Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pesta Bahasa today. In fact, I go to school is to see the Dikir Barat only.
I'm not interested in the other event. Well, congrats to K2 class that they won the Dikir! But, this really shock me. Really... &, most of all, the "sexy shaking" of that girl really shocked me!
I was like, "omg! what the...." Too over la.. =.='' But, 勇气可嘉啦!
Overall, I think sc2 and sc1 is much more better =) I would like to kno why they will get 1st :P
But my cousin said that they sing clearer & they're cute (the boys) ! hahaha!

So, exam really soooooon. Will not update my blog so often ;)
Gonna watch Prison Break now, Bye! ;P

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