Monday, October 20, 2014

Europe Trip: Köln, Germany #2

Good day start with English continental breakfast. Packed up our luggage and journey start to the next destination, Köln, Germany. 
Tour guide started to tell us history again during the journey and most of the people in the bus slept. Lol I'm not sleeping most of the time cause I wanted to listen to the history HAHA! No lah cause I think that it's better to enjoy the views outside. I do listened to the history at the same time, sometime its quite interesting but now I've forgotten already (`・ω・´) 

Here we are! 
This photo was taken in souvenir shop. Teehee

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) is the Roman Catholic church in Köln.
Waaaah  ( ゚ヮ゚) thats really tall! 

Meini, Stephy and I.
We can take many same photos at the same place same spot wan... Yess many! Lol

Lai yi ge group photo of 10 of us! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

 Knock knock! 

Pigeons! Erm.. are these call pigeon? Err.. I call them birds. 
I remember why I took this photo. Cause I saw two big guys with very professional dslr lying on the ground searching for good angle for quite some time to get a good picture of this. So, me too got nothing else better to do and try to take a "good" picture of these birds and this is it. Hehe 

After some pictures, get on the bus to the next destination, to have some delicaciessss! :D  Enjoyed the beautiful Rhine river along the journey. 

 German Pork Knuckle! 

 It's not bad but the taste could be...heavier? and it's quite stiff not nice to bite. Anyway I still prefer the Thai pork knuckle! Hee

We had some wine tasting after that. White wine I love! 

Some short walk opposite the restaurant. 

Wefie in the bus with these fellas ;) on the way to our hotel! 

Seehotel - Hemsbach.

 This hotel was not bad after all BUT have to pay for Wi-Fi which cost 3 euros and only accessible at the lobby, Deng.

 We were quite early to the hotel as we are having our dinner at the hotel. So went to have some walk around the hotel, feel the outskirts of Germany. 

Apple Tree! Never seen any apple tree before hee.

Apples on the ground.

Before the dinner, tour guide told us that the other coaches didnt make it to have the German pork knuckle as they were stuck in the jam for hours. We're lucky that we moved out earlier and missed the jam. Phew... 

Had our dinner around 6 and call it a day. I wanna sleep nao! Goodnight,

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Europe trip begin! Belgium - Holland #1

Finally! I've waiting for this day for sooooo damn long. Even during the exam period we also think about this trip. Hehe We joined the TongHang travel agency as my sis told me that they have good reputation and she joined before too. So we never consider for other options and just submit the form, the whole 15 days 14 nights trip cost us around 800 pounds. So its a reasonable price and no need pening to plan the whole trip for our own. 

We were half dead planning the Spain and Greece trip on our own. But, quite happy as everything goes very well and just as what we expected. We also learnt a lot from there. It's better to have someone to discuss together than doing all on our own as we might neglect some stuffs that we don't even realized and another one would voice it out and we solve everything together! 完美! We can plan for our next trip too travel mates! HAHA we'll see la when, macam got time like that..... LOL

So our first stop is Belgium! From UK then take ferry to France then bus to Belgium. Whole night sleep on the bus and ferry. And when we reached Belgium early in the morning forgotten what time ady. Heh 

Not much exploring around Belgium as it's just a short stop, some more it's Sunday, all the shops are close -____-" some more so early! Lol wan buy chocolate also cannot. Never get to try the famous waffles also, just can see they are starting to prepare for business and we have to move to the next place. Lol. Cons for following tour. 上车睡觉 下车尿尿 景点拍照 你问我什么都不知道... Hahaha But overall I'm happy and satisfied with the tour! (´∀`)

So we're now in the capital of Belgium, Brussels. You can see the sky is still dark. Haha It's Atomium at my back. Hmm it's really nice architecture but honestly, I not sure what is it and what I know is there's restaurant but I'm still wondering where is the restaurant. It doesnt look like there's a restaurant in this shape... haha Don't worry I will google about it. Lol

The Grand Place at the center square of Brussels. Walk here from the coach station and all I could smell was the stinky pee pee smell. (・A・)

Touching this sculpture will bring you good luck! Say until like this of course must touch touch liao... btw that guy was our tour guide Mr. Sim! 

Did you watched The Adventures of TinTin?  ^ㅂ^

Manneken Pis 尿尿小童 It's a naked little boy urinating into a fountain's basin.

Here's a closer look! 

Goodbye Brussels and we're now to Amstelveen, Netherlands where clog shoes are made. 

Blink blink clog shoes! 

Demonstrating how they make the wooden shoes.

Then some photos session after that,

Walk to the Thatched windmill that is not too far away...

AND... we're in Amsterdam. 

Visiting around the city by boat. 

Amelie and I :)

"See a houseboat inside"
There are many boat houses and some of them are really cute! Haha Quite nice for short stay but not for permanently. Hehe

Cyclist rule the world! Amsterdam is truly a cycling city, it's very safe to cycle over here. 
You MUST NEVER block their way 他们最大! LOL 

Cute magnets and I bought some of them :)

We took a stroll into the Red-Light District where camera is not allowed so no photos.
All the sexy girls there and some are quite pretty and with veeeeery good body figure. A girl like me also drool liaoooo ( ̄ー ̄)

It's time to get some rest ON THE BED! 
Yeah effing miss the bed because the whole day we've never sleep well. In the bus from Sheffield to London then ferry then bus again until now. BED... Finally..... (*´▽`*)

Tulip Inn Sevenum
Meini and I share the same room for the whole Europe trip. Your pleasure! HAHA! XD

Wi-Fi is the oxygen got Wi-Fi then we can survive! This hotel was the best among all the hotels we stayed during the whole trip because Wi-Fi is accessible in room and the room is spacious and the wash room also super big. As long as there's bed, I could sleep very well. Hee

Thursday, October 16, 2014

End of my Study Life chapter.

I'm back from the UK and frankly, I miss UK every single day! But I miss Malaysia's friends and family and of course, the food even more! 

We had lots of precious memories in the UK, we cook together, we eat together, chit-chatting like there's no tomorrow (even we have one paper the next day), doing crazy stuffs with the girls (ehem u girls know... LOL), watching china shows every Friday in the living room, catching TVB drama everyday.... I'm starting to miss this a lot! 

After the last paper we were not free at all. We were busying for packing stuffs as we're leaving The Pinnacles the next day. Haiz.. so fast chase us away.. one day packing day also dont wan give meh... 

Ah Zhe knew we're leaving and he purposely visit us from Chester, with his girlfriend. Our last night in UK... :'( That was really busy night I must say. We cook all the leftovers we had in our fridge, something like a farewell party also lah. Also, walked to Tesco together the last time for some snacks! HAHA!

Theseeee are not all, yet. 

Here's the sushi from Ah Zhe and his girlfriend.  Nice to meet you, Halls! She's a pretty lady you would want to know! Hehe.. How nice of them still bring us homemade sushi for us! So touch! ( ゚ヮ゚)

Playing cards and drinking session again with these fella despite we still have to wake up early the next day.

Oh ya, I should really talk about this as this was the first time ever we get to makan MJ's sushi!
He super semangat to make all of us this super yummy sushi rolls. 
This was a Friday night if im not mistaken as we are watching China shows together in the living room, our Friday routine heh! 

Jiang jiang! Looks nice eh? Thanks MJ! (^v^)
The most blissful moment ever, watching movie while makaning! HAHA ヽ(´▽`)/

Oh well, time to say goodbye now.
 Goodbye my lovely room. My lovely suuuuper comfy bed, I will miss you. Bye! 

The next chapter of my life will begin soon. Say goodbye to copy, paste, edit, assignments! I will definitely miss these! HAHA! 

Thinking of writing blogpost about my Europe trip, if im not lazy, too many. Lol
Well, if you see I've uploaded them on Fb then u know. HEHE