Friday, April 13, 2007

yeapps . exam weeks >.<" and tomoro is the last day :DD
i'm extremely happy. This few days went to Tzu Chi to study. L0Ls
not bad yeahs :P But we talk more den study. XD

Next is find something to eat. Especially weii. She is soooo hungry everyday.
Pizza. Mugmug Cafe. The Ships. and Pizza agn~*
BL0ATedd. :D
We walked to restaurant n those UNCLEs always
Xiaojie xiaojie. =.=" Den, piyi boom back them L0Ls.

back to Tzu Chi. Continued to studyy.
i hate my EX piano teacher! Urrgh !
always tuk tuk tuk my hand when i was small.
But now i changed teacher. :P

She say we go there to EAT AIRCOND. =.="
tmd. what u mean ? we got paid 1 dollars !
0nly u come late and never saw we paid !
PLS LA ! ask b4 wanna say us.

"and for those who flatter oneself . I know u are from good class.
But we common class d students hor..u dont have competency to say us ehhs.
u have a clever brain, but we are a ring-a-ding person" :P
i hate yoo. Flatter Oneself ! i just hope u chocked and die. x.x
and that will be my happiness of my entire life. LOLLLs

i did this? NAH ~
1 word for yoo, flatter oneself's COCKINESS !

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