Friday, March 09, 2007

Xiulin's sister b'day partyy

This morning, shan.hwa,lin&me went to KB mall. actually we went there for our Skool History Project.
But, we make wrong appointment with Sweet Memory.
we need Malay's Custom but not Chinese. Ineffectual. So, we spend our time at shopping mall.
walking round nd round .
We went to Lin's house after that.

Xiulin's room. Lot's of American singer's poster.Full with her bedroom. Her favourites XD ; hwa like to sing a lot =.='' Especially Fish Leong's song. ahahas ~ Shan and her bicker ceaselessly.Aihyoos...yeaps. shan&&me[[zhiyee]]. with my Idioticc face xP ;Hwa busy SMS'ing. look at her face. LOLs really serious nehs. =P *wuahahas*

Uncle take this picture while four of us busy with our f00d. From left, hwa,ME,shan&&Lin.Tat time i really need food. *yumyum* now i still can taste the jelly made from her grandma. Tastetyy.

her family are so great !All of them are just so friendlyy. Fetch us go her house and back our's home. and talk alot too ~* XD i'm so glad that can have a friend lyk yoo. ^^I am just so tiredd now....

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