Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How could you eat them?

E-mail from my friend.
I would never eat them! :P (duh, that's stupid)
Creative 便当!

so cute! xD

We moved class again.
Form 6 student back to their class. But we cannot move back to our class =.='
we moved to 2 sentul which located just beside the form 6 class. (beside beside la) Same building same floor.
Dont kno what the hell had happened to the form 2 student la... Moved to downstairs most probably is because someone injured the leg ba. ISH!

The form 2 class is much more smaller than the form 6 class.
Even the table also become smaller =.='' Our class is between form2 classes. Dam noisy one.
There's one kid who trying to asked his friends to be quite so he 'Ssssshhhh-ed' and passed our class.
Mr Gan: "Eh Biawak... bla bla bla" (maybe he dont heard it clearly :P)
Classmates : (LAUGH)

Then, got 1 lower form kid is going to look for someone in 2 sentul , then he came in our class and with the shocked expression,
he said:" Eh, wrong class..." (he paisei and walked away as we laughed at him. haha :P)
During the lesson, Neng then said that "if got people passed through our class, they will shocked. See why form 2 people faces 'old old' one..." she meant me. hahah
Then I said, :" you know why just now the kid will shocked bo? Because he saw ur 'old old face' eh !!" :P (I know we are lame and crazy. I happy enough lor :P)

During the same lesson, I used the model answer paper that Puan Faridah asked us to copy to fold the paper airplane. Yaapin then snatched my airplane and cut into two!
So I asked for tape to tape it. But she dont want give me. Never mind, I used stapler to stapler it :P

AGAIN, she snatched it (she is jealous i think. hahaha) and cut into 4 ! =.=''
my plane die dy. Then she took it and 'repaired' it. like what i do, stapler it! hahah
But i still got another paper airplane, and I named it 'ZY FORCE'. haha
Then, yaapin also named her cacat airplane. and the name make me LOL..
'Yaapin Super Aeroplane!' =.='' I dont kno why but this really make me laugh out loud. It sounds funny weh.

Seriously, I didn't paid any attention during the BM lesson :P
Then it's Biology class. We read IFEEL mag for the whole double period.

Alright, finish my BM homework 1st :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

I want all of these!! :P

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

went to Muktar's open house yesterday.
He invited us to. Last year he invited us too but none of us went. haha :P
Our class very cooperate one. What also will 'pakat' 1st de.
Like... If one suggested dont hand in the exercise book, then whole class nobody hand in dy =.='

Well, yesterday quite fun :) After Muktar's house, we went to KB Mall!
Also, they suggested one. We never planned for it. This is all because we are tooooo boring at home.
Can become 'kiam hu' dy :P haha
So, weihoong fetched us to Kb mall. Meet up with Kelvin them.
Then, we played pool. wuahaha~
Quite fun and we were very very noisy =.=' lol

Later on, stopped at McDonald .
& chit-chat a lot until we went back :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tzesie's Party

The birthday girl & us :D

Invited to tzesie's party yesterday.
At her new house. At 1st, I thought that they've already moved into the new house.
haha, but her new house is REALLY new without any furniture yet :P
It's easy to find her house, but let Pheiling say until quite difficult. hahah

Followed Yang's car to the party after tuition. (Thanks for the ride! :) )
When asking Pheiling the location of tzesie's house, (in her house Taman)
we saw weihoong then we thought that he knows. So followed him round and round and round. =.='
Pheiling's description for us is, "You see got waja then brown colour gate"

Many Waja and many brown gate leh. haha
We followed her instruction and passed through her house many times =.='
Yay, we saw Waja~ and we thought we arrived. But then, saw a uncle sitting on the floor,
cutting his dog's "hair". LOL

Just then, those leng luis stand outside sie's house, we just found it =.=''
hahah. Overall, I enjoyed the party :)
We played fire crackers and lantern!! wuahaha.. (It's Moon festival soooooooon wadd =P)
Errrrr, sorry if I wasted alot of 'yan hua' :P

Yaapin bought this from Taiwan :)
& Bear was crazy for it! lol

leng luis xD wuahaha! :P
abit dark :P

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Well, everything still going well :)
at least I s t i l l can do the papers.
But, not for the 'Gaya Bahasa' part! Ughh..

Forget about it.

Movies wanna watch!
-The Final Destination
-New Moon
-Alvin and the Chipmunks 2!

Gah, but too bad. Kelantan dont have ANY cinema!
Err, but used to have cinema before right? If I'm not mistaken :/ Anyway, it's damn long time ago.
What's wrong with the Kelantan's Government, restrict a cinema to be open to the public?
Stopping us to have some entertainment. Boring!

As a Kelantanese, we teenagers are bored! Dont you, friends? (I'll kick your ass if you tell me you're not :P)
For most of the boys, lucky there are pool and snookers for them. At least they can have some entertainment during their weekends. I bet that the snooker centre(especially KB mall's) are always full at Friday :P
Yeah, I know. There are bowling centres also, KB mall again. Ah yes, Billion too! =.='
I used to play bowling with my friends before. Years ago, and that's the only entertainment for us during our weekends!

At that time, the bowling centre at KB mall were still 'new' for us. So that's okay for us to wear the 'not so stinky yet' shoes =.=' But now, ahhh... I've never stepped in that place for years already! (Okay, I exaggerrated) Can you imagine the stinky smell years before until now? How worst it would be... I dont want to maltreat my feet :P lalala~

I've been awaiting for the Pelangi Mall to open very very long time ago.
At least still can go there 'walk walk see see' or one more place for us to shop maybe.
But look at it, time passed and passed and pass. Until now, no results also. *sigh sigh*

Parkson was started last week i think.
Inside so many shops still not yet open =.='' Aiyah, cincai la.. Inside Parkson still okok lah :P
And hor, I want to complain about the basement parking. Omg, when you're going down the basement with your car, I'm so scare that the car turned over (Okay, exaggerated again) because of the TOO slope driveways to basement.

In fact, there are more Kopitiam than activity centers in Kelate =.=''
Ok lor, the best place for our entertainment is Kopitiam lor.
"Kia, go yumchaaaaa..." =.=''

By the way, here is the URL for the trailer of Alvin and the Chipmucks 2! :D
Soooooo cute! I still love Theodore~ wuahaha xD

(Because of the 'Embedding disabled by request'so cant post up the video here)