Saturday, April 20, 2013

Self-made dog treat!

So my holidays start officially! Like finally! 
Well, I'm too free while waiting for the course to start after my finals, and I did this, self-made dog treat for Chanel! Awww how blissful are you, Chanel! 

Get the recipe from a friend and shopped for the ingredients! I actually quite like to shop for groceries with friends. That's a different feeling aha! 

So to make the dog treat you'll just need:
2 cups of flour, 
1 cup oats, 
1/3 cups peanut butter. (I just feel that it's enough)
1/2 cup of water.
That's all. Ah.. of course and some loves! 

And start!
Whisk the flour, oats and peanut butter together. 
Preheat the oven to 325° F!

Create an indentation and flatten it. Whats next? Choose ur favorite cookie shape! 

tadaaa.. peanuts and pears? 

After that send them into the oven!
Bake for 30 minutes depends on the thickness, if they're thin decrease the time.
Leave the peanut butter dog treats in the oven, once it's turned off, to cool.

Tadaaaa my self-made dog treats with loves! 
Yeah you can see that there are some looked dark because they are too thin and over baked.  
Lastly, placed them into a container when they're completely cooled! 

Easy right?!
I've tasted it and it's just smell nice and tasteless. HAHA! Well, as long as Chanel loves it!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Chanel got her new hairstyle! :)

Aite, so whats the post about? It's time to groom, Chanel!  
"Hayro everypawdy~ know who am I? I'm the most pretty miniature schnauzer and my name is Chanel!"
This is how she looks before grooming! Messy hair, eyes gone, long nails bla bla bla... Shaggy Chanel.. But she is still super cute to me awwww   

So I followed my friend home as we had made appointment for dog's home to home grooming! Yeah no more sending them to pets saloon for all these stuff as they might get ticks from the other dogs. It happened. Besides, we could stick with our pets, 永不分离~  and also see how they do all the grooming stuffs! More or less could get some knowledge about grooming ~ teehee! How nice is that right?! 

Oh right, I've sent Chanel to one grooming center which they actually cut one of her ear , the edge of her ear. (accidentally?)   Then, they told me it's because Chanel is overactive and hardly stay still so...... 
Well, I told Suphie, the home2home grooming service pretty lady, Chanel is hard to control, just to let she know that Chanel is not easy to control....   err ok. 

So whats good about home2home is I could stand there and observe. 
and all I see is, Chanel stay very the still. The pretty groomer could control her quite well. Gah... SO? Means Chanel had became a scapegoat.  

Random photos when grooming : 
Shave shave shave~ 
Chanel you look fat!

Chanel is having her "manicure" like a boss! 

After shower! 

"Manicure" again just to make sure it's purrrrfect! 
Chanel 很享受~~ 

Woof woof! Just imagine when she woof woof then the fur around her face flutter  
So cute! Ikr!


Awwwww who is this?!  
Hao piao liang aahhhhh you become thin liaw! Hehehe! She is now much more girly than before! So cute can dai! Beh tahan ~ Dogs always know how to make innocent face! 

I'm very happy and satisfied with the service and it only cost 80bucks (full grooming) included petrol for the service. Worth right?! Thanks Suphie! 

You can contact her if you are interested! 
(But only available in Klang Valley area at the moment)

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Just another day.

It has been a longgggg time I didnt update about my outings! Since.... errr It's Instagram fault. bleh... HAHA! 
As you know, a picture speaks a thousand words. So, upload this upload that on Instagram and tell it all... 

Got nothing to do after the sem break, cannot back hometown and I just want to rot in the house being a "otaku" aka 宅女! Only 2 days and aku sudah tak boleh tahan! Asked my sis out to sing K, yeah only both of us. Good wad, sing all you can all you like cause there is no one else to snatch the mic from you HEHE! :P More people more fun indeed, but sometime you just want... not really fun. But its fun too. Erk...
Well, we sang for 5 hours non-stop as my sis dated her friends to join for dinner after that or else we will make it 6 hours! 

Outfit of the day! Simply love the dress which I bought online! 
Gonna dye my hair soon!! Hate the black roots ugh! 

So went to met my sis's friends after singing session.
We are going to have our dinner at Sri Petaling as my sis told me that there's a really really really nice Korean Cuisine. Alright, I would go that far (From Pavilion to Sri Petaling by lrt) for food despite I'm getting rounder and rounder!   美食是天堂啊!

When I'm around that area, I just realized that I've tried this Korean Cuisine, Mi Na Rae, before with my friends. LOL!
Well alright, it's nice indeed because I like it since my first try with my friends.

My sis and her friends and me! Ohhhh and the mouth watering korean foooooood! Nom nom nom....

Say Cheeeeeeeese! Ooops I guess only I did that. 

Last, selca photo!