Friday, July 21, 2006

hangin out.

oh go to kb mall agn ! piyi get manyy strike today nehhs !
But score 0 from the beginning.Aiyorhs.. ~
Me n wei cant finished the game ! OH shyyt ! all is that stupid malay gurl's fault !
their lane was 5 and our's 2. OMG, make stupid mistake of 5 n 2.
HUH ! waste OUR money waste OUR time !! unwilling !!
Stupid ! sry for this rude . i just cant control myyself.
if u am i..u may did lyk this too.. gua. xD

hahas.. after the bowling. we go to test big size shirt. xD.. s0t s0t x. huhus..

linz themost PERFECT d nehhs ! wahahs.. den.. we bac to play bowling agn..wib boiis . but..there's full of pplz.. must w8 very long time. den.. that xx say his papa noe the manager.. can play directly without queueing-up .we trust him.
Budwat?! can't. grrrs ~
so next time dont pretend that you really great at this.

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