Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boyfie's birthday!

Ooopps. a lil bit too late for this update ey? Haha whatever.

I've planned for boyfie's birthday's surprise for quite some time :) 
He's 200++ miles away from me and I'm gonna give him a big surprise :D
His birthday is on Thursday and 酱巧 I only have class until 1.30pm and 酱巧 Friday I dont have class. So bought the flight ticket on Thursday and fuuuuu~~, fly back to my hometown. 

This is how my plan SHOULD go.
I've contacted his friends and make sure everything goes smoothly. I told them I will join them when the yumcha session. You kno lah, they everyday yumcha yumcha oneeee. So make sure boyfie will go and join them.
Then I will appear in front of him and everyone sing birthday song and
I WANNA SEE HIS NOOB FACE like "OMG WHY ARE YOU HERE?!" ! Then I'll laugh out loud very happy like that lah. (Wahhh so excited when I think of this)
BUT forget about all this (¬_¬) Yesssss.... forget about ALL this.

Alright, once I reached my hometown, my mom picked me up and then we had our dinner with my family first.
Yeah, my parents know about my plan too.
As boyfie told me they are going to have dinner at GoldenFlower (the restaurant's name la har) so I just told my parents don't go somewhere around that area. So, we had our dinner at another restaurant somewhere not around that area -.-

While waiting for the dishes to be served,
my sis said, "Yee ar... 等下PY也来这里吃怎样?"
"不会的啦... 他们去金花啦..."

After awhile, my sis is just trying to play a trick on me,
she dilated her eyes and said, "YEE, PY来了! "
I kno she was just kidding and then I just "Ha-Ha-Ha" to get through her.

Okay then, when we are nomnomnom'ing ,
My sis again, this time she looks so real, "YEEEEE...." looking at me like I'm in a big trouble.
Then I look at my mom, same expression as my sis does.
I turned my head and $%^&*@#! I was like "OMG WHY IS HE HERE?!" -____-"
My plan failedddd.

I didnt get to see how he reacts but my mom and sis did.
And they laugh and laugh and laugh. Okay I missed it (¬_¬)
Better communication next time phewww.

But still, the yumcha session still go on :)

Happy birthday baby! xoxo

The guys ;)

for the birthday one.

Plan failed, but it's still good that I get to pass the last teen year's with you! :)
lotsa love ♥ ♥ ♥ xoxo

Saturday, July 16, 2011

This is life! :)

How'chu doin aye? :D
Hello for some update! I've been very the busy this whole week! 3 presentations in a week phewww. 
To reward ourselves for the hard work this week, we console ourselves with something delicious aha! XD
Take a break. 1 test and 1 presentation to go next week ugh.

So, we went to  LeVain where we wanted to go for so long! :)
Here we areeeee tadaaaaa...

Chicken Bologinase @ RM8.90
Cheaper price compare to some cafe out there and it's deeeeeeeelicious! 

Mmmmm.... My Mushroom Cream Spaghettini which cost RM9.90.
So nice that I can go berserk :O

Thai spaghetti if i'm not mistaken. Taste mediocre, acceptable :)

Miss Joevy and her spaghetti.
Yeah four of us have spag for our dinner :) We love spag awww...

Beryl's Chocolate Truffle @ RM8.++
OMG This one is a MUST EAT for me. So it's a MUST TRY for you! :D
I can feel the blessedness awwww... I want more! 

I'm drooling i'm drooling i'm drooling... fast fast bring me there again...

Walnut bread with cookie dough inside ;)

and Pizza! :D

The environment there is good and comfy :)
The place is really beautiful and classy. I will go back there I swear! A lot more to try.

I like the interior and also the exterior.
The environment is perfect!

Am gratify with all the dishes :D
Cant wait to go back there again! FAST! 

Okay. After our dinner, proceed to the second round, drinking session with another 2 friends ;)

Had our drinking session at OverTime :)

HTC phone is good I can say. Haha

Errr she is drunk.

Before we went back. 

Had lots of fun and we're all exhausted.
When is the next time girls? :)

Friday, July 08, 2011


Blogger's new design! Since when it changes? I've neglected my blog for too long and never log in for decades. AHA exaggerated okay i know :P Well, I need some time to adapt to the new blogger.

Attended Yoga classes this few days with Meini and my sis. 
I'm feeling healthy as a horse *iha-haaaa* But why "as healthy as a horse?" I mean why a horse?!
Gaah not important.

I'm feeling REAL LIFELESS like, go to college, makan, back home, nap, wake up, makan, online, tidur again. This is a student's daily routine! Lifeless max kay! -____-" 
After I joined Yoga class no more feeling lifeless. Aha! 
I've got tons of assignments to get done but still I'm going to one hour yoga class. Really stressed release u kno! XD 

K lah gonna get back to my lovely assignment alright! :)