Friday, February 27, 2009

Wah, This 2 weeks busy for practicing Dikir Barat. So quite busy. Last week busy for moving house some more. Ish, quite hard to online also.

Just came back from my friend's house. Another nice house :D haha.
Also, a very very very cute puppy(Romie) she has!! Ah, will update those pictures soon when my own pc is done. (Using my sis lappy now.) We used to practice Dikir at her house, but she shows us her puppy and we keep playing with it! haha. Some more, the view from the condo also not bad :D Ahhh.. so nice ler. & those lame boys, no the blue blue thing behind the phone okay? :P

After that, head on to Oriental. We have our supper there. & I love the wedges! We love the wedges~! haha. Yum-yum :) Ah, & thanks Uncle Ong for treating so many of us ! :D hehe..

So, gotta go now. Good Night!
Will try to update my blog :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back back back! Back from skool. Long time never eat the "Har Mee" opposite the school ler. haha.
Went to eat with Yaapin & Oh. Then saw my car, kept on waving with them. lol (like stupid, I always do) We stayed back for the Leo Club activity. Before that, Yaapin "play" with Weihoong's Motor. haha.. We are so worried when she driving. (Motor'ing called driving?) She told me that, she knew it why we are so worried about her after I drived... You'll know after that.

Okay, so the activity for Leo Club is paint the tyre which they used for plantings. So damn hot, under the umbrella also the same. After painted 2 tyres, our hand kena painted. Used tina washed away, so smelly. I dont like the smell =X Then, went out for drinks :D The 1st time I finished pepsi so fast :P hahah.

Then, I "ki hiao" also want "play" the motor. Sit on the motor, and turn "that thing" slightly. Slightly leh. I've never motor-ed before. So I dont kno anything. Then, "fly" towards the wall! "Bangsdasf!" No lor. Fast fast press the break & falled. LOL! & that's why Yaapin said "我知道了, 做么你们这样紧张!" hahah... They shocked. haha haha haha. "Chi kek" eh :P I told my mom and I knew what reaction she will gave me. haha..

That's a nice experience, though :P lalala

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Very less people went to skool today. All pakat go take undang today. We talk alot in class.. like usual la. haha xD Teacher also not teaching.

Sipe tired! I need more air! Racing today, I almost fainted. If I do, that's not fanciful okay. But I dont, lalala~ Run 2 rounds, want my life! Chinese says "要我的命!" At least I get 2 marks la. 3 marks is not for me. I've never get 3 before! Yea, some ppl ask "So 'pok' for wat?" (for marks lah!) At least must get some marks ma, 1 also nice :P

Well, for the long jump. I get 0 i think. hahaha! Luan Luan Jump.. Cincai la. Then, throw the very heavy ball, I dont what it calls. Guess how many marks I get? Yay 3! =.=' 慢慢等就有.. If 3 marks then that's not me luh. After racing, I direct sit down to the floor. Then cannot stand up =.=' Ask Yaapin give me a hand. haha. Too too too tired liao. 'Chuan' eh! Better than my sis, at least I dont 'cannot move'. She told me that she cannot move at the staircase when she was going up to her class. haha. St. John's came for her. She still lying at the staircase that time if not wrong. I thought the St. John's would carry her to her class? haha.

Tomorrow my legs sure get pain. Going out now some more =.=' Ugh.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Long time never upload my blog ler :) Cuhs nothing to blog about and yet it's exam week.
These days "heng" playing Pet Society in Facebook :P I found it quite fun! haha. Also, the Bowling Buddies. Panyen cant stop tian-beng'ing =.=' Not very keng ma, 231 only :P you wait you wait. lc abit xP

Just now went to listen undang. 8am to 4pm.. Wahh.. Very sien lor. Four of us gambling some more, using the UNO cards. haha! & I love the food there :D Nice eh. Maybe I'm too hungry? But It's really nice =P haha. This whole week everyday must wake up early! Saturday extra class some more! Ugh. So many movies I've not yet watched them.. too busy and dont kno busy for what. Better get going now, tmr still got skool.

Happy Valentines! :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

4 periods Biology class today! Ugh.. We're not paying attention when teaching so we saw a pretty German lady outside jalan-jalan. Searching for the class 4Sc1. We thought she was going to study in our class at first, cuhs the teacher who bring her along knock knock at our door and asked, "Is this class 4sc1?" (We're at Biology lab) NO lurrr~ Sighs. She pretty tall man :) High nose some more. Gee!

Tomoro gonna pass up our Moral project! So I bring along my camera and capture the pictures needed. Yes, tomoro need it today just did it :) Cool right ? =.=' We are just so brave! :D Like there's no teachers around the school. Walk here run there without the vest! Double cool huh? xP So we captured a picture like watering the plants without water! :D Throw nothing into the Recycle Bin, posed for sweeping the floor (stunned) and cleaned the window.

Just now went to "wash" the photos. Get the photo and also dont know what to write. =.='
Alright, go finish my homework 1st. hehe!