Friday, July 21, 2006

hangin out.

oh go to kb mall agn ! piyi get manyy strike today nehhs !
But score 0 from the beginning.Aiyorhs.. ~
Me n wei cant finished the game ! OH shyyt ! all is that stupid malay gurl's fault !
their lane was 5 and our's 2. OMG, make stupid mistake of 5 n 2.
HUH ! waste OUR money waste OUR time !! unwilling !!
Stupid ! sry for this rude . i just cant control myyself.
if u am i..u may did lyk this too.. gua. xD

hahas.. after the bowling. we go to test big size shirt. xD.. s0t s0t x. huhus..

linz themost PERFECT d nehhs ! wahahs.. den.. we bac to play bowling agn..wib boiis . but..there's full of pplz.. must w8 very long time. den.. that xx say his papa noe the manager.. can play directly without queueing-up .we trust him.
Budwat?! can't. grrrs ~
so next time dont pretend that you really great at this.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


peeps..saw u aqn..well. i knew my piano results yesterday. just guess what will it BE ! make me moodyy . dun ask mi . just turn ur brain. =(( n WAT now! stupid pc gettin sum prob agn . lot lot problems . aiihs.. just make me lazy to look at YOU ! but please..i dun wan tur be lyyk this ! YOU . means a lot to me. xD i really really like you.. but.. ur problems make me very lazyy . aihs..

Friday, July 14, 2006


oh yeahs!!.long time no out with friends le.
todays we out together agn.we played bowling there.
hahas..3 rounds..n. me 2 strikes!!
wow..happy nehhs!!
when we play bowlingg..we din wear socks.
Den 1 busyBODy man come n luan with us..say 'jika tak pakai stocking tak boleh main.saya hentikan'' i tot he say nia..manacaii he really stopp it..go hell lah u!!
Den we force to buy the socks. -.-''.
After that,we go infront of that busyBODY man n show him we do buy the socks!! [[naughty]] Noisyy like hell.. after the 3rd rounds.
When the time is over n we still wanna play itt.den we ask for counterr.but she say 'tak boleh lah.tak boleh sambung dohh.ada orang dah booking'..WTH lahhs. =.=''

den after that.we ma left there liao lohh..den..we go to secret recipe to have TEAtime. hehes xD . we have cakes and ice-creams there. XD

the cakes not very nice for today.
but i lyk Choc banana, and Marbel Cheese the most. ;P taste so good. *yum* ~

Monday, July 10, 2006

lose for pg. ; piyi is back ! (:

hey ya.did ya watch the world cup finals this morninq??LOLs..i lose lo..hehes..but i oso knew tat iTALY will win.but..i take FRANCE..hehes.cuz alot pplz take italy..den i ma take frace lohh.if france good fer me loh..hehes~aihyo!but second place oso not bad d lehh!!hehes..
still remember that one of my friend were sick n sent to hospital??hohos..!!she's bac!!bac to skool today..hahas..LONG TiME no meet liao nehhs!!hehe..

Friday, July 07, 2006

GHoST?!just read.n you'll noe xD

:: today nitez i go tuhh kb mall wif my parents~ ;; den we go to my aunt's shop..den my uncle let us see wat they the pc wif the camera that recorded down what hadd happened..we saw a black black thing fly here n fly there`` ;;den me n my mom get shocked on iT! den the malay girls who were suppose watch for the shop..saw the things n ran away from her chair..the other 1 laugh at her ;;hahas..den she oso stare at the pc..she oso saw THE THING``!! n oso ran away..hahas ;; i kept on asking my uncle n aunty what's that what's that,,dey say i'll noe after this.. ;; den my uncle tell us that he caught the ''ghost'' i ask him how he caught it..den he show me wibb the camera agnx.. he took a ladder. den climb on it nd took down the cover of the camera~den.. the answer ishh...there is no ghost ..but the mosquito inside the camera fly here n there... LMAO!!! so funny`hahas!! UNforgetable..LOLs..