Thursday, June 28, 2007

*Finally ! skool' exam over !
dang happy man. :D but still have 2 more important exam
August nd October. i'm lazy ~

*yupp. yesterday, i just wet to popular book store bought Geo reference books.
to prepare for today's Geo exam. L0Ls XDD
and studied for 6 hours yesterday. my Cousin teaches me till her throat "sick"
if i dint score A for Geo, i felt so sorry for her.

*i cant top thinking 1117 . 1117 ...1117 ~
it was very meaningfull for 5 of us. erm.. 4 ~
HEEs.. i cant wait . LoLs.

*my friend. Eemun ~ she came back from Las Vegas.
currently at KL . SHe's coming KB next week.
cant wait to meet her lol. :DD
She's dang pretty , changed alot. and she said we change alot too. L0Ls XD

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