Sunday, October 31, 2010

Momo Paradise :)

Finally I've got my free time to update my so-dead blog.
If u followed me on Twitter, u should know what I'm busying for in this week!
Assignments, Presentation and Coursework! 
& It's all over now! Muahahaha XD

Well this update is about Momo Paradise :D
Momo Paradise @ Bandar Manjalara. It's something like shabu-shabu buffet!
RM25 per head & you can eat until you burst! XP

Tadaaa! Momo Paradise :D

Whaoooo so many things to eat! *drooling*

Aha! It's individual pot for everyone :)
So if u're like one of my friend who have quirks (don't eat ur saliva, she thinks its unhygienic. Yes indeed, but most of us could accept that right? I guess :/ )
You've got no worries, Momo Paradise provide u an individual pot!

WoooO~  Soooo many foods.
All of them taste so nais! :D 
Wanna kno how nice go try urself lah! XD
You can take any food you like :)) and eat as many as u like!
Yes all of us were bloated!! 

& this is the 1st day Miss Joevy gets her iPhone4! :D
*Jealous max* LOL

Guess whose pot is this?
Right, our tamjiak Joevy punya pot. LOL

Lengzai malao :) 

Chicky with her children.

Ah dann the poser. 

Had another great day :)
You guys should go and try, for those who like steamboat would definitely like it! :D

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks God It's Friday :)

I love Friday!

Random photos @ Sungei Wang Green Box :)
Rarely seen that Louise & Zixuan joined us but they made it that day! whaoo! xP
What a miracle ;D

I kno u guys was like "Photo in toilet again! Hah! Girls~~


@Ichiban Ramen. 

Pavilion :) 

Muahahaha! I laughed non-stop when posing for this one.
It's embarrassing owkay? :P 
Purposely wait until lesser people just took one. LOL
But I like it! :D hahah

Head on to 鸟生蛋Cafe after that :) 
"Nelson Tan" It really exist! Hahaa!

Wooden blocks :) This is the 1st time we'd played for so long and never drop xP

Figure it out. "Hmmm... this is not easy... Which one should I take?

A Yay! Obviously she succeed. 
When it's the other's turn, how we wish the blocks fall ! But it never falls and came back to us.
But at last we play fraud xP Cuhs there's no more stacks to be made.

  & tadaaa! Dont jealous nah xP LOLOL.

So the tall! Oh mai god! It's the height of 3 tablespoons! xD Amelie measured it. hahaha!

I had great fun tonight with u girls :)
& you girls were lucky tonight! xP If u get what I meant!

HapiSharing :)

So ,how do you guys spend your free till can die's time?
Watching movie from PPS and cause the members in the house cannot access the internet? Okay you can watch from YouTube. Log into Facebook and keep on refreshing the home page? (uh-hem this is what I always did) *yawn*

I've found an interesting website which make you laugh and relax yourself :)
This is the blog's web :) Click Here =)
I've always been there whenever I'm free.

What so interesting about this blog huh?
They shared something funny to all the readers. Jokes, comic strips, Funny stories, prank video clips that can make you laugh the whole day! xP 多笑没烦恼 又不容易老 青春多美好!
Link to the blog to kno more ;D
Just a click!
HapiSharing :D

Kindly share it to your friends too! Make it 3! Hmmm... 5 would be nice! :D hahaha
Together We Share , Together We Happy " Cheers!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy 18th ”鸟生蛋“

Finally I'm free to update my blog!
I dont kno what I'm busying with this few days but I just got no time to update :P
So this is a late post for Weihoong's birthday ;)
Okay why I titled "鸟生蛋" ? FYI, his surname is Tan and we had this nickname for him since secondary skool, from a tuition center if i'm not mistaken. Okay not important, you guys dont wanna kno.

The birthday boy!
Okay, the 1st photo's present is not from us but from his coursemates. 
(tumpang the present nah, like this just nice mah got cake got present xP Muahahaha)

Birthday one and me. (I kno he is very happy can take solo photo with me) Muahahaha xP
*slap me*

This picture got feel ! Simply like it :) haha!
Saw you really need to get a DSLR camera d. So got the skill ! xP 

LOL. You guys just like to act! Okay very sexy~! 


Lucky boy. Another solo picture with me. Muahahaha! *double slap* 

Group photos.

The waitress. She's also one of the Tarc student :)
She said she saw me at college before. (Hmm, feels good when someone recognized you but you dont kno the person hahaha!)

Okay I'm a drinker too.
(Nah~ just take a photo with a bottle of Carlsberg cannot meh? See beside it got a cup of Hot honey lemon or not? )
Actually I wanted to show that I drink in this photo one, but the one who help me took this picture never ask me to move away the so-obvious-Hot-Honey-Lemon thats why lah. "Pua kang" ady so I'm forced to tell the truth lor!

Look delicious right? 
Hah! You thought that I'm going to write, "Look delicious but not delicious" ler?
No lor, look delicious and it's delicious! Muahahaha!
*triple slaps*

Okay lar, I've got five slaps in this post d.
I'm just too bored. *Teeheee*

Monday, October 04, 2010

Chung Hwa's big day!

Happy Birthday to Chunghwa! 
Yeah, his name is same as our secondary schools's name! :)

Group photos.

Birthday boi & his meal.

Luckiest man in the world lor!
So many lengluis around you! xP Muahahaha!


Xiating & Zhiyee :)
"Long time no C!" xD She came here all the way from Kampar just to celebrate Chunghwa's birthday!
Awww, I'm bullshitting :P 慢慢等就有.... 去拍拖就有咯... xP

Tzesie. Came all the way from Sunway to Setapak just to celebrate with us. haha
这才叫有心! xP

5Sc5 '09 gang! Aww I miss the others! :'( 

errr... 下辈子吧 xP hahahaha!

Hope you had lots of fun that night! :D