....

Three "same-height" guys' birthdays. Haha! :D

Attended the orchestra concert with boyf. 

Another birthday girl on August.
Amelie's birthday! Wuuuuu...

Last August baby.
Meini's birthday! :D

A very random one. Two of us hanging out :) hehe

Bangkok trip at the end of the month! 

Slumber night with the girls! :D

Christmas month! :D

Celebrated christmas eve with homies! 
Merry Christmas everyone! 

Well, I have lots of fun in 2011! Hope the same goes to 2012 too. The end of the world eh? Don't please, 我还没有玩够! XD

Let's welcome 2012! Be nice to me please :D
Happy new year everyone ♥ ♥