Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wuahahah, I laughed alot in school today. This few days we like to sing in class.
Disturb the others. lalala :P We purposely dont sing it well one~~ haha!
Then Ah Poi go complain with my sis that I'm really noisy at class. Dang, haha..

And hor, dont kno what's wrong with that Miss Chia =.='
We done the homework and say we not done it!
"I dont want to mark anymore, you all mark yourself. You never complete you work. wasting my time!" =.=''
"Come, copy the answers. You all are good in copy." !@##$
"All the exercise for chapter 4, 5, 6.... you all want to do or not is up to you. I dont care anymore." Hell, this is soooooo dam good. For me, it's a big NO to do her work!!

Finished it also kena scold.You mecok i also will mecok one eh.
You dont want mark, I dont do lor. =.=''

Oh ya, today our physic teacher were not in class and Mr. Ckh take over the class for him.
Yeah, acted cute for sure.She said alot of major principle, then dont kno why connected to "she wont interested in little boys like them."

Then, one of my classmates, wenlin said " You so old we also dont want la~~!" (in chinese)
Wuahahaha! This really make me LOL. Strongly agree with that :P

After recess, we have the "U-tube" experiment (chemistry).
Every group take the retort clamp to clamp the U-tube for sure. But we, our group, sikong beng and take the galvonometer to prop up the U-tube. (We used our brain mar)
Then, thanks to Panyen lor.. he come to our table and asked for Foolscap papers.
He lean on the table, at the same time, Neng said "Dont pushed the U-tube!!"
"Piak" the U-tube falled and all the solutions poured.
hahaha! "Ke kiang" lor, dont want take the retort clamp~

For the 2nd experiment, we know dy. Go and get the retort clamp dy.
ish.. next time hor, dont lazy la nah, take retort clamp or a beaker to support the tube tube thing. haha..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Heh, today went to bengkel for the car license.. Actually I should be start learning the car today. But then, a guai kia like me, cannot skip tuition so postpone to tomorrow. hahah xP

Lucky today got shenyeow acc me also. Or else.. X.X
lalala, I'm quite excited for the car driving lesson! :P
Congrats Rachael for passing her driving test, as for weiliang, a better luck next time, no more ppl like ah gui anymore! ;D hahah~

Duh, finally I finished my newspaper cutting~ huhu :D
But no glue to paste'em . Dang lor~ Always forget to buy glue ;(

And and! I'm reaaaaaalay excited when i receive the package from my sister.
It's a watch ( as my birthday present) and the Sims 3 DVD. Stupid me, I thought a place like KB not yet sold The Sims 3 so I asked my sister to buy it for me. But then, my friend already got it here! Ish.. Whatever..
Guess what? Alright, I'm reaaaaaally happy when I receive The Sims 3, but then, dang my pc cannot read DVD! Oh so suay~ ! @##$%^&

My dad said that he gonna buy the DVD drive from his friend, so... alright, better be fast~~~ lalalaa.. I'm too excited for it!!

It's papa day tomorrow! xD
Happy Papa's Day~~~ x3

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ugh, the first day of being 17th! I'm 17th!! Should I be happy? :D
I feel old dy.. dang. haha!

My classmates sang birthday song for me in class, then the teacher next to our class came and scolded us.
"Go out!! Go stand out of my class!!"
hahah, no choice, we just walk out and stand at there.
Guys, thanks for the birthday songs ;D heheh
This will be the most memorable scence! lalala~ :P

Everyone, thanks for the birthday wishes! :)
appreciate it loads ! ^^

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yeap, we planned for our undang test this week.
& so we went for it yesterday. I'm quite nervous for it actually. I study it the day before the exam.
Guess what? ;) I've passed my undang test! So happy can. *teehee*
Eh, and I'm going to get my driving liscence. So nervous also. haha

Dang, tmr skool reopen dy. Ugh, what else holiday work I not yet complete? =.='
Alright, gotta sleep early too :) Tataaaa! --xoxo

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Yay! Extra classes is over~ haha xD I can sleep longer dy =P
In fact, attending the extra classes learn nothing also.. =X We are always late enter the class. Late 30 minutes or 1 hour.. went out to have our breakfast. Slow & steady.. hahaa

Kelvin is driving~~~ xD

Shen yeow is pam'ing the tyre,
Pheiling, at McDonald.

Who's smile is more attractive? hahah


It's over!
Wheeee.... hahah