Friday, July 07, 2006

GHoST?!just read.n you'll noe xD

:: today nitez i go tuhh kb mall wif my parents~ ;; den we go to my aunt's shop..den my uncle let us see wat they the pc wif the camera that recorded down what hadd happened..we saw a black black thing fly here n fly there`` ;;den me n my mom get shocked on iT! den the malay girls who were suppose watch for the shop..saw the things n ran away from her chair..the other 1 laugh at her ;;hahas..den she oso stare at the pc..she oso saw THE THING``!! n oso ran away..hahas ;; i kept on asking my uncle n aunty what's that what's that,,dey say i'll noe after this.. ;; den my uncle tell us that he caught the ''ghost'' i ask him how he caught it..den he show me wibb the camera agnx.. he took a ladder. den climb on it nd took down the cover of the camera~den.. the answer ishh...there is no ghost ..but the mosquito inside the camera fly here n there... LMAO!!! so funny`hahas!! UNforgetable..LOLs..

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