Sunday, March 28, 2010

the 4th YLC part 2!

The 1st day of The 4th YLC :D
All the delegates would get a card in their tag.
That represent what team they would be in. Followed the colour and the flower of the card.
& then, go look for their faci holding the card with the same colour and flower as yours :D
The one who gets an ACE is the group leader :)

looking for my team member, looking for my team member~~

the faci's job is to tell them the group name and the group cheer!
& see! They are practicing their group cheer :)
''We are the best! Best of the best! (x2)
Who we are? BESTEST!'' :D

wuahhh.. hong guan is full of energy!

Ekei & Zimin were teaching their group the group cheer too!
"Everywhere we go, People want to kno... Who we are?
We are the champion! Whats gonna work?! TEAMWORK!"

Okay, after teaching the groups' cheers.
We Apel team's committee had a meeting.
Of course, we committee had our own group cheer too! haha xD
"I say committee you say Yo! Committee! Yo! Committee! Yo! Committee Committee! YO YO YO! "

Yeah, he cant see anything. haha
Okay, let me explain this activity. haha
This activity, there are a deaf person, two handicapped and two blind.
So in a team, they would choose 5 ppl to be deaf, handicapped and blind.
AND, during the activity, they are not allowed to loose their hands.

Planing planing.
"like this like this.. like that like that..."

wah.. a happy blind man.
peace ^^V

Oh right! AND, the handicapped's legs are not allowed to got in the water!
So, think about it :)

Yeah, those ''ka-chang'' also cannot get wet.

Tadaaa.. this is one of the ways.
so that the legs would not got into water! haha.

haha! Green Ultraman.
We could not get a proper cloth to cover the eyes so get her jacket to cover them up. hahaha!

why so happy? hahah.

Going to the next station~ whee...
''Are you ready?! EVEREADY!"

from his expression, ''要死了要死了" *coughing* haha..

Do not touched the rope! :D

wah.. apa pattern ini? haha..

"I pull I pull I pull pull pull!!"

welcoming the delegates into the hall! YAY!

Your hand is not allowed to move away from the helium stick!
See like its easy-peasy huh? haha..








The next game :)
Wheeee.. this is fun okay! haha.. Yeah, I tried this one. syiok ah! haha xD

We committee show them how.

he's got fully support by the the members! :D

Succeed!! xD

a group with 13/12 members needed to stand on the Beer Box for 60 seconds!
Everyone is really serious in this activity.
They kept on figure it out how and how...

Like this?

Or like this?

hmm.. u're a lucky one boy :)
Human knots! :)


Station game.
We've got totally 8 station if im not mistaken. heeh!
The 1st station :)
climb climb climb.

2nd station. Monkey bar :)

Shaking bridge.
Shakey shakey! :D
Nah, this is not easy. make a row from 1 to 13/12,
then changed the position. 13 move to 1, 12 move to 2 and so on.
Uh huh, no falling :)

Sand building.
Build something and find at least 5 outsiders to take picture with :)

This is a turtle! In case u dont kno. haha!

Next station. Kite flying!!
I wanna play too! I like flying kite! :D haha.

Mushroom chain log!
again, members are not allowed to break the chain :)

It comes to an end! The last day! :D

Phong phong over!

Cutest Apel team! wuahahaha xD

Like this! :D

Zimin & me.
"Dont come near us! roar!"

Wanyi & yinying.

June & Jason. oh yeah, Double J~ haha

the lengzai :D

Kate! I miss you! haha xD

Apel's football team! Hoorayyy~!

The post mortem dinner.
what a ...... night!