Sunday, July 15, 2007

ohhh..i'm dang tired today.
Skool ~ our math teacher, told Dicipline teacher tat our class was dirty.
yeah indeed. lol
and we been punished and stand at skool field for 1 period. 45 minutes.
then..Mr Choo came. ask us to pick up all the rubbish thrown at the field. =.="
we did wat he said. Urghh..

after that, he ask us to come back to stand at the same place after recess.
tat was hot man.
but tat was cool. lol we never been punish this year. ;DD
He ask us to pick all the thrash whole skool. So we walked whole skool wif nothing. lols
1st time so many people ponteng togther but never get caught. lol

one of my boy classmate. he caught a die? bat. Dang him... all of the girls are scared.
we scream and run. lol
but luckily i get off.. and left some of the girls still bullying by that naughty boy.

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