Monday, April 12, 2010

Phuket trip, Day 2!

here is the post of Day 2! :D
Thought of waking up earlier so that I could see the beautiful sunrise.. (yeah, view from our room is quite nice ^^)
But then, woke up late lor! No sunrise to see liao lor! haha
So after shower, while waiting for my sisters, go take some pictures 1st :)

The balcony. Outside of our room.

Okay, my ''some pictures'' is really little :P haha!

Breakfast time!
Muah breakfast of the day :)
It's simple & nice! Everything taste nice! ^^

Cheese Omelette. Yay! CHEESE :D

Awww, the cheeses really nice! Mmmm...

While waiting for the tour bus.
Went to the beach opposite our hotel. Patong Beach :)

Nicey :D
feel so SHU FUUUUUU~

Saw this cute doggy on the beach, biting a doll in it's mouth. haha

*bite bite*

Tour bus arrived! Move to Phang Nga Bayy! :D

Stall selling hats, bikinis, souvenirs.....

Okay, I get this pretty blue hat for wth 100baht! (RM10)
That time is so dam hot, so all of us bought one. stupid!
Forget to bring my own cap.. thats why.

Cruise to beautiful Phang Nga Bay :)

Wheeeeee, on the cruise!
The cruise provided us soft drinks, fruit, snack & drinking water.
Also, lunch :) Btw, the tour leader is really cute & funny! haha.
Full & happy trip! :D

Stopped at .. err... forget the place.
It's some place for us to canoe and swim.
See the pirate behind. haha..

On the cruise :)

Us and Jo and Yo! hahah.
See.. I still remember your name ;)
They taught us to DIY flower with straw.. haha.
Dok Mai (in Thai) means flower! wuahahah.. Now I know one more!

James Bond Island! Here we come! :)

You also can do some shopping at James Bond Island.

There are also a few little caves you can climb into..
Took from the cave :D


Had lots of fun with the tour leader. hahah
He's naughty but we enjoyed the trip all the way.
He spalshed four of us, of course we splashed him back! haha
Thats why we were all wet.
when mom saw us:'' zomok 你们酱湿..? ''
Time to go back!

Transfer back to hotel.
Took some pictures again.


I want the prawn cakes!

Oyster :)

Tomyam! Mmmm....

---To be continue