Sunday, September 29, 2013


Hola! I'm back from my trip and here's the update that I supposed to post before the trip hehehe! 

Dinner with mom and sis @Pizzeria before the day we went back to KL. This is the only Italian restaurant at my hometown which I'm quite fond of it especially their pizza! Yumyum!

Me like the handwriting menu! ;)

Chicken Salad. Salad lovers would love this! I'm not one but I think it's nice!
This is very big portion, just enough for 3 of us. 

Aglio Olio Spaghetti. Not really like it cause it's tasteless. Personally still preferred spaghetti from LeVain.

My fav. Pizza! It's very big portion too. It served with mangoes, pineapples, chickens. It's crust like the NewYork Crust from Domino's which is very thin and me like it! :)

Here a closer look! Drooling arent you? :P 
Well, I AM! 

Gonna update about my Sydney trip soon! Stay tuned! :D

Monday, September 16, 2013

Home :)

Awww I'm blessed! You're hungry too aren't you? 

This is one of the major reason I love to be home! 
My mom's Ah Chua Nasi Lemak! LOL! Yumyum! Whenever I'm back she would definitely cook this for me! She's lazy sometime but I dont care I wan to makan then she will cook it. HAHA! 

 My mom made the sambal herself which just perfect for me cause too spicy tak boleh and no spicy also tak boleh. Hehehe.. This is just purrrfect! Oh ya and there's extra dish for today, otak which we bought from Muar. Muar's otak the best! 

I love my mom home cooked dishes the best,  everyone does I guess? In spite of the fact that they are just some simple dishes, you can't find it outside :) 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Macau ♥ Day2!

How's your day people? :)
Here's the Day2 post, as I promised, very soon update hehe! 

Woke up at 8 something and moved out at 10. So where are we going? 
For this whole day I'm just looking forward to the "Dancing Water" @City Of Dreams. XD

Our hotel provide Free Shuttle Bus to Macau Ferry Terminal to take other free shuttle buses to most of the places of attraction. We took the bus to Sands, 金沙 as we're going to 渔人码头 which is just opposite the Sands. 

We're searching for fooooood as we havent had our breakfast at our hotel earlier hehehe. 

KFC as our breakfast! :)
Oh damn kfc over there are much more better than the menu in Malaysia.

I'm mad love this chicken! So delicious nom nom nom
Why we dont have this in Malaysiaaaaa?! Me want!! Looking at this make me drool how I wish I have magic power that can bring foods in photo to live! How good is that right?! HAHA!

I love the MilkTea from McDonald's too! It's even better than the MilkTea at KimGary or WongKok in Msia. Hahaha!

It's a must to visit their casino since I'm already here and officially 21! Every security stopped and checked my IC, of course I show it to them proudly LOL! I just walk around the casino lah of course. My mom and cousins planned to bet a little at first but then the minimum bet is just too not minimum which is $500MOP (RM240+) LOL. Btw their casino is really nice and classy compared to Genting's hehehe! 

Move on~
Yeah the weather damn hot lucky we have the umbrella with us. 

Mommy and I :)

Sister and I.
We're in Rome! :D 
btw there were bridal shooting at the back. We're not in gown already feeling hot till wanna die sweating like nobody business ady. But the bride's in gown I wonder how she feels. LOL

Next stop.......

Sport cars lovers should love these very much! 

I'm not fond of cars and I don't understand them. For me they are just cars! LOL
But I found this is cute! 

Then head on to visit the adega aka wine cellar :)
There are three parts in the cellar, the history of the wine, wine and liquor collection display area, and the visitors can learn the process of the grape growing, wine making, as well as getting to know the usage of brewing tools and utensils. 

The guy who brief us about the wine and us! We tested 6 glasses of wines with different years. This is not free but you have to purchase ticket for testing the wine. Ive forgotten the price but it's not expensive :)

Nyahahaa it's bout the time! What I'm soooo excited for.....
The House of Dancing Water

It costs $580MOP around RM246 which is very very very worth! 
I would buy VIP seat the next time! LOL

A few photos to share. Recording is prohibited but not capturing photos. These are only 0.1% of the beautiful scenes hahaha! There were more in my laptop and even more in my minds. LOL

This is the most exciting scenes! Damn yeng loh! 

You see I shared the motorcycle part the most mean how much I loved this scene! LOLOL!

I would definitely watch this show again if I visit Macau someday! XD
You would not want to miss this!

Some walk around the City Of Dream after the show. City of dream really city of dream ah.. LOL

and then to The Venetian!

It's ice-cream with some crunches on it which we could actually eat it at Hui Lau Shan.
But this is definitely better than that! How much you guess?
It's around RM50 per box. TOO MUCH! LOL. As you can see from the photo, it's just a few pieces right.... Yeah macau foods are really expensive duh. 

Also, the worst dinner ever at which I've already forgotten the name, also portugese cuisine. The most expensive dinner in Macau and their dishes not nice at all. Okay la at least got 1 I like la... the ribs! hehehe.. It's nice but not better than El cerdo still. 
No mood to capture the photos of the dishes lah so no photos for them. 

My sis and I were just too bored while waiting for the food to be served. Hungry and tired. After consume the food make us even more tired. Lol 

That's all for our Macau 3 days 2 nights trip! :) Thanks my cousins for planning all these, she did put lots of efforts to make sure the trip goes smoothly! I'm looking forward to our next trip btw! When ah? Hahaha! 


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Macau ♥ Day1

Hello! I just came back from Macau, which was a very last minute 3 days 2 nights trip with my mom and sis. I'm not joining the trip at first but I'm glad I'm able to join them! Well, my mom loves me a lot! Haha! Bought the ticket the day before which was very last minute, and there we go! :) 

We stayed a night at Tune Hotel Lcct as our flight to Macau is on 6am the next morning. Tune Hotel sucks, small room with super unreasonable price, some more charge for everything, aircond, fan, electric -__-" But we got no choice as it's the nearest to airport. I think that's the reason AirAsia thinks that it worth the price. Ugh.

We're here! Macau airport!

With mom and relatives, my sis is the camera girl.

Very cute recycle bins! Malaysia should have something like this too. 

Check in hotel after that. There were some problems when we're checking in the hotel. We booked 3 rooms and there were problems for another 2 rooms which the hotel could not found their booking number in their system. Which that 2 rooms were booked through Groupon. NEVER EVER book your hotel from there. As we told the counter that we booked through Groupon and they ask is it the name of XX forgotten what name d hehe. We were not sure bout that. Then one of my relative speak out a name Joanne and the counter were like "OH YESSSS THAT JOANNE. Yeah they're from XX which always have problems wan. Many customers faced this problems as well which we need hours to settle.

We're lucky. Not all of the 3 rooms were booked from there. Another one book from which we still able to check in for loading our luggages first! Duh. 

After loading our luggages and some little rest, move on to our first station! To 新马路! 
Damn I dont like the bus driver sibeh unfriendly sibeh rude.

The food over there sibeh expensive. 8 of us spent around MYR100+ in this restaurant, not everyone of us ordered but we shared. But they're delicious indeed. 

原质炖鲜奶.. and the back one is the 热红豆双皮炖奶! They are awesome! Yumyummmm!


猪扒包!It would be perfect with some sauce.

猪扒面!Normal maggie mee but it's nice! 

What's next? Hunting for portugese tart! Yey! 

The famous Portugese tart from Margaret's! There are a lot of people and we stand aside to wait for the seat. 

While waiting for the tarts! 

damn these tarts are awesome I could finish them all! HAHA!

You want some? 

Walk along the street to 大三巴

Jiang jiang! 大三巴我来了! 
My cute mom at the back! Photobombed. LOL

Favourite curry鱼蛋! 

Sound familiar eh? My "sibling's" shop lmao! It's almost the same as my chinese name! The difference is only the name at the back hahaha! Damn the noodles are awesome! Seriously! I'm not fond of noodles but this, it smells good it tastes good and it's nice to "bite" LOL! 

I'm not exaggerating I swear. If u're in Macau you definitely would wan to try this! 

Move on to 妈祖庙 after that. 
We went there at 5 something but it's closing time is on 6pm. We had a quick pray of course with our 诚心! Haha! 
Blessing of the husbands and wives! 

Returned to hotel and shower before dinner @Dumbo Restaurant, 小飞象葡国餐。

The staffs over there are friendly and the environment is very pretty and classy and served with nice dishes. 
We ordered a set for 4 person with an additional grilled African chicken, which we actually have 7 ppl but we were all very full and satisfied! :) *burp*

Back to hotel and sleep! 

Selca while waiting for my turn to shower. 
It was a tiring day but we had fun, our stomach too! Hehe!

That's all for day 1! Day 2 will be update very soon! ;)