Sunday, August 04, 2013

Lovely July ♥ Makan makan!

My friend Hengyong introduced us this street food behind time-square which I've wanted to try so much when he told us about it and finally we're here!

强记补品, Keong Kee Herbal Soup.
Which there actually selling more exotic dishes like flying squirrel, white pigeon, bull penis, white pigeon and etc. Well, these are not my cup of tea. So what we ordered are, Curry Chicken (favourite), Mui Choy Kao Yuk (favourite), Squirrel soup (for my friends as boyfie and me dont makan. I tasted and the squirrel  just like you're eating chicken with more bones) and Herbal Chicken Soup.

Their signature dish actually is the Wild Boar Curry which already sold out when we were there. Will go earlier the next time to try it! They are all very delicious you must try it out yourself as word could not describe the awesomeness! Omg damn Im hungry

强记补品 (Opposite Shaw Parade)
Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah,
Off Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Business Hours: 4pm onwards.

The next day. 

Hengyong again introduced us which he proclaimed the best korean cuisine, Seoul Korea Restaurant

Yeah I must admit that this is the best korean cuisine I've tried out so far! 
We were there at 3pm suppose to go for our lunch but they are closed!  Should've check their business hours first. So we had our lunch at Hailam Kopitiam nearby and waited for the restaurant to open again for our dinner.

We still have plenty of time after our lunch as they start to operate again at 5.30pm. So we went for foot massage nearby for an hour, which just enough for us. It's 5.30++ after our massage session and we were still considering to have our dinner now or not as we were still not-that-hungry yet. Luckily! Phew... Luckily we decided to enter the restaurant as the customers who are just a step behind us started to queue to wait as the restaurant are already fulled! HOW FAST RIGHT?!

I never thought that it will be that full! At this time?! Just a few minutes?! Seriously?! LOL yeah. It makes me even more excited to try their dishes! Yum yum!

Their side dishes are the best among most of the korean cusine! Of course their main dishes are yummy as well! They provide unlimited refill before your main dishes are cleared. (So don't finish ur main dish too fast! ) Also, you are required to make at least 3 orders or else there are only 2 refills.

Hengyong, he's really good at makan, always bring us to the ho chiak ho chiak's restaurant and never disappointed us wan
AND chick small aka 鸡小(NOT ME!  )  How he gets this nickname? It's because he looks like chicken little when he just wake up!
Yeah I made them to look like that in the photo  (actually I asked them not to smile but hengyong likes to show his cute cute dimple so orite~)

Boyfie and me.
I loveeeeeee korean cuisine! Ok la I love every cuisine as long as they are deeee-li-cious! 

Restaurant Seoul Korea @ Taman Desa
Address :
 No 1-1 (1st), Plaza Danau 2, Jalan 4/109F,
Taman Danau Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 7982 4607, 017 6881491
Business hours: 11am - 3pm; 5.30pm-10.30pm (daily)

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Lovely July ♥ Boyfie's birthday ♥

A very well-spent month I guess! 
 Boyfie came back from Aus and it's his birthday month and also assignments period. Suppose to be very busy but luckily I have awesome groupmates make everything went smooth. Hahah! 
Prepare for boyfie bday celebration a week earlier as there were assignments to be settled, gah. Make reservation at The Hills (which I actually seek for friend's suggestion where is the best place to celebrate) and ordered customized cake! 

So here we are, The Hills! I've heard someone told me that the foods there are not that yummy, can't recall who said that hmmm... Oh well, I've tried and they're just nice! Yummy yum!  

The Green Monster RM28 (Lamb patty) 
Boyf actually dont consume mutton but he actually likes this! 

Nanchos RM25. 
A very palatable snacks comes with chili con carne. 

Their signature drink, Watermelon Slush RM40.
I took a sip and hmm... watermelon slush taste like this... LOL
It tastes better at the end 

There were a lot more dishes which I didn't took all of them as we were too busy eating our own dishes and when the food served the others started to eat and the food "spoil" and so I didnt capture it. LOL
Well the food rating there I'll give a 10/10!

21/7, 12am sharp and here comes the birthday song from the staffs. Boyfie's abit drunk drunk liao at that moment. HAHA!

Very traditionally blow the candle after the song!

SEE! Face red red ady! 

Of course a photo of me and him 


Here's the photo of the customized cake from Cakesmaniac.
It tastes very nice too! Personally does not like the fondant but the others like it and they finished'em all.

You can contact her fb here : Cakesmaniac 
Oh ya, she does not provide delivery which you need to collect yourself at her house at Mont Kiara. Thanks Sara for helping me to collect the cake! Appreciate it a lot! 

The next day, another little celebration at Thirty8 Restaurant and Lounge
Love the atmosphere there, a very good place for high-tea. Imma date my girls here one day! 


Aren't we cute? Awww... Hahaha!

Mad love the view from the restaurant. It would be even nice at night right! 

Selcas at one of a friend's house and chilling with little bit of wine. 
I've forgotten where we went before this... I-darts? Cause we went almost every night and now I'm confused. LOL. 
Boyfie's bday come to an end! I hope you enjoyed your big day b!