Sunday, May 18, 2008

Today's weather really hot, man!
and i heard my friend say this earth going to burst after 7 years. lol
Well.. is it true or not, who knos ?

0kay.. i get my results today! Hahh..
As i savvy, i get really "good" result :D
Aiihss.. what to do. I did try my best..
Not really la ;) At least ma..
hehee. Yeah.. i did get really "good" result but still so happy.
I just dont kno why. That's me ba.. haha
Happy go lucky ma ;)
and for those who have high expectation on their result, especially maths..
Zy:" What's ur result...?"
X:"Ahhh..It's only fifty something! :("
Zy:"Not bad dy laa.. At least higher than me. I only fourty something =P"

[[Ehh.. I not that bad de nah! I get As for my maths de... hahaa! But dont kno why this term, i get aiih! Mayb affected by Miss Oie.. She always talked at Ah Kang tuition.. make me cant concentrate lo. But she get A!! Oh my tian ar !]]

Nvm, this just the 1st term alright? And this is the odd exam paper with the very quaint question! Haha.. only Miss Oie the strange person can score =P
Piyi, Neng and me.. triple 4 lehhs! Wuahaha..
Do the best in the next exam bah!

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