Friday, October 31, 2008

Another October baby :D
Happy Birthday, Piyi ! You are 16th now ;)
A really active, intelligent, funny and also a sarcastic friend of mine.
Better dont offend her, or else.... ;) Someone may know that feeling, fiend.
She is utter psycho :P
She said that she is fat. Yes, only among us. teehee~
but compare with others out there, she is much much much better :D

Thanks for treating us Pizza :)
We think for what to eat almost 1 hour.
McDonald, KFC, & Pizza. Which 1 ?
Then, we decide what to eat with a finger-guessing game.
The answer is, KFC.
But lastly, we also walk to Pizza Hut. Hahaa xP

New photo-machine! Heehee.
Of course, we take it. This machine is much better than the others.
No time limit! :D hahaha.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanks god for having a sister like you,
really ;) Dont too happy nah. hahaha..
Your caring and sensible... :)
hope you come back soooooon! :D
Nevermind, we going to meet this end of year. Teehee
Anyway, old saying May all your dreams come true,
all the best for your studies! :D

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Something really bugging me a lot! I'm remorse, I would not recommit it.

I'm tired.
Played badminton from 3pm to 5pm.
So many peoples today! Whooo..
When the time is 5 soon, we played 4 to 4.
Lol that's funny. Everybody "cincai come".

We went to Hayaki for early dinner later on.
My mom fetched us to tuition place.
& we were all very very tired all the time.
Teacher told us the story about the Amazon.
It's quite interesting tough. But a little bit, nausea & terrible for me.
It's too bad for the undergraduates entreat the cannibals..
& the cannibals take revenged to them! gosh..

I want to see the ghost pictures took by the science lecturer!
Which my teacher told us that it's freaking evil.

Yuhooo! My new cellphone :D hahah
Thanks dad & mom! xD

Skip skool tomorrow! Hehee :P

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm currently addicted with the "Beethoven Virus"-Korean movie.
The Trumpeter so handsome! :D *TeeHee
In the movie, he has the talent like Mozart do.
Dont know how to see the notes, just listen once of the music.
He can mesmerize them all, is all :) haha.
After all, it's a great movie for me. Yet, i have nothing to do at home after exam. *Duh*

& today school time is reeeeeeeeally boring!
Most of the teachers are absent, man!
We keep on playing in class. until we are all tired.
We thought that the "prettay woman" is absent, too.
Very happy, stimulate when playing snap with UNO cards.
When~i snapped piyi. Haha!
Dang, she's there. Outside the class =.='
Guai guai back to our seat lu~~~

My cellphone my cellphone! :D
I'm really excited for it. *Teehee!
Badminton tomorrow! :) Wheeee..

Hey friends, try this.
I play this when i'm bored. Hahaah.
It's quite fun :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday cute Chee hwa! :D
He's going to immigrant to Penang :(
We'll miss you. Keep in touch, babe :)

Invited to his party...
Piyi & neng play the Underground at PS2.
I thought piyi will won the game, yet she is still first place so far.
But, surprisingly Neng finish the game 1st. Hahah
Then, yaapin & my turn to play :D
Hah, guess who win? Sure me lah! ;P
It's predictable! wahahahaha!

Finally, started to eat :D TeeHee*
I waited for a long time weh~ lol

After eating,
We watch the video that his dad just finish record.
Cuhs his father asked him to try whether working or not.
So many funny scene, Lol.
& all of us just keep on laughing.
I'm bloated now, eat too many xD hahaha
and also, thanks neng for helping me peel off the egg :D
with her back of the hand. Until it looks like she banged the wall and "bleeding".

Finally i saw how cute are piyi's puppies! :D
They are so adorable! AH ! XD
So bad, i cant take their photos.
My phone camera not working lah!

Flashback our kiddo memories.
i t s s o s t u p i d.... We had no idea why we did those things last time ;\

Hey, Jay's new songs rocks, babe! :D
Especially "说好的幸福呢"?
Awwww... :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Think of others feeling, see what kind of situation, & don't say the word you must not!"

I'm bloody moody now.
I suppose to feel very happy yet exam is finished!
& I'm really exhausted.
No mood to talk about how is the exam for today.
--I know you don't want to know too :) *lol*

Yes, i bloody hate those teachers!
My hair had been cut by the ***** again!
F*k - Sorry, i cant anyhow control myself =.='
This is shorter than before they cut!
& i don't know why, i cried. "Eh, quite embarrassing eh!"
Oh my god, i cried! Awww man!
I hate someone just said something that really hurts me in this situation!
I hope the person realize that! and you must!
Our school is so outdated, student's hair - Parallel . Damn....
Why don't you, teachers go cut the parallel hair style ?!
This is our hair not yours, you suppose don't have the potency to cut our hair!
This is just having a finger in the pie! -Dang
Well, maybe our school out of money ? Need earn them by cutting our hair, RM5 per person. Still, so j.u.n.g! -lui bin*
Cutting people hair very happy ah ? laugh laugh laugh.
I heard a very superstitious saying, who ever cut someone hair will ephemeral.
I don't know, i also listen this from someone. *

I'm bloody angry! At least told us before mah!
Although my friend told me this, not you teachers~~ *Emphasized*
Thanks to my parents, they laughed at my hair. lol
& i canceled to trim my hair at salon. Let it be parallel. GAH*

How many "Bloody" i mentioned ? :D lol
Well, it's much better after i expressed my feeling :)

----- Don't be too arrogant, baby.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hey! Tomorrow is the last day! :D
But I'm quite worry for my Chemistry paper today.
& I'm also quite stupid. Never read the question before answering.
Do any one question. I tried to do both...
This make me out of my time.

----abit lazy to blog la.
Go sleep liao lu :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I just finished study Chemistry, for tomorrow exam.
But, i still not very understand :(
Add-maths paper, i left 4 or 5 blanks! How ah...
"Suan le, not the 1st time tough."
Today Physic paper is quite okay, but..
I've not study for it =.='
"Dont know that teacher caught me cheating or not" :D *TeeHee*
I think she observed that.

& one more thing, the fan infront of me quite annoying sometimes.
Blow away my things, pen after that ruler or question papers.
Also, my hair! After finish one paper, i will become a "siao po"~
0k0k, but without the fan, it's freaking hot.
Messy hair better than perspire.

2 Days, 2 days!
Monday, & Tuesday is the last day! :D
--Memorizing what i've study.
bla bla bla.
The aqueous solution of the Copper(II) Sulphate consist of Copper(II) ions.........

Okay, i better go and study.
Tata :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Watch this *LOL*
It's really funny! :D
"Maple At Midnight"
My sister show this to me just now~ Ahahaha.

Apologize -One Republic
You're Beautiful - James Blunt
The Reason - Hoobastank

0kay, 3 more days to go.
This year-end exam is not yet over.
But, this weekends i thought that i will study.
Pathetic, not even paged them.
Annoying lah! :(
Add-maths2 & Physic paper 2 tomorrow.
*Pray pray* :)

Yes, about my cellphone.
It's still not working. I insert the SIM card, the battery & the memory card.
But when i boot-strap my phone, it goes twinkling twinkling *Nik nak nik nak*~ O-o
Ish! & i'm using my dad's old Motorola, before my sis used it when her cellphone in hospital.
Now me lo~ lols. That's a spare cellphone for our family members when cellphone get injured.

& I'm thinking to buy a new cellphone :)--\---<

Friday, October 17, 2008

I have a very nice sleep yesterday night.
& i make a dream, a weird yet breathtaking dream.
Not a nightmare tough.
It's quite, absurd... * i dont kno what's going on & what had happened to make these happened.

0kay, I went into a ghost-like house.
& the game started. I must find out my friend which were hiding.
Without let the soul catch me. There's 5 soul in the game.
& every pathway I passed by may come out a soul suddenly.
I must find out all my friend before the soul come for me.
I run & run, trying to find them. Heartbeating getting faster and faster.
The first pathway i passed, come out a soul.. coming towards me.
& I'm labyrinth. 0h my, keep on running, i know i'm impending demise.
More and more soul come for me.
Yes, i failed.
I've been caught by the soul.. T.T
Then, the next girl is the finder.
I hidden at somewhere. -Cant let the soul saw us before she do-
She is over frustrated. Barely breathe. She was just beside my hidden place that time.
But she never noticed me. Then the soul caught her.
She then fainted & its a game over for her as she is not the first time playing like me.
& her body vaporized. Gone, nothing.

The game continue. I'm the one who control the curses as the Leader of this game asked me to.
I lie on a big blank drawer which loaded the corpse. & One of my friends also.
"The Dr. M mouth is to startup the curse." I frowned as i dont kno what he mean.
0kay, the game then started with the newbies.
They passed by me and i dont kno how to reactive the curses yet the Leader just told me that "The Dr.M mouth ....."
Then the Leader shouted loudly"C U R S E S!" =.='
But i still dont kno how to reactive it! Then he knock at Dr. M mouth twice. Just then, the soul come out.

Later on, i dont kno what had happened. Then a big gang of people come with outraged brow.
Both of thier hand holding a big stick with fire on it.
They then throw it in the room.
What we do? Run lah!
My friends hold my hand & i holding a little cute girl's hand. -i dont know where she come from-
The leader also run for life.
We run for it through the backyard. But, the tree-tree and grass-grass also get fire.
Then all of us jump of the gate -which not yet caught by fire-
& keep on running! Oh my, wolfhounds "waiting for us" , growling..
RUN~! Dont care the wolfhounds. We run faster than the wolfhounds!
Lastly, we safely arrived at someone Toy Shop.
But, where is the Leader? I asked curiously to my friend.
"He wants to camp at the forest."
HUH?! Camp ?!

---& the end.
I wake up & the weird & unfathomable dream is ended...
So.. adventurous? duh...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today piyi bring along her brother to Jingsi. - Xiaofei.
As her mom asked her to. He wont do his homework at home.
-I can see that from his action just now-
He start copy his text which are about 100 words at 3.3opm
but he not yet finish at 5pm. Her sister is going mad and phone her mom. lols xD

Yaapin trying to "showing off" her skill of twisting the pencil,
then, the pencil drop into her coffee . *LOL*
Not even started to drink it.
After that, Xiaofei accidently pushed his book and the drink on the table split on the floor~
and piyi's calculator is wet.. lols
Her brother so cute lo~ Humour like her sister xD hahaa
but also, very naughty. haha -dont see he cute cute like that.

After that, have roti canai as our dinner :D
hehehe~ & talk alot again.
Today go to jingsi = no study.
Talk & talk all the way :) hahaa
Ponteng Mrs Kang tuition, & learn nothing ;X
No lah, at least i study some Chemistry~ hahaha xD

0kay, 3 more days for exam. After that, i'm free free free! xD

Chemistry1 & 2
Physic1 & 2

Ish.. try to study them.
0kay, Bye! :D
♥if your being extremely quiet what does it mean?
-- Tired. Lazy to talk :P
♥if someone hit you, what would you do?
-- "Why you hit me?" Then hit them back :D
♥what do you do for a living?
-- no idea.
♥has anyone told you they missed you lately?
-- Yes ?
♥are you wearing any clothes that don't belong to you?
-- yeah :P
♥last book/magazine/etc you read?
-- Chemistry.
♥have you bumped to a glass door?
-- Noo...
♥do you regret anything from your past?
-- everytime.
♥if you could seek revenge on someone would you?
-- Nah, it's tiring.
♥how do you react when people cry around you?
-- Console them :)
♥last argument?
-- today ? :D Just for fun ;)
♥do you have a crush?
-- yeah, lol
♥do you know how to belly dance?
--Hahaa. dont kno
♥what are you listening to?
-- Pretty Voice.
♥last beverage?
--Ju Hua Chaa~~
♥last person u miss?
-- nobody.
♥do you own a house?
-- i wished to :D
♥favorite month/s?
-- depends wor.
♥what were you doing last saturday?
-- Study study for exam leh.
♥How long have you been breathing
since birth?
-- =.=' who counted ?
♥Are you gay?
-- which gay ?
♥What are you doing right now?
-- Singing :D lalala
♥Have you cried today at all?
-- No lah
♥What is the last alcoholic beverage you drank?
-- Root Beeeer~
♥Do you actually believe in perfection?
-- not really
♥What do you prefer? Sunny or rainy?
-- Rainy day. It's a good time for me to sleep :)
♥Have you been to New York City?
-- I wished to.
♥What do you think about before you go to bed?
-- Nothing. Just go & sleep!
♥Where did you sleep last night?
-- My room
♥How many close friends do you have?
-- Lots!
♥What is your fave song right now?
-- Wo de Kuai le :D
♥Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?
-- Yeaaahh
♥Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
-- sure.
♥Do you wear glasses or contacts?
-- Yesh :)
♥When is your next road trip?
-- PCB ? Lols =P

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ahhh! Today's Add-math paper is killing me !
When i opened the 1st page, see the 1st question~
Ahh.. easy one. That's many-to-one relation~ :P
But then, going down and turn the next page,
"Sh*t..What is this question?!" Keep on turning the next page.
I go on,trying to find for the question i kno~ I tried to find, i really tried!
I never see those question before lah!
Die leh, seriously, i just kno how to do a few question!
i left 10+ question blank. I do tried to write something on it,
but dont kno where to start! Dangg. --No time for me to sleep.

Yes, my sense tell me that i'm going to fail add-math! ;(
Well, tmr is Sejaraaaaaah! -& maths paper 2.
I'm dying i'm dying i'm dying i'm dying~~~

Neng:" 做么我们要学名句 e..? 我们买苹果的时候要跟他讲名句哦!?"
Piyi: "1 red apple & 1 green apple, 不分青红皂白!可是我要青色的."
We :" *LOL!*"

This conversation suddenly emerge in my mind :D
Wahaha! I do really agreed. Why must we learn ? xP LOL

Monday, October 13, 2008

Went to Jingsi again.
So suay lah today! Dang.
10 dollars been stolen by someone. =.=!
Who asked me left my purse in classsssss! Dang.

After dinner at McDonald,
walked back to Jingsi.
Went to toilet awhile~
wtf, my phone falled into closestool! AhhhhH!
suay la suay la... >:(

Anyway, it's ok :) Hahha.
Finished BM papers today! Yeah~~ 16 more to go ~
Tmr add-maths & Chinese paper. Good luck! xD

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yes! Finished 3 papers today!
English 1 & 2. And Mathematics 1~! Wheeee.. :D
19 more papers to go.. =.=!

Today our skool is so kosong.
The whole building , only our class 4Sc5 got people when ready to sing Negaraku ~LOL
It's empty for form3 and form5 corridor! So quite seh..
Form 5 students have a week holidays for them to prepare for SPM.
Form 3 students have a day off as their PMR is tomorrow.
#All the best for form 3 students who took part in PMR examinations! :)

After skool, go to Jingsi to study. Actually not really study at there,
But at least i do learn something! Revision for my add-maths.
Remit to Teacher Oie :D

Talk talk talk, Study study study.. Our stomach growling. Hungry lei~~
Then, at 6.3opm. We have Chicken Chop for our dinner at Pantai Timur there :D
It's really tasty leh! *I never went there before eh.* :P
& It cost Rm10! Wasehh...
We talk about after exam what we wanted to do! LOL.
Only finsihed 3 papers leh wei~~ hahahaa.
But it was really fun :D We think tooo toooooo far already! *Laugh*
Went back home at 9. Study for awhile more. Then audition with friends.
All of us were in uniform~~
ViRus kept on saying i trying to steal his bag. [Hanging behind at his left arm]
When he & I chase for 1st place as our score was so close! xD
Anyhow, All the best for myself too! :)
Good luck for tmr BM paper~! *Cheers*

Monday, October 06, 2008

0kay 0kay, I'm tired. Stomach-ache'ing!
Dont kno why.. feeling so unwell.
TBA is absent for skool again today! :D Whole class reaction are same.
Weheheh. We just go "YAY!" Soooo happy when she is not around :E
I do really dont like her!

After listening to the introducing of the new Electronic Dictionary, go back to class. Biology lab.
Yup, as usual. Still sleeeeeepy!
I tried, i tried to listen & pay attention to what teacher is teaching.. But, just cannot leh! :( *sigh*
Later on, just back to class. Then, Miss oh told me that her minli's hard disk was stolen!
Who will it be! i dont kno =.='
Being a thief, just so lame. You're so jerk!
"Why must you do such a sinuous thingy?" You already have no more dignity.
"Better dont let them found out who you are~"
By the way, it's only cost Rm30 weh~ *Scoffing*
Somemore, Miss Oh is too good. She is not angry at all.
Still, said that the person is a gawk! Hahah.
& she is going to buy a new & better hard disk to compensate minli :)
That thief also quite funny.. Took away the hard disk & the cable,
then replace it with the sciencetific calculator. *lol*
& it's my classmate's calculator which he had lost it since bla bla bla.

Went to Kb mall before tuition. Yaapin bought this Mag..
Because Ethan is at the cover of the Mag! Hahaa.
He is soooo smart lah! Even if he grimace :P
Sh*t. Inside still got his poster! & also Dylan's [dont kno what's his real name].
Wuahaha! He is seductive yeahs? ;D Luan jing Tian ahhh~~ LOL.

Alright, gotta go to bed now. Tata! :D

Saturday, October 04, 2008

"Another Cinderella Story"
------A guy[Joey Parker] who danced with what could be the girl [Mary] of his dreams at a costume ball only has one hint at her identity: the Ipod she left behind as she rushed home
in order to make her curfew. And with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in front of him, he sets out to find his masked beauty
It's a really nice movie! :D Wakakaka..
I just watched it yesterday from PC, until midnight.

Drew Seeley, smart guy xD
New Disney Channel's star, Selena Gomez ;D She is soooo su-weeeet! xD

I love to watch they dance! :D
Coooooooooooooooool xD
You guys should watch it too! Wahah!
At least today not so boring, dang.
Went to the Singing Competition Final :D
We got the VIP ticket :) Which Mr. Tan gave us.
As, he is going to KL the day before.
If he dont give me the ticket, maybe i wont attend ;X
Weheheh.. Thanks :)
Yong & Kay tell me that they wanted to go abruptly.
Asked me help them buy the ticket at the locale.
*Bought the normal ticket, not the VIP*
But then, i asked them to sit with us at the VIPs ;)
Phew, we sit until it ended! :D
Curious who will get 1st place! -& Selina got it.
Congratulation to Selina! Interesting to listen to her fair-sounding voice! :)

After all, these top 10 not bad at all :)
The girl who won the 3rd place was the smallest among them.
& for me, she is the most good-looking one ;) Heeh~!
Also, she won the 最佳人气奖! :D
Seriously, the 1st bout is quite tedious ;P

Well, they already have their own album! So cool~
"I want one too ! :)" *Just kidding*
I love the song they sing together..
Its.. err... unfathomable lah! :P *Grimaced*

Oh 0kay, it's quite late now :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Holidays ending soooooon!
What i've done for this one whole boring week?
I should be studying or revising for impending year-end exam.
Yes, should...

My sister came back from KL and i have no impetus for studying.
"That's just a console for myself."
They fluctuated me easily, and i'll always been fluctuated!
I've no idea why i cant concentrate on my study :(
Teach me teach me! *remorsed*
I wish i could smash my computer set. I just wished to.
But, how could I?! Without them i will die okay? *exaggerated* Heeh :)
I dont kno, i just cant get a hank over myself :(
I do read story books, but no idea why i dont study for exam.
"Mei Xing Qu baaa" :X

So, my sister was back already..
& i freaking miss her! :D
Okay okay, i'll try to concentrate myself *reluctantly*

Currently reading this story book. It's really great story about the vampire, Edward and Isabella’s romance. For Edward his love for Bella is both a delight and a torment. It is simply and yet beautifully written.
I've borrowed it from my friends for months. & not yet finished it. "I'm busy okay" :)
But the stories getting more and more interesting! I'll finish it asap.. "I'll return you soooooon, Miss oh :D"
The book is quite long but don’t let that put you off reading it because each page is to be savoured. Believe me, this is one book that you won’t want to end. I must insisted that the book is interesting! :D