Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thats what we do.

So, the first presentation is over and two more to go. This sem is short semester with only 7 weeks, so it's quite pack and hectic. Two more presentations to go next week! Wish us luck ;) (Both report also not yet done teehee

We are the first group to present. Well, when I knew that we were the first group to present, I'm quite worried and was like, "Why la we are the first group?" (Cuhs we never are the 1st to present haha!) 2nd would be better cuhs we could see some demonstration first then just present. Hehehe. But then, after we see all the presentation of 5 groups, hmmm I've changed my perception. HAHA!

The lovely group members :)

Guess what? As I mentioned, we are the first group to present right. What we did after we present? Listen to other presenters? Hmmm we did listen to the next group of ours, but then.....
camwhore with the girls behind the teacher like nobody's business #likeaboss. hehehe :D

I heart'em! ♥ 

The group members again :)

We took photos around 2 hours in the lecture hall. Yes, until all the presentations ended. Haha...
So sorry for not listening to your guys presentation okay. We just want to find something interesting to do rather than sitting there for 2 hours doing nothing. (Yes I wont listen too if I were just sitting over there)

Errr, I said I've changed my perception of being the first group doesnt mean that I got plenty of time to take photos, but, there wont be contrast effect if you're the first group to present. hahaha! xP 

Alright, I promise I will update often k! :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The day is loved! ♥

Okay... I think I should start updating my blog often. How could I've become so lazy! *Slap myself*
The first post of 2012! Yay!  Right,  first post of 2012 in March! teehee

So what's up? I've had lovely weekend with the love one :)

Walk walk at Pavilion and wanted to watch some movie but I don't find any interesting movie to watch and for those which we wanted to watch is only available at late night. So, byebye movie.

Took some photos while waiting for the time to grab our dinner :) 
He promised me to bring me to The Ship which I'm craving for so long! hehehe ♥


Before that, he brought me to buy my present :)
Exited excited excited!

So... 锵锵~ ♥ ♥

Thanks baby! ♥ ♥ ♥
Nice right?!! YES IT IS SO NICE! Hehe :)
 So happy so happy! I finally get a watch, like I've told my friends I wanted to buy one since 2331476months ago :P
♥ Thanks baby I really like the watch! ♥ 

Time for dinner! 
It has been 1 year I never stepped into The Ship restaurant. Last time I went was the first time and also the last time until today :) That day was to celebrate our 1month-sary and now it's 1 year anniversary! :D
Happy 1year anniversary baby! 

Had a really satisfied dinner. The Ship's delicacies never disappoint me, nom nom nom :)


♥ The day is awesome and it's just perfect with him, every moment we spend together.
I just like to spend my time with him, simple like that. You know :)
I miss you xoxo ♥ 

♥ 3.3.2012 ♥