Monday, February 16, 2015

Europe Trip: Paris Disneyland! #13

So I shall continue my Europe trip blogpost! :) 

To the happiest land on earth! Disneyland!!! OMG I really couldn't believe that I'm here at my dream place since I was a kid who always dream to be ALL the princesses with their prince charming in the Disney fairy tale! :D 

I'm really glad that I could visit Disneyland together with my love one. To be at your favorite place with your favorite person and also bunch of funny friends! I couldn't ask for more :)

Meini and I, in front of our hotel before depart to the dream land. 

New bus driver took over the previous bus driver who drove us along Europe for 12 days as he had reached his quota (sth like that la if I'm not mistaken, not sure they can drive for how many hours in how many days lah. Tour guide did mentioned but I've forgotten heee)

Very cham lo this new bus driver, he doesn't brought his GPS and we lost our way to our dream land! It should only take around 15 - 20 minutes from our hotel but then we took almost 1 hour to reach there! HAIYOOOO! Luckily our tour guide know abit abit agak agak like that then finally reach our dream land!

Bf with his happy look! Ok he fakes it but he meant it from his heart. LOL

Happy girls waiting for the queue!

AEM3 gang

There are two different parks, respectively Disneyland park and Walt Disney Studio's Park. We don't know which one to go first and we cincai go for Disneyland Park first cause Disneyland ma, so Disneyland park should be more fun. I THINK ONLY. LOL BUT, as for us youngsters, we should really go for Walt Disney Studio first! As there are more thrilling rides compared to Disneyland park. Sigh. We've stayed too long at Disneyland park and missed out ALOT rides at Studio. But anyway, we still had fun! :)

Enjoy the photos....

Awwww.. Disney Castle! Like finally I can see it in REAL! 

Little sleeping beauty you're so adorable!!

There are many little girls dolled up themselves like a princess! So cute can die u know! Lol The most trendy at that time was Frozen's Anna and Elsa and yes, plenty of little Anna and little Elsa walking around. Didn't manage to take photos with "Anna and Elsa" as we can't wait for the ridesssss! Yaaay!

NB'ers. Hehe

Aren't us cute? :P

We were quite late to the Studio as we didnt really expect that there were so much more to explore. Next time do better homework la! Lol

Can only take photo no time for the rides :(

We were only able to catch a few rides that was thrilling but not all. That was really really a regret. Never mind, got next time de ma haha 

All the rides was closed and time for dinner already.

Both of us shared one burger and fries. Burp.

Goodbye studio. 

We head back to the Disneyland park afterwards to wait for the fireworks at 8pm. 

Good time to take photo because not so many people already. Haha

Before that we did some souvenirs shopping first! 

Bought some pretty key chains for friends and then walk to the castle, sit on the floor and wait for 8pm. Lol

We really sit and wait over there one ah... from the sky become dark to darker. Then I keep taking photos at the same castle same angle with different sky colors LOL got nothing better to do already.

See the color changes? So pretty right? :) Actually there are still many more but I only chose to upload these two cause the contrast is bigger. Hehehe

Taddaaaa, The fireworks, they call it "Disney Dreams" starts around 8.30pm OMG the most exciting moment!

This is definitely worth to wait!!! 
You're wasted if you missed this beautiful fireworks. I'm really impressed as it was way more better than what I thought it would be, that feeling was unforgettable! Love the colorful explosions that makes me think that they are the most beautiful things on earth! This makes my day even perfect! :) 

This marked the end of the day. One day in Disneyland is definitely not enough, I think one day for each park would be nice! :) 

Till then.